How to operate the official account in building materials industry

dongxiaofeng 2021-09-14 20:46:59

       For building materials industry, how to operate official account? ? We should all know that the development of we media has been very hot in the past two years , Especially official account development. , As we all know, wechat users have reached 8 Billion , It has a huge flow pool , Many industries want to promote wechat to occupy their own market , So how does the official account operation in building materials industry operate? ?

    1 First , You should know that the official account is divided into subscription numbers and service numbers. .

    This first step is critical , If you go wrong , There is no possibility of modification . You know, the service number can only send content four times a month , The subscription number can be sent once a day . This means that for webmasters with promotion needs , If not as a last resort , Please select a subscription number .

    2 Number of content posts per day Never too much

    There are long and short screens on mobile phones , If too many posts are published every day , It will not only make users have a conflicting psychology , I still work hard . In my experience , One picture with two or three texts is the best effect .

    3 Find your own uniqueness Improve user stickiness

    Whether it's local wechat , Or interested wechat , Be sure to find your core values , What kind of content is unique , This is the best weapon to improve their user stickiness .

   4 The text should be short rather than long Let the user open it as fast as possible

   Yes , Mobile Internet Era , Few people are very patient to read long and long words , So the content we do should not be too long , So as not to affect the user experience . If there is no special need , The text should also be well controlled , picture 3 Zhang Nei is more suitable , Picture size is also required , The opening speed of graphic information affects the reading rate of users , The reason is simple , It is easy to be ignored .

    5 Be able to capture some popular information in time

    hot news , Whether it's domestic or foreign , As long as it is repeatedly reported in the media , It must be the concern of most netizens .

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