Huawei P50 Pro has become a popular model again. After being planted by Hongmeng ecological experience, we are willing to wait

TechWeb 2021-09-14 17:54:41

From Huawei P50 Pro Since its publication , The topic about him in the machine circle never ended , From HUAWEI P Another change in the series of images , To Huawei P50 Pro The sale was sold out , I believe many people have the same feeling , That is Huawei Mate 40 The heat at that time , In huawei P50 Pro It's on again . And the result should be the same ,Mate40 When the user waits for the new machine, his face is filled with joy , Will also be waiting for Huawei P50 Pro On the pollen of , After all , For something you've loved for a long time , It's worth waiting .

Huawei seems to have strong strength and high-quality genes to create popular models , The same popular Hongmeng operating system , Now it's rising HarmonyOS Number of upgrades , Enough to prove everyone's favor for the system . today , We need to use Huawei equipped with Hongmeng operating system P50 Pro Explain the high-quality experience of Hongmeng Ecology .

Hongmeng operating system has its own powerful distributed technology , Broke the barrier between equipment and equipment . Once users taste Hongmeng's unique ecological experience in multiple scenarios , Once they use it, they can't go back, and the sense of Chang Shuang will actively promote them to upgrade their Huawei mobile phones and tablets at the first time Hormony OS.

Flexible multitasking and convenient operation experience Multi screen collaboration makes interaction intimate

Precisely because Hormony OS Super cool experience supports powerful multi scene applications , No one will refuse such an innovative and convenient operation experience . For example, the user is holding multiple HarmonyOS Equipment time , The multi task interface of each device is integrated into a unified task center , Select one of the terminals , Gently slide up from the bottom of the screen to call up the multitask background interface .

Users can not only see the icons of peripheral devices at the top of the screen , Click the icon to view the current task of the device , You can even freely switch or close tasks on another device , One terminal can easily control multi terminal tasks .

HarmonyOS The strong synergy is also reflected in the fact that it allows more data to flow quickly among different terminals , On the way home from work, edit documents by mobile phone , When people go home, they synchronize documents from the mobile task center to the tablet in real time , The tablet will be synchronized to the mobile terminal in real time during and after editing content , The more you use it, the better you feel it .

carrying HarmonyOS 2 Huawei P50 Pro And Huawei MateBook Multi screen cooperation of notebook computer . Touch lightly , Cross screen collaborative linkage can be realized , Put the phone on the screen “ For screen ” Go to the computer . But with ordinary mobile phones “ For screen ” The difference is ,HarmonyOS 2 Multi screen collaboration , It's more like integrating a mobile phone into a computer .

And in Huawei P50 Pro and Matepad Pro Switch from small screen to large screen , It also achieves the feeling of free switching and seamless connection . for example , I'm using Huawei P50 Pro When playing the video , You can put it on the tablet and play it in full screen , Not only have a larger vision , It can also have the effect of large speakers . At the same time, the mobile phone can also do other operations , Can not interfere with each other .

Huawei equipped with Hongmeng operating system P50 Pro It is not only easy to deal with the flow from small screen to large screen , Also experience Jujia during audio playback , I believe many people have encountered such distress , When multiple music is installed in the phone APP, Want to hear different APP When music , Just quit the APP Then open another , To finish cutting the song , Application is cumbersome , But in Huawei P50 Pro On , Just in one 「 Audio control center 」 Complete multiple APP Cut the song , The application is simple and efficient . More Than This , When you get home with headphones , Want to play songs outside the speaker , Normal operation requires us to connect Bluetooth with the speaker before we can continue to play out , But using Hongmeng's multi device interconnection capability , We just need to get down to the control center , Open the HyperTerminal interface , HUAWEI Sound X And mobile phones “ Pull and close ”, Songs on mobile phones are easy in Huawei Sound X Play on , Maybe it's just such a simple action , The tiredness of a day's work is swept away .

Huawei P50 Pro Multi stand mode , Make the camera more possible

Never think HarmonyOS It can only carry small volume data such as text and pictures , Large volume data such as real-time image sharing and transmission ,HarmonyOS Distributed technology can still cross the single device limit , Let them share freely with each other .

Like the recently upgraded 「 Multi stand mode 」, You can use Huawei P50 Pro Combined with other Hongmeng equipment , First, open Huawei P50 Pro The camera , Click multi stand mode , This will pop up to select the camera option , At this time, the Hongmeng equipment that can be dispatched by you will be displayed , When you successfully connect to Huawei Matepad after , The mobile phone can be used as camera equipment to shoot the required materials , and Matepad It can be used as a larger monitor , See every detail , And behind you , He became a vital Director , Tell the truth , Multi seat mode is very important for media workers , It provides a variety of possibilities for creation .

Conclusion :

Huawei P Experience of series and Hongmeng operating system , Is the main reason why they become popular , Although in Huawei P50 Pro When rush buying is in full swing, some people can't grab , But I believe many people want to experience Huawei P The image strength of the series and the leapfrog experience brought by Hongmeng operating system , And choose to wait , But from the perspective of current user feedback , This waiting will live up to expectations .