How to operate the official account of education industry

dongxiaofeng 2021-09-14 15:21:11

      The development of we media has been very popular in the past two years , Every industry chooses to use the official account to promote the enterprise. , The education industry is no exception , So how can we operate a public official account for the education industry? ? You should all know that official account operates from 0 It's more difficult to get there , Want to effectively increase the number of fans , The following must be done :

     1、 The location of the official account should be accurate. . The education industry should first analyze the age of its own user group 、 Learning section 、 hobby , Needs, etc . for example , Early education 、 Students in institutions such as children's quality education are younger , The frequency of using wechat is very low , So the biggest target of the official account is : Parent . Institutions need to start with parental thinking and needs , The published content should be targeted , To arouse the reading interest of parents and potential users .

     2、 Clear the user location after the official account. , The next step is to choose the right content type . Do a good job in content construction , It is the key to attract and retain parent users . Will users read your article , The key is whether the article title is attractive . Will parents forward and share after reading the article , It depends on whether the content of the article can resonate with parents , Or is it good for them . So what are parents most concerned about ?—— Of course, all the information related to children ! Operators can push corresponding articles to the points of interest analyzed by users , After pushing for a period of time , See what kind of articles have high click through rate and forwarding rate , It is recommended to analyze the high forwarding rate, which is helpful for the pull new comparison , The high number of hits may just be the better title and drawing .

     In fact, the official account of education is still more complicated. , Actually, the official account number of the companies on the market is also very large. , And many are one-stop services , It also saves a lot of unnecessary trouble for enterprises , Jutui media is a diversified network information technology company , Full range network marketing service provider , The company is based on technology application , In line with “ The good faith 、 responsibility 、 It can be 、 innovation ” Service tenet of . Jutui media relies on excellent talents and rich enterprise service experience 、 Strong sales network and market operation strength , Shaping the network image of new enterprises and institutions in the Internet Era ; Building a strong brand in the Internet Era .
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