Poor epidemic prevention, many places and many people are held accountable!
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8 month 8 Japan , Yangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision also issued an accountability circular .

1 A public official was novel coronavirus pneumonia , cause 23 Human infection , This is a serious epidemic infection in Yangzhou recently , Many people, including the deputy director of Hanjiang District Health Commission, were informed of accountability .

It's just 8 month 7 In the evening, , Jiangsu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision 、 Nanjing reported on the accountability for the ineffective epidemic prevention and control at Nanjing Lukou International Airport .

On the long accountability list , There is Hu Wanjin, vice mayor of Nanjing , Former deputy secretary of Jiangning District Party committee of Nanjing city 、 District head Yan Yingjun , Secretary of the Party committee of Nanjing Municipal Health Commission 、 Director Fang Zhongyou et al 15 Party members, cadres and public officials .

Some of them have been punished by Party discipline and government affairs 、 Organize to deal with , Some are even suspected of dereliction of duty and are put on file for examination and investigation .

This is to deal with the relevant personnel in advance according to the current investigation , Other relevant responsible persons are still under investigation .

Up to now , Statistics from public information , Many public officials in many parts of the country have been held accountable for their ineffective epidemic prevention ——

Secretary of the Party group of Zhengzhou Municipal Health Commission 、 The director was dismissed ;

zhangjiajie 18 Public officials were held accountable ;

Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong Province 、 The deputy district head in charge was removed ;

in addition , Changning City bulletin 1 A typical case of ineffective performance of epidemic prevention and control , Leiyang City bulletin 1 A typical case of ineffective implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures ……

Current epidemic situation , Accountability , To be alert .

The delta strain is too dangerous .

14 second , Delta's infection record .

6 When the epidemic broke out in Guangzhou in January , The police released a surveillance video : In the same restaurant , The third-generation infected person Huang and the fourth-generation infected person Lu walked into the bathroom one after another , Without any physical contact ,14 The virus spread in seconds .

( Screenshot of the source : CCTV financial channel )

More Than This , Delta's spread is wider , Previously, there was an epidemic in Guangdong , There was a short 10 The situation of five or six generations of cases infected in the past three days .

Delta also plays covert tactics . A few years ago One day, a doctor in Zhengzhou confirmed , The doctor performed 8 Secondary nucleic acid detection , front 7 All times were negative ,8 month 6 The first day 8 The test turned positive .

The main source of this outbreak in many parts of the country is Nanjing Lukou Airport . Due to loopholes in engine room cleaning , Delta took advantage of the weakness . since 7 month 20 Since the outbreak of the local epidemic in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province on the th , The epidemic has spread to Liaoning Province 、 hunan 、 Shandong 、 Anhui, etc 10 More than provinces, autonomous regions and cities . according to an uncompleted statistic , By 8 month 7 Japan , The number of cases associated with Nanjing Lukou Airport is not less than 500 people .

in addition to , Now the source of the epidemic in Zhengzhou and Shanghai has been identified , It has nothing to do with Nanjing , The pressure of overseas import should not be underestimated .

It all means , The epidemic prevention situation is still very serious !


2020 In the anti epidemic examination since , China has achieved high scores all over the world . But it's been a long time , A few units and cadres began to be paralyzed and slack , The epidemic prevention and control measures are beginning to relax . Until the ferocious delta suddenly attacked , These places were taken by surprise .

Sort out local accountability briefings , We found some problems :

Some units and Party members and cadres do not have a good understanding of the current epidemic situation , Insufficient understanding of the risks of overseas epidemic import , Lack of awareness of prevention , Potential risks in epidemic prevention and control have not been investigated . The epidemic in Nanjing and Yangzhou , Is the lesson of blood and tears .

Some are careless , The prevention and control measures are not in place , For example, tourists in Wulingyuan District of Zhangjiajie did not wear masks during the charming Xiangxi performance , The killing between performances is not thorough enough .

The supervision of some health departments is not in place , For example, the National Health Commission pointed out , The Sixth People's Hospital of Zhengzhou is one of the reasons for the occurrence of aggregated epidemic , That is, the local health administrative department lacks necessary supervision, inspection and guidance on the normalized epidemic prevention and control of medical institutions , Failed to find risk loopholes in time and improve them in time by strengthening management .

Some medical institutions do not implement hospital management rules and regulations , For example, the pre inspection and triage system of the staff hospital of Hengyang Leishui transportation company is not implemented in place , Admission patients are not strictly required to scan “ Three yards ”、 Take your temperature 、 Wear a mask , In particular, the disposal process of fever patients is not standardized .

Some cadres do not perform their duties seriously , For example, member of the Party committee of Nanjing Public Security Bureau 、 Deputy director Jiang mang , Because of careless work , The review of relevant manuscripts is not strictly controlled , Cause adverse social effects .

And behind these appearances , There is the shadow of formalism and bureaucracy !

The Circular of Yangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision clearly pointed out that :“ The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation is at its most urgent 、 The most critical moment , A few Party members and cadres still fail to perform their duties properly 、 Unsound work style , There is serious formalism 、 Bureaucracy .”

formalism 、 Bureaucracy is characterized by “ virtual ”“ floating ”, Don't be realistic . Some places are not well protected against epidemic diseases , It is said that some cadres do not correctly perform their duties , But the nature of the problem , Is not to take responsibility, not to act , Work style floating 、 Lax and untrue , It has exposed the dislocation of some cadres' views on political achievements 、 Lack of responsibility 、 Content with superficial .

formalism 、 Bureaucracy is most hated by the masses , This is also the reason why the Nanjing Lukou Airport epidemic was severely criticized by netizens .

in addition to , Some market players , The awareness of epidemic prevention also needs to be strengthened .

8 month 6 Japan , Xicheng District of Beijing informed Starbucks 、 Chain family 、 Sipping, sipping, etc 14 Home unit . Xicheng District market epidemic prevention and control law enforcement supervision team found , Some merchants' awareness of epidemic prevention and control has been relaxed , Some killing records are unqualified , Some code scanning temperature measurement is not strict , Some did not dissuade customers who did not wear masks , Some health treasure QR codes cannot be accessed ……

( picture source : Beijing daily client

8 month 9 Japan , Yangzhou issued a circular , Point out some communities 、 Shang Chao 、 Enterprise epidemic prevention and control measures are not implemented in place , Some community residents go downstairs at will , And go shopping without authorization , Staying at home becomes empty talk .

These problems , Be vigilant !


In the face of this epidemic , although Expose some shortcomings , But most places and units in the country attach great importance to , Respond quickly .

Zhengzhou, which has just been hit hard by the flood , Reconstruction is still under way , Another epidemic .7 month 30 After the discovery of an asymptomatic infection on the th ,31 Set up high-risk areas on the day , Carry out all staff nucleic acid testing , Start the accountability procedure for clustered infections in the hospital .

zhangjiajie 7 month 29 It was announced that all scenic spots will be closed , It is called by netizens “ The first tourist city to advise tourists not to come ”.

Beijing is right 7 month 28 The confirmed cases of the virus were sequenced , The results showed that the virus was Delta Mutant strains , It is highly homologous with the recent Nanjing epidemic virus , Later, restrictions were imposed on access to Beijing 、 Flow restriction in the park area 、 Strictly seal and control cases, residential areas and other measures , And the epidemic prevention policy is being optimized and upgraded at any time .

The outbreak in Yangzhou , The chess and card room is “ hole ”. Some places learn lessons in time , Heilongjiang Daqing and other places announced the closure of mahjong Hall 、 Bar 、 Gym, etc “ Nine small places ”.

Do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control , It is an important responsibility of governments at all levels . meanwhile , It is also the common responsibility of the whole society . Specific to each of our citizens , They should also be responsible .

There was a time , The epidemic abroad is rampant , The domestic years are quiet , Maybe someone Thought it was time to return to normal life , The mask is off , Scan and register Don't do it well , even to the extent that Running around during isolation .

But COVID-19 is not that simple .

As early as 2020 year 4 month , The WHO says , The novel coronavirus pneumonia will coexist with us for a long time , There is still a long way to go . Now the virus mutates all kinds of plus、pro edition , The risk of epidemic input continues to push up . This requires each of us to seriously abide by the epidemic prevention system , Further improve the awareness of prevention , Strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations .

Concerted efforts are the magic weapon for the Chinese people to overcome all risks and challenges . We have to plug the loopholes together , Delta needs everyone to guard against . As long as each unit 、 Every citizen should shoulder his responsibility , resist Epidemic disease , A winning !

For next week's event , Let's hear the decomposition next time .( The son does not rest )

author : Zhang Yan

Art design : Wang chan

edit : Liu Yuanhang

proofreading : Zhang Yingnan

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