Chinese citizens here, withdraw as soon as possible!
Sogou wechat 2021-08-09 17:28:40

In the near future , Borno, Nigeria 、 Yobe 、 Adamawa 、 Niger 、 Kaduna 、 Orson 、 Benue and other states have successively taken place armed kidnappings against foreign and local citizens 、 Vicious security cases such as attacks , The security situation is becoming more complex and grim , If Chinese citizens stay in the wild or other dangerous areas , It's likely to be a kidnapping 、 The target .

The embassy and consulate in Nigeria reminded Chinese citizens in the above-mentioned states to further strengthen prevention and emergency preparedness , Evacuate the hazardous area as soon as possible .

Emergency contact number

Nigerian police call :911

Ministry of foreign affairs global consular protection and service emergency hotline (24 Hours ):

Consular protection and assistance telephone number of the Embassy in Nigeria :08065842688

Consular protection and assistance telephone number of the Consulate General in Lagos :08056666116

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These public health events in the United States , There are many doubts !

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