Walking with the Olympic Games: creating 3D visualization of smart Gymnasium
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Congratulations to the Chinese team on winning the gold medal in the Tokyo Olympic Games 38 gold 、 Silver medal 32 gold 、 Bronze Medal 18 gold . Chinese athletes handed over a brilliant report card on the Olympic stage . With a wonderful game , deductive “ faster 、 Higher 、 stronger 、 More united ” My Olympic motto .

Athletes from all over the world gathered 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games , Gallop the field for national honor , Fight hard . The Olympic Games will be held in the Tokyo National arena , The Olympic stadium can accommodate about 6 More than 10000 people , Because of the epidemic , The number of people admitted was controlled within 1000 .

The gymnasium serves as a sports event 、 Infrastructure for citizens' cultural and sports activities , The building area is large 、 There are a wide range of floating personnel 、 The site situation is changeable , Evacuate people 、 Early warning of violence 、 The formulation of emergency plans has high requirements . utilize Hightopo Products HT Visualization technology integrates the monitoring system with other subsystems ( Such as alarm 、 The light 、 Sound reinforcement and other systems ) Linkage visualization , Effectively ensure the safe operation of venues .HT Visualization makes 3D Scene and 2D Perfect fusion of data panels .

Effect display

Take Qingdao gymnasium as the carrier , Digital twin gymnasium and its surrounding facilities and environment . Show the full view of the venue from far to near , Lightweight design , Fast loading speed . Floor control through smart buildings , Each layer can be viewed separately , Managers can quickly view escape routes and indoor equipment .

adopt HT Achieve interactive Web Three dimensional scene , Zoomable 、 translation 、 rotate , Each device in the scene can respond to interactive events . combination HT The powerful rendering ability of the engine , Make sure the scene is Web Load and run efficiently and smoothly, and ensure the excellent visual effect of the scene . Based on 3D technology , adopt 3D The model vividly presents the outdoor and indoor security layout and infrastructure of the venue . Building transparency , Indoor and outdoor seamless switching .

Stream of people perception

The crowd density in public places is getting higher and higher , Mass incidents are increasing day by day , The dense flow of people increases the security 、 Management difficulties such as service . left 2D The panel can monitor the flow of people 、 Passenger flow density display , Regional congestion index query . Through the display of area map and histogram , Managers can find the accumulation of passenger flow in time , Quickly dredge .

Crowd density analysis utilizes advanced target detection 、 distinguish 、 Track and other technologies to count the characteristic indicators such as the number and density of people , Monitor the safety of people in public places , Help us master the correct population density data and change trend , So as to carry out reasonable security management . Managers can establish a passenger flow early warning mechanism through passenger flow monitoring , Effectively guide and evacuate the passenger flow exceeding the carrying capacity of the exit .

On the right side 2D The panel is the control of internal personnel , Let the manager know the security 、 Procter & Gamble 、 The attendance of front-line personnel such as guards . Through the notification of task progress , Help managers analyze the shortcomings of daily patrol .

Check the heat map 、 Perception door 、 camera , You can view the distribution location of personnel gathering area and related equipment .

Three dimensional thermal diagram of passenger flow

Through image recognition and analysis of multiple cameras , It can form a complete thermal map of the park . It shows that people are concentrated or even crowded in a certain place of the Gymnasium , Red means more people , Green means fewer people , People evacuation can be considered in advance .

The flow of people at the entrance and exit can be seen

Check the option of perception door , It can display all entrances and exits of the venue , Click the corresponding entry / exit No , Check the flow trend at the inlet , Display information such as peak period and average passenger flow at the entrance . Through data presentation, venue managers can operate and maintain efficiently and intelligently .

Camera layout visualization

Click camera options , Jump to the placement layout of camera equipment on each floor of the exit Museum , Camera monitoring can carry out all-round safety monitoring and prevention for the venues and facilitate access during monitoring and collection .

Visualization of communication equipment

5G Base station is 5G The core equipment of the network , Provide wireless coverage , Realize wireless signal transmission between wired communication network and wireless terminal . With the continuous development of information network , Venue operation and maintenance management 、 Implementation of equipment during activities 、 The information and communication stability of the personnel in the library is inseparable from 5G The Internet . The information on the panel shows the rate of the base station 、 Connection rate 、5G Number of telecom users 、 Telecom traffic 、5G Unicom users 、 Mobile users and other information , Set... Outside the venue 5G The base station 、 Communication vehicles and other equipment are not only conducive to the convenience of the museum , It can also let the network communication operation and maintenance personnel know the communication situation of the personnel during the activity 、5G Information such as usage coverage of .

Real-time monitoring

adopt HT Visualization allows you to view hazard warnings 、 Fire alarm ratio 、 Personnel aggregation ratio 、 Illegal intrusion rate, etc . After accessing the traffic data , It can scroll to show the personnel gathering area and processing progress . Perception door information display , Record the information of each person entering the site , Easy to troubleshoot . Face capture machines can be installed at all entrances and exits of the venue , Passenger flow profile is formed through big data analysis , Let managers master the personnel structure . Access to the monitoring screen in the venue , In case of problems, the security personnel can quickly locate 、 Realize real-time prediction 、 Real time discovery 、 Real time disposal .

Video Fusion

Digitization of information flow 、 Code compression 、 Open protocol , Make the intelligent network video monitoring system seamlessly connected with each subsystem in the security system , The management and control are realized on the unified graphic flutter visual management platform .

Integrate multiple Island systems , Break the information barrier between systems . Combined with video fusion technology , Multi channel surveillance video can be fused , Make the original fragmented video visible in the real three-dimensional scene , And it can grasp the whole scene from any required perspective , Help users quickly overview the overall situation . 3D scene and ball machine tracking work together , It can accurately locate the target area to be pursued in the scene , And drive the PTZ control to adjust the camera direction and focal length , Achieve accurate tracking .

Emergency plan

Click the start simulation button , The number of evacuees is changing rapidly , Wait outside for rescue workers 、 Resident 、 Real time number of people passing through the exit 、 Broken line diagram of cumulative number of people passing through the exit , There will be corresponding changes .

In terms of time, public crisis emergency management can be divided into early warning stages 、 Preparation stage 、 Emergency response stage 、 Evaluate the four phases of the recovery phase . We can design the overall framework and function of the system according to the simulation of the emergency plan .

Simulation Drill visualization

The emergency simulation drill system simulates all kinds of disasters and personnel behavior , Simulate disaster occurrence in virtual space 、 The process of development , And the various responses that people may make in a disaster environment . Formulate special emergency plans and on-site disposal plans for various possible accidents at all levels and all hazard sources , And make it clear in advance 、 What happened 、 In the matter 、 Responsibilities of relevant departments and personnel in each subsequent process .

Human task scheduling

Access to the task scheduling system of the venue , In a data-driven way , Replace the traditional personnel reporting and feedback mechanism . Dispatch through real-time human task scheduling , Dispatch personnel to handle in time , Ensure the timeliness of emergency alarm processing .HT Visually display the task name of task scheduling 、 Mission theme 、 Belong to the major 、 Task type 、 Mission level 、 Task content, task processing results and other information , Improved the control of task handling inside and outside the venue .

Managers can form a perfect emergency organization, management and command system ; Strong emergency engineering rescue guarantee system ; Comprehensive coordination 、 A system of mutual support that can cope freely ; A secure supply system with adequate disaster preparedness ; Emergency team embodying comprehensive rescue, etc .


To recall 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in , With " Green Olympics 、 Hi tech Olympics 、 People's Olympics " Based on three ideas , Strive to achieve " New Beijing 、 New Olympics " Strategic vision , It has not only created a number of world-class material heritages , It has also formed valuable spiritual qualities .

With the continuous development of science and technology , Smart gymnasium through safety management 、 Intelligent control 、 Big data analysis 3 Multi function linkage of modules , It can monitor the flow of people in the sports field in real time 、 Security 、 Environment and other conditions . adopt HT Visualization system , Access control of all sports venues 、 The light 、 monitor 、 Online management of broadcasting and other equipment . Integrate data with traditional features , Help enterprises change their way of making profits , Create digital space .

With more activation data , To explore the management of the smallest snap in . Build thousands of agents , Finally, a large agent . From a building to a street 、 A district or even a city , Comprehensively promote urban digital transformation .

From the perspective of national strategic layout , Digital development is the future 15 The theme of economic development in .“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Planning and 2035 The outline of long-term objectives focuses on “ Welcome the digital age , Activate the potential of data elements ”. In the area of infrastructure , We should speed up urban renewal and intelligent upgrading of traditional infrastructure , Promote the transformation from the interconnection of all things to the intelligent association of all things , Further promote the digital transformation of all factors . Tu Pu follows the trend of the times , Put forward many solutions for the intelligent alliance of all things .

Visualization solutions require the Internet of things 、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 With the help of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence , To form immediate perception 、 Scientific decision making 、 Efficient operation 、 Smart venues with intelligent monitoring and other functions .

Not just the gym , Archives 、 Exhibition halls and other places can use the software of map flutter HT Visualization technique , combination GIS、BIM Technology , Improve the work efficiency and efficiency of operation and maintenance personnel 、 Green showroom 、 Intelligent development .

For more industry application examples, please refer to the case link on Tupu's official website :www.hightopo.com/demos/index…

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