What else can driverless minibus do besides "Park connection"?
Heart of machine 2021-08-09 15:43:07

Yesterday, (8 month 5 Japan ), Baidu Apollo A new generation of autonomous minibuses 「 Apollon Ⅱ」 Debut in Guangzhou . Baidu Declare that it owns 「 On a par Robotaxi The ability of autonomous driving 」 The overall upgrade has been realized , It can meet multiple needs , For public travel 、 Mobile Police 、 Provide customized intelligent mobile services in scenarios such as health management .


Apollon is easily reminiscent of Toyota e-Palette. The latter in 2018 year 1 Of the month CES It has attracted much attention , Its envisaged application scenario has won a lot of praise . And in the same year 7 month , Apollon generation has been mass produced as driverless microcirculation electric vehicles , And realize 、 Commercial in the park scene .

Up to now , Apollon has been in Beijing 、 Guangzhou 、 Xiongan 、 Chongqing 、 Foshan, etc 22 Normal operation of urban parks , The accumulated automatic driving mileage has reached 12 Thousands of kilometers . however , Due to regulatory restrictions , At present, the vehicle needs to be equipped with safety officers .

before , At Toyota e-Palette When I first appeared , It has been announced with Amazon 、 Pizza hut ,Uber Wait for partners to sign , It is easy to think of the catering that this model can achieve 、 shopping 、 Logistics, transportation and other service scenarios .

although e-Palette In this year's Tokyo Olympic Games, it can be used as a travel bus for athletes and later support personnel , But its real commercial application planning Time is in 2025 year , It is still in the testing stage of the park in China .


oriented C End consumer commercialization , Now it has become the goal of fighting against every minute . Although at present , Apollon Ⅱ The main display is the airport 、 Business circle 、 Personnel connection function in residential community and other scenes , And it hasn't been the same as Toyota C End enterprise cooperation planning Consumer services , But this time Apollon Ⅱ Technology upgrading of the industry , Undoubtedly, it is also necessary to prepare for more scenes .

Apollon appeared yesterday Ⅱ, In order to achieve this goal as soon as possible , Expand application scenarios , Used Apollo The latest generation of autopilot computing platform and sensor system , And Apollo Robotaxi Realize interoperability , Able to cope with unprotected left turns 、 The traffic flow changes lanes 、 Complex scenes of urban open roads such as intersection traffic ,ODD( Autopilot operation design area ) Also from the closed 、 The semi closed park is extended to open roads .

according to the understanding of , Apollon Ⅱ The computing power of the core computing unit has been tripled , achieve 372Tops, And Robotaxi The computing power is basically the same .

At the sensor level , Apollon Ⅱ Carrying two 40 Line Laser radar , Fusion of millimeter wave radar and look around camera , The detection distance reaches 250 rice , The positioning accuracy reaches centimeter level , The overall response level of the system reaches the millisecond level . All in all , Compared with the previous generation , Apollon Ⅱ The whole vehicle has 155 Comprehensive ability improvement .


Besides , To improve safety , Apollon Ⅱ Also carry the Baidu Apollo Unique dual redundancy guarantee : Vehicle road coordination and 5G from . If you can get the blessing of vehicle road coordination , Apollon Ⅱ It can reduce the problem of single car intelligence 54%, The emergency braking at the intersection is reduced 90%; and 5G The ability of cloud driving ensures that in extreme scenarios , Vehicles can also be safe 、 Smooth driving .

In the intelligent cockpit , Apollon Ⅱ Carrying Apollo And BOE Jointly build the world's first vehicle specification class 55 Inch smart transparent display window , It can show the road elements and driving behavior around the vehicle . Through the large HD screen , Users can also communicate with users Baidu The virtual navigator of the intelligent voice interaction system interacts , Insight into surrounding eating, drinking and fun information .

After this upgrade, Apollon , It not only has customizable diversified vehicle forms , It can also connect a wider range of traffic scenes from the starting point of public behavior .

In this year 2 month 9 Japan , Baidu Apollo The world's first to serve diversified travel MaaS Platform debut . As MaaS Important members of the platform , Apollon Ⅱ It can be seamlessly connected with a variety of vehicles , Cooperate with autonomous vehicles and traditional public transport capacity , At the same time, it greatly reduces the short walk time of users .


In fact, there are many more business models worth looking forward to , It is the same as the scenario proposed by the same type of autonomous mini bus , Apollon Ⅱ In the future, we can also target different occasions , Become a restaurant 、 Mobile office space 、 Fitting Room 、 Mobile service spaces such as grocery stores and even medical rooms . But the landing of these scenes , In addition to technical support , Regulations are also needed 、 infrastructure , Supported by a series of objective factors such as market demand , As a consumer , Maybe you need to wait patiently .

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