Alibaba announced its decision to deal with the "violation of female employees"
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8 month 9 Early morning , in the light of “ Ali's female employee said she was drunk and violated ” the , Chairman of Alibaba's board of directors and CEO Zhang Yong announced the phased internal investigation results and handling decisions on Alibaba intranet :“ Li Yonghe, President of the local retail business group HRG Xu Kun took the blame and resigned , Tong Wenhong, chief human resources officer of Alibaba, recorded a demerit , The suspected male employee was dismissed , Never hire , Whether there is any illegal act , The police are investigating and collecting evidence .”

It was previously reported that , A female employee of Alibaba was arranged to travel 、 Wang Chengwen, the direct leader ( Name of Ali flower “ Qu Yi ”) Ask to drink with the merchant , He was drunk and violated . Then , The leader 4 In and out of the female employee's hotel room for the first time , And rape . Female employees to HR、 After the feedback of business leaders is fruitless , Go to the canteen to distribute leaflets to protect your rights .

8 month 8 Early morning , Chairman of Alibaba board of directors and CEO Zhang Yong posted on Alibaba intranet , With shock 、 angry 、 Shame and other words , Express your feelings about this event . At the same time, it said that we must investigate , Give an account to all Ali students and the whole society .

Zhang Yong said , The incident caused great harm to the female employee , Whatever the results of the police investigation ,“ We will do our best to care for and take good care of her .”

It is suspected that male employees and female colleagues have excessive intimacy under the condition of drunkenness , Serious violation of company regulations , To be dismissed , Never hire . About whether he committed any illegal acts such as rape or indecency , The police are investigating and collecting evidence .

Li Yonghe, President of the local retail business group ( Laoding ) And the same city retail business group HRG Xu Kun ( Ding ding ) Take the blame and resign . The internal announcement holds that , As president of the business group, Li Yonghe , Sensitivity in this matter 、 Attention and investment are far from enough , No initiative , Xu Kun didn't play a role in the business group HRG The role of key decisions , Therefore, we should assume leadership responsibility .

Tong Wenhong, chief human resources officer of Alibaba group, was given a demerit . Throughout the event handling process ,HR Team focus on people 、 Not enough care , More rational , Less sensibility , Lack of empathy . meanwhile , Lack of emergency response system and serious misjudgment , Under suspicion of breaking the law , Failure to suspend the party from duty at the first time .“ Behind this phenomenon is HR There are major problems in the construction of cultural system and capacity .”

Zhang Yong said , Ali is Ali of all Ali people , The reason why it hurts , It's because of love , It's humiliating for all Ali people to have such a thing happen .“ We must reshape , We must change . Change must start with everyone , But first, we must start with the leader , Starts from me . Please wait and see .”

This internal announcement announced that , Ali will continue to reflect and act in three aspects :

1、 Conduct training and investigation on the protection of employees' rights and interests, including sexual harassment , Open a special reporting channel . Employee reports , Under the premise of ensuring that privacy is fully protected , Follow up by a specially assigned person .

2、 Zero tolerance for sexual harassment , Jointly developed by external experts and employee representatives 《 Code of action against sexual harassment 》.

3、 Take a clear stand against the ugly wine culture , Regardless of gender , Alibaba unconditionally supports employees to refuse to accompany them .

It is reported that , After the event , Alibaba employees have spontaneously established a discussion group , named “ Brave Niuniu help group ”, Voice for female employee Events , The goal is through continuous attention to events , So as to promote a thorough investigation of the truth of the incident 、 Provide suggestions for the change of Ali Organization Ecology , And push the landing . People familiar with the matter said ,8 month 7 Friday night , The number of people in this group exceeds 3000 people ,8 month 8 At one o'clock on the afternoon of the th , The group outnumbered 5000 people . at present , More than... Alibaba employees have been added to this group 6000 people .

To be specific , The initiative hopes that the company's formal parties will make two demands mentioned on the intranet , That is, expel the suspect , Never hire ; Give the party a long paid leave , Give adequate psychological recovery and support . The initiative means , I hope the members of the public investigation team 、 Operating mechanism , And disclose information in a timely manner , Strictly investigate the process of the incident , Give an account to the parties and employees , Make the executives involved respond positively to the questions , Sit down and explain in detail . Besides , Anti sexual harassment system for female employees in the workplace 、 advocate HR Not only look up, but also look at people 、CPO Establish long-term communication mechanism with employees , This initiative also puts forward specific demands .

Besides ,8 month 8 The morning of 10:00, Alibaba employees have said on twitter , Intranet is in progress “ Chongta ”, Put forward two demands : Call on xiaoyaozi to broadcast the replay event to the whole group , And establish a complete investigation mechanism of sexual harassment in the workplace .

 in the light of “ Female employees were violated ”, Alibaba announced its decision to deal with

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