This is a confident generation
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The Chinese sports delegation achieved 38 gold 32 silver 18 copper It conveys the new atmosphere of Chinese sports in the new era to the world

This is a confident generation

Website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the CPC Central Committee   Zuo handi Yang Wenjia Duan Xiangyu reports  8 month 8 Japan , The first 32 The summer Olympic Games closed in Tokyo, Japan . IOC President Bach said in his speech , Hope is the most precious gift that the Olympic Games bring to the world , In the past 16 In the day , The athletes are proud of their sports achievements ,“ You are on the stage of the Olympic Games , Dreams Come True 、 Shine in the world . You are the best athletes in the world ”.

This Olympic Games , The Chinese sports delegation won 38 gold 32 silver 18 copper , With gold 、 The result with the second highest total number of medals finished . from 80 Liu Changchun, who went to the meeting alone many years ago , To let the five-star red flag rise repeatedly on the field 777 A huge Olympic Legion , The Olympic trip of the Chinese sports delegation , It conveys the new atmosphere of Chinese sports in the new era to the world .

“90 after ”、“00 after ” Become the backbone , Veteran “ Fixed star ” The role and perseverance are more commendable , The new and old teams combine to create the best record in overseas competition

This Olympic Games is a global sports event held under the special background of the epidemic situation , It is also China's sports front “ two centenary goals ” The goal of struggle is a big battle and a big test at the important node of history . Final , China has handed over an excellent answer sheet to create the best record in overseas competition , It was a complete success “ Keep in the first place in the gold medal list and medal list ” My goal . This is also self. 2000 Since the Sydney Olympics , China is the third in a row 6 Before the gold medal table for the second time 3 Location .

At the Olympics , Become the backbone of “90 after ”、“00 after ” The athletes showed the world the style of Chinese Youth . At average age 25.4 Year old 431 Among the Chinese athletes , Yes 293 It's the first time for people to participate in the Olympic Games , Of the total number of athletes 67.98%. Yang Qian, who shot down the first gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation, is one of the leaders —— On the court , She was calm , Off the court , She is lively and playful , The little yellow duck pinned to his head “ Sports economy ” boom , The average daily sales volume during the peak period reached 50 More than ten thousand , Average per second 6 Pieces of .

“ The composure and frankness of young athletes , It comes from the continuous improvement of China's strength and international status .” Gao Peng, an associate professor at Beijing University of physical education, believes that , At present, the country no longer simply needs gold medals to prove its national strength , The younger generation doesn't have to look up and carry a heavy load , But you can look at the world , Enjoy the game with more confidence .

Except for the bright young players , Veteran “ Fixed star ” The role and perseverance are more commendable . Standing on the highest podium ,32 Gong Lijiao has already passed 21 Shot putting career in , Experienced 7 World Championships and 4 The Olympic Games . In the Chinese Legion , And Pang Wei 、 Dong Dong 、 Liu Hong 、 Huang Xuechen 、 Li ling 、 Wu Jingyu and many other brave dreamers like her “ Four Dynasty elders ”.

2021 year 8 month 1 Japan ,2020 Women's shot put final of Tokyo Olympic Games , Gong Lijiao won the gold medal , This is also China's first gold medal in the Olympic field .( picture source : Vision China )

“ Gong Lijiao fought for so long , To participate in 4 The Olympic Games , Finally the dream comes true , This is really a great story .” Chinese women's volleyball coach Lang Ping said ,“ She doesn't succeed every time , But every time she works towards this goal .”

Many breakthroughs have been made in non-traditional advantageous projects , Continue to write brilliance in advantageous fields ,“ More flowers ” Behind this is the improvement of the overall thickness and breadth of Chinese sports

At the closing ceremony , Su Bingtian, who appeared in the stadium as the flag bearer of the Chinese sports delegation, was particularly eye-catching . The men held a week ago 100 rice “ Flying man war ” In the semi-finals , He ran out 9 second 83 The achievement of , Improve the original Asian record 0.08 second , Become the first Chinese to reach the finals of the project , Achieved a historic breakthrough .

2021 year 8 month 8 Japan , The closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games was held , Chinese flag bearer and athlete representatives enter the stadium . This is a group photo of the team members and Su Bingtian .( picture source : Vision China )

breakthrough , Become the key words of the Chinese sports delegation in this Olympic Games . On the track and field , Shot-put 、 javelin 、 Hammer 、 The triple jump has yielded a lot ; In the blue waves , Rowing 、 canoeing 、 Sailing, windsurfing, etc ; Bicycle 、 epee …… stay 20 From a project 88 Of the medals , Yes 36 It comes from non-traditional advantage projects , The coverage far exceeds that of the last Olympic Games ,“ More flowers ” It proves the improvement of the overall thickness and breadth of sports .

meanwhile , Diving 、 Weightlifting 、 Table Tennis 、 badminton 、 Shooting 、 Gymnastics and other traditional gold and silver main positions , Chinese athletes have repeatedly achieved the feat of winning gold and silver , It continues the glory of the past , And the ruling power is further strengthened . Diving woman 10 In the final of the meter platform ,14 The - year-old young general Quan hongchan relies on several “ Zero spray ” Full Score action amazes the world , Close to third place 100 The total score of points set a new world record . After the game , The official account of the Tokyo Olympic Games released the moment when Quan hongchan won the title , Foreign media commented that , This is a “ One of the best diving performances in Olympic history ”.

In women's weightlifting 87 Kilograms or more A In the group competition , Li Wenwen also staged a “ Dimension reduction blow ” It's a good play , The clean and jerk is coming to 175 kg , Well ahead of the second runner 30 kg , Easily put the gold medal in your pocket . In an interview , Li Wenwen said :“ My opponent is myself , I just have to beat myself , Don't think about anything else .”

Weightlifting “ Day regiment ”、 diving “ Dream team ”、 Table tennis “ Master of the king ”…… This Olympic Games , Chinese athletes have shown a superb competitive level 、 A positive mental outlook , as well as “ Take a clean gold medal ” The determination of . The reporter learned that , During the Olympic Games, the athletes of the Chinese sports delegation received doping tests 226 example , There are no abnormal conditions .

“ On the whole , The Chinese sports delegation successfully completed the competition task , Achieved the goal of double harvest of competition results and spiritual civilization , Got the gold medal of morality 、 Style gold medal 、 Clean gold medal .” The relevant person in charge of the State Sports Administration said .

Integrate new ideas 、 New technology 、 New means , Scientific war preparation can effectively enhance the overall competitiveness

What makes Chinese athletes hand over an excellent report card ? The state guarantees 、 Prepare carefully 、 Adapting to the competition system in advance is an essential factor for success . Bach also commented :“ Obvious , The Chinese Olympic Committee has done an excellent job in preparing athletes for the war .”

Excellent preparation , Reflected in a series of highly targeted special training . To make up for the athlete's physical weakness , The national swimming team hired 4 A foreign physical trainer ,“ New butterfly queen ” Zhang Yufei said , During intensive physical training , Her biggest experience is “ Acid bright ”:“ A lot of time and energy are devoted to special training , Spent about 4 to 5 It took months to improve their basic physical fitness to a relatively balanced level .”

After a period of special training , Zhang Yufei's physical fitness has made remarkable progress —— Previously, the pull-up can only barely bear the weight 15 Kilos of her , Now you can load steadily 40 kg .“ The improvement of core strength helps me to better complete the hip lift and control the rhythm of butterfly in the water , It can swim more smoothly and maintain the streamline of the water .” Zhang Yufei said .

2020 Tokyo Olympic women 100 M butterfly final , Zhang Yufei picks silver .( picture source : Vision China )

Behind the success of swimming, there is the support of Aerospace Technology . The reporter learned from the ninth Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group , First half of this year , The sports measurement team of 13 times optoelectronics companies of the Institute cooperated with the national swimming team to carry out wind tunnel test for excellent athletes , Completed the work including Zhang Yufei 6 Athletes were tested with different crotch sending angles in standing posture and different technical movements in swimming posture , Find out the typical swimming speed , The law of resistance of athletes in different postures , Determine the training plan for the coaching team 、 Improve the streamline of athletes 、 It provides a scientific basis for optimizing technical action .

Learn from foreign advanced training concepts and experience , Go out 、 Please come in , Form a more open working pattern ; From colleges and Universities 、 Scientific research institutes 、 medical institution 、 High tech enterprises and other units select professionals , Build a compound team of the national team ; Implement science and technology assistance , Vigorously promote the use of the latest scientific research instruments and equipment at home and abroad , Big data 、 sensor 、 New ideas such as electronic system simulation competition 、 New technology 、 The new method is gradually integrated into the training practice process …… This Olympic Cycle , A series of systematic war preparation measures have effectively improved the overall competitiveness of Chinese sports delegations .

“ Scientific training and management , Ensure that our team continues to improve their performance , Let the sweat of athletes not flow in vain .” Wang Runbin, a professor at the school of sports science of Fujian Normal University, said .

Organize national training 、 Big training , Carry out online competition 、 Communication game 、 Regional games 、 Team simulation , Institutional advantages help China's Olympic Corps meet difficulties 、 Turn danger into opportunity

At this Olympic Games , The Chinese badminton team is 5 In the first single competition 2 gold 4 silver . And before appearing in Tokyo , Due to the suspension of the World Badminton Federation , This team has not participated in international competitions for more than a year .

The Tokyo Olympics under the impact of the epidemic is destined to be extraordinary . Changes in the Olympic Cycle 、 The solitude of closed training 、 Lack of hesitation in the competition 、 The anxiety of walking with the epidemic , It has brought unprecedented challenges to athletes . The difficulties are present , The institutional advantage of the national game of chess provides a strong support —— In the past year , The General Administration of sports of the people's Republic of China has actively integrated the resources of various provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities for war preparation , By organizing national training 、 Big training , Carry out online competition 、 Communication game 、 Regional games 、 Various competition activities such as team Simulation Competition , Increase training against , At the same time, solve the psychological anxiety caused by long-term closed training .

2021 year 6 month 26 Japan , The Chinese badminton team is Chengdu, sichuan province Hold a team simulation .( picture source : Vision China )

“ The Olympic Games were delayed by a year , We have the strong backing of our motherland , You can train normally at the base , Hold state .” Zhang Jun, chairman of China Badminton Association, said .

According to Peng Guoxiong, Dean of the school of physical education of Jinan University , The breakthrough performance of Chinese athletes on the track and field , It is closely related to the guarantee provided by the state from all aspects :“ For example, how to make athletes adapt to the field faster 、 How to take protective measures for athletes in the case of global epidemic spread , If these are not done properly , Will affect the athletes' on-the-spot play .”

“ We quickly adjusted the functions of the training department , Set up a working group for the relocation of the national team during the epidemic , Establish a new liaison mechanism for the preparation of the national team , Various forms of training and war preparation have been carried out flexibly .” Tian Xiaojun, vice chairman of China Track and Field Association, said . Under the strong guarantee of institutional advantages , China's Olympic Legion meets the difficulties , Turn challenges into opportunities .

“ The strong leadership of the party , Strong comprehensive national strength , The attention and support of the people all over the country , It is our response to the impact of the epidemic 、 The determination and confidence to do a good job in preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games , It is in the uncertainty full of complex variables and the increasingly fierce international sports competition , The determination and confidence to strive for victory .” The relevant person in charge of the State Sports Administration said .

Walk through Tokyo , Time to enter Beijing , Follow the Olympics 、 It's getting hot , Beijing Winter Olympics will once again ignite the world with passion

At the closing of the Tokyo Olympic Games , China has ushered in the first 13 individual “ National Fitness Day ”.13 Years ago, 8 month 8 Japan , It's the opening day of the Beijing Olympic Games . after that , This day of the year is designated as the National Fitness Day . This is the precious legacy left to China by the Beijing Olympic Games .

“ Follow the Olympics 、 It's getting hot !” On the court , Chinese athletes compete for gold and silver 、 Show all the elegance ; ringside , A wave of sports is going on , It has accelerated the process of China from a big sports country to a powerful sports country .

The rise of social networks , Make the Olympic Games and athletes' personal charm more prominent , Created a credible 、 lovely 、 Respectable image of China . Men's weightlifting champion LV Xiaojun became the fitness circle “ Top current ”, His training video was used as “ Fitness Textbook ” It is widely spread on the Internet ; As a national idol “ China table tennis team ”, While gaining high attention , It will also push the popularity of folk table tennis to a new height .

Walk through Tokyo , The Olympics will enter “ Beijing time. ”. No more 200 God , The Beijing Winter Olympics is about to begin . Beijing will be the first city in the world to host the summer Olympic Games 、 And host the Winter Olympics “ Shuangao city ”, And across 13 The Olympic covenant of , It will also rekindle the Olympic flame rooted in the hearts of hundreds of millions of people .

2021 year 7 month 23 Japan , The Chinese sports delegation entered at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games .  Xinhua reporter Zheng huansong taken

Inside and outside the Tokyo Stadium , Beijing “ Double Austria ” Elements appear frequently . In the gymnastics women's balance beam final , Chinese contestants Guan Chenchen and Tang Xijing won the first and second place . After the game , Tang Xijing showed the world to the camera “ Beijing 2022” The badge of . ringside , Many foreign journalists still carry 2008 The media package for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games , The emblem on it “ China India ” Stand out .

Yang Yang, chairman of the Athletes Committee of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, said , The successful hosting of the Tokyo Olympic Games , Send a clear signal to winter athletes around the world again , The Beijing Winter Olympics are just around the corner , They can continue to do their best for the Olympic dream .“ We are ready to welcome the world's top athletes to Beijing , Ignite the world with Olympic passion again !”

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