I haven't come out of the Olympics yet
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The brilliant performance of the Chinese team in the Tokyo Olympic Games
To the Chinese who have experienced a difficult year
a Half a month's good mood

No jet lag, unlimited pursuit of the game
Play with netizens
Boast about all the athletes
The pursuit of medals is no longer a top priority
More relaxed attitude of watching the game
Also let more vivid athletes appear in front of us

For example, Su Bingtian, who ran out of the top of Asia

to “ Su Shen ” Seal God
Netizens' attention was added by Su Bingtian
“ Associate professor of Jinan University ” Run with you
Make a bold guess
When “ Su Shen ” Once again broaden the limits of Asians
He probably has an idea in his mind :
The new professor's paper is supported by data

Can become the fastest university professor in the world
“ Su Shen ” A high degree of self-discipline is indispensable
Su Bingtian, who goes to bed on time at ten every night
It has become a benchmark for contemporary netizens to measure healthy life

another “ Army God ” LV Xiaojun
On the surface, it is an easily won Olympic weightlifting champion
Behind my back Taobao shopkeeper with millions of sales
Being chased by foreign referees after the match
Top stream of global fitness circle to sign
“ Army God ” Flow realization to create an exclusive sports brand
Still good results
only 2020 In the month of tmall's double 11
His Taobao tmall store is Sell like crazy 150 ten thousand

Killing all over the field
The second half was still wonderful
The women's 500 Xu Shixiao, Olympic champion of m double rowing
It's a strange woman who can play around inside and outside the stadium
As the all-round champion of national women's single rowing
stay 21 Xu Shixiao, who retired early at the age of
Work from scratch
after 4 In, he counterattacked and became an enterprise executive

In the face of canoeing being called up as an official Olympic event
She picked up the oar again and focused on the field
Finally, I won the Olympic Games with my partner

Switch freely in the dual identities of athlete and urban beauty
It's not too much to say that sister Xu is a contemporary slash youth
The veteran's courage to start over is cool
The young generals also take Z The way generations interpret their cool
Like to make nail enhancements and carrot hairpins “ Double gold King ” Yang Qian
Those who are keen on the king's glory are “ Miserable ” By
Full red Chan with youth mode limiting game time

Youth has an eternal face
Not afraid of enthusiastic expression
They make the competition on the field more warm
Athletes have more than one side of the field
The charm of the Olympics
It's not just winning
Dare to do, dare to think
There is a boundless light

Xin Chou Nian The second day of July

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writing : Ke Jing
editor : Liu Yahong
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