These public health incidents in the United States are full of doubts!
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According to US media reports recently , The Florida Department of health website once showed that 2020 year 1 The month and 2 Novel coronavirus pneumonia or new crown test results were positive in June. 171 Patient data , However, this data is available on 2020 year 5 month 4 Day and night deleted . This has aroused doubts about the US approach .

Time can't go back , But the fragments of time can be picked up one by one 、 Splicing .2019 Since the second half of , Some public health incidents in the United States are full of doubts , The American public needs the truth , The international community needs answers .


A man rode past The United States New crown test point on the streets of New York . Xinhua reporter Wang Ying taken



Official U.S. data show , The United States 2020 year 1 month 21 First new crown case reported on ,2020 year 2 month 29 The first death case of new crown was reported on the th .

American media 《 palm beach post 》 and 《 The Miami Herald 》 Recently disclosed that , The Florida Department of health website has published local 2020 year 1 The month and 2 Novel coronavirus pneumonia or new crown test results were positive in June. 171 Patient data , However, these data are 2020 year 5 month 4 Day and night deleted , Later, the State Department of health found that the deletion of data led to the interruption of case number , And had to recover the relevant data .

Santa Clara County Health Department, California 2020 year 4 month 21 The autopsy report released on the th showed that , The first new crown death in the United States occurred in 2020 year 2 month 6 Japan , Earlier than the first death reported by the federal government 20 Many days . Sarah, director of Santa Clara County Health Bureau · Cody said , The local autopsy report shows that , The new coronavirus is in 1 It began to spread in California communities even earlier this month . Local officials also said , The earliest cases of infection in California may have occurred last year 12 month .

2020 year 4 month 30 Japan , Melham, then mayor of belville, New Jersey, revealed , The results of COVID-19 antibody test were positive. , And think you're 2019 year 11 COVID-19 infection , Earlier than the first confirmed case of new crown in the United States 2 More than a month .

2020 year 11 month 30 Japan , Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention in the United States 《 Clinical infectious diseases 》 The semimonthly report said , They tested the American Red Cross 2019 year 12 month 13 solstice 2020 year 1 month 17 Collected between dates 7389 Blood samples , It was found that 106 Antibody containing new crown virus . This means that COVID-19 had already appeared in the US at that time. , Earlier than the time when the first confirmed case of new crown was officially reported in the United States .


stay The United States Outside a hospital in New York , The medical staff wrote “ The flu tent ” Walking outside the tent with the words . new Hua Shefa ( Guo Ke photo )


The flu

Because COVID-19 coincides with the flu epidemic in autumn and winter. , Eric, a geneticist at Scripps Institute, a famous research institution in the field of biology · Topol 2020 year 4 Questioned in a media interview in June :“ How many people are mistaken for influenza or pneumonia , In fact, COVID-19 infected people. ?”

The American Centers for Disease Control 2020 year 2 Data display released at the end of the month , stay 2019 The flu season began in winter , In the United States, it is estimated that at least 3200 10000 influenza cases , among 1.8 Ten thousand people died of flu related diseases . According to CDC estimates , from 2019 year 10 Month to 2020 year 4 At the beginning of , The United States may have 3900 Wan to 5600 Million people infected with influenza , among 2.4 Wan to 6 Ten thousand deaths .

Robert, then director of the CDC · Redfield 2020 year 3 month 11 At sunrise at the House hearing , Under the questioning of the congressman , There may be cases in the United States that are mistaken for influenza deaths due to new crown deaths .



According to several media reports , Wisconsin, USA 2019 year 7 Large scale outbreak in June “ Electronic cigarette pneumonia ” And swept many states , Patient lung CT Part of the area presents a mass of fuzzy white , present “ Great white lung ” state , Very similar to the novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms .

2019 year 7 month , Unidentified respiratory disease in Virginia , Two nursing homes near the biological laboratory in Fort Detrick, Maryland, developed respiratory diseases of unknown cause leading to pneumonia .2019 year 9 month , Maryland reported “ Electronic cigarette pneumonia ” The number of patients doubled .

CDC said , A patient who used electronic cigarettes in Illinois, USA 2020 year 7 month 29 He was hospitalized due to severe lung disease , And in 2020 year 8 month 20 The day of death . This is the first case reported by the United States “ Electronic cigarette pneumonia ” Death cases .

The CDC reported that , since 2019 year 7 Month begins , existing 2807 Human infection “ Electronic cigarette pneumonia ”, Death 68 example . High fever 、 Dry cough 、 Difficulty in breathing 、 A general weakness 、 Ground glass “ White lung ” image —— Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not different from the doctor's description of the patient. , And the cause is unknown . and 2020 year 2 When COVID-19 became popular in April , The CDC stopped right “ Electronic cigarette pneumonia ” Statistics of relevant data .

University of California, Los Angeles 2020 year 9 Press release in June , since 2019 year 12 From the end of the month , The proportion of patients with cough and acute respiratory failure in medical institutions of the school increased significantly compared with previous years . The researchers speculate that , The new crown virus may have been spread in Losangeles before the first official case confirmed by the United States. .

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