The Tokyo Olympic Games closed, but these 10 moments still make people cry!
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At this moment

We did wait a little long


Affected by the epidemic, the project was delayed for one year

2020 Tokyo Olympic Games

It didn't disappoint us

The past summer

It has given us too many surprises and moves

The Olympic flame

Rekindle passion and hope

We have witnessed

The birth of one medal after another

Our heartbeat

Also follow the rhythm of the game

At the Olympics

Never lacking

A thrilling competitive scene

There are also countless moving moments

Tear in the middle


The Tokyo Olympic Games are over

But like this 10 A moment

It still brings tears to our eyes


8 month 3 Japan

Chinese gymnast Guan Chenchen

After winning the women's balance beam championship

A photo celebrating her title attracted netizens' attention

8 month 3 Japan , Chinese contestant Guan Chenchen ( Lower right ) Hug and celebrate with teammate Tang Xijing after the game . Xinhua reporter Zheng huansong taken

Guan Chenchen and balance beam runner up Tang Xijing embrace excitedly

And standing aside with a bright smile 、 Sincerely bless

American gymnast Byers And sunisha · Li

Sunisha · Li

Although I didn't win a medal in the balance beam final

But after seeing Guan Chenchen win the championship

She is still very happy

On social media

Sun out a group photo with Guan Chenchen

And the essay says :“ I'm so proud !”

Sunisha's photos and essays on social media

In this way “ With the box ”

It makes people feel warm inside

Some netizens said :

“ This is also an embodiment of the Olympic spirit !”

8 month 3 Japan , Women's balance beam champion Guan Chenchen of China ( in )、 Runner up China's Tang Xijing ( Left ) And third place American Byers at the award ceremony . Xinhua reporter Cheng Min taken


Shooting men 10 M air pistol final

41 Year old Iranian player frouji

Almost all the way ahead

With a final 244.8 The ring won the championship smoothly

Iran's feruji at the award ceremony . Xinhua reporter Ju huanzong taken

In this Olympic Cycle

His best result is

2021 The champion of the two races of the World Cup

More than a year ago
He put his social media account avatar
Set as Olympic gold medal photo
At this moment, he finally won the gold medal and realized his dream

The picture shows Iran's feruji celebrating with team members . Reporter of China News Agency Du Yang taken

When he and his team members

The moment of embracing and celebrating

The inner feelings are finally released

You know what?

He is one of the members of the Iranian delegation

The oldest athlete

This is his first time standing on the Olympic field

in fact

He from 2017 Professional training began in

He turned out to be a nurse

After starting professional training

I haven't quit my job

Frugie's work photo . The picture is from @ Iranian embassy in China

Before the Tokyo Olympics

His preparations

Because the training center was closed

And infected COVID-19 at work

And two interruptions

7 month 24 Japan , Champion Iran's feruji celebrated after winning the title . Xinhua reporter Ju huanzong taken

The moment I saw him kneel down and kiss the field
Can't help but cry

Experienced too many ups and downs
His heart
Must have mixed feelings

We hope
He and the people of their country
Will get better and better


In track and field

American Jewett

And Amos, Botswana

stay 800 In the rice semi-finals

Although I fell down because of entanglement

But they were not angry

But helping each other to stand up

Finished the game side by side

Jewett and Amos fell and shook hands

Jewett and Amos help each other

In the past impression

At the Olympics

There are too many “ Life-and-death ” The contest of

But the moment they helped each other

What we feel is

Love beyond victory

This is the Olympic motto

“ More united ” The embodiment of


7 month 25 Japan

2020 Tokyo Olympic women's gymnastics qualifier

We saw a familiar figure again

Uzbekistan's famous gymnast



46 Year old “ Qiu ma ” Here we go again

stay 20 They are called... In their twenties “ veteran ” The world of gymnastics

It's a unique myth


The hero is late

She stopped at the qualifying

It also ended her trip to the eighth Olympic Games

Petite but Strong she

After all, I couldn't hold back the tears

More like a child who needs love

Chusovikina has always been a famous gymnast

Big and small games

Win dozens of medals

She used to rely on Sell off your property 、 Crazy competition

To make money to treat his son with leukemia

When my son is well

Many people once thought

She'll say goodbye to gymnastics after that

But she still chose to play on the field

Running 、 Take off 、 rotate ……

Competitive sports can never escape the limitations of age

But athletes love

Interpretation of the Olympic spirit

It will always bring tears to our eyes


stay On the men's high jump

There was also a moving scene

8 month 1 Japan , Qatar's bashim won the men's high jump final .  Xinhua reporter Wang Lili taken

Qatar's bashim

And Italian tambery

At the same time, he jumped out of 2 rice 37 Height

Challenging 2 rice 39 Altitude time

Neither of them succeeded

Agreed by the organizing committee

Finally agreed to award them double champions

stay “ share ” After the gold medal
They were ecstatic
They knelt ecstatically and reveled
Even hide your face and cry

8 month 1 Japan , Italian tambery ( Right ) And Qatar's bashim celebrated after the men's high jump final . Xinhua reporter Ju huanzong taken

Let the unrelenting enemy
Become a teammate sharing glory
It's not easy

Because love and righteousness
Two Champions
At the same time

Italian tambery ( Left ) And Qatar's bashim at the men's high jump award ceremony . Xinhua reporter Li Yibo taken

This scene
Let's feel again
Sports not only bring the pleasure of competition
And endless love and moving


At the women's table tennis singles award ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games

Gold medalist Chen Meng

Take the initiative to invite ITO Meicheng

Take a group photo on the top podium

Some netizens left a message :

“ This pattern is big ”

Ito Meicheng is also very enthusiastic

I saw sun yingsha hanging the medal upside down

And remind her

To print “ Tokyo 2020” The side of the word

Expose towards the lens

This is what the Olympic Games should look like

The greatness of the Olympics

It is by countless such tiny lights

Coming together

Light up people's hearts


8 month 1 Japan

In women 4X100 In the M medley relay

Japan ranked eighth

Failed to get on the podium

After the game

Japanese player Chi Jiangli huazi cried

After her interview
Chinese player Zhang Yufei
Take the initiative to hug and comfort
This scene is also very touching

Chijiang lihuazi is one of the best swimmers in Japan “ Talented players ”

stay 2018 At the Asian Games in Jakarta

She won 6 gold 2 silver

Everyone is optimistic about her future

However, a sudden leukemia
But let this “ Talented players ” Had to leave the pool
While fighting the disease
Chi Jiang lihuazi is still training
And finally participate in the Olympic Games on behalf of the Japanese team

In an interview

Zhang Yufei told reporters

Chijiang lihuazi

Because of illness, I'm not in good health

Already very thin

“ I explained to her that I'd see you next year ,

Because next year's Asian Games .”

There are opponents in the arena
Off the court are friends

In this embrace

With great encouragement and great respect

source : CCTV news client


7 month 29 The day went on
Badminton women's singles eighth finals
American contestant Zhang beiwen wins a game first
In the second inning, he was suddenly injured and fell to the ground and abandoned the game
Pushed out of the field by wheelchair
After seeing your opponent hurt
Chinese players He bingjiao immediately came forward to check the situation

7 month 29 Japan , Zhang beiwen was injured and withdrew from the game . Xinhua reporter Zhu Zheng taken

In an interview after the game
He bingjiao choke with sobs :
“ If you can ,
I want to finish the game with her ”

7 month 29 Japan , He bingjiao ( Red coat ) Comforting the crying Zhang beiwen . Xinhua reporter Yang Lei taken

What is an opponent
Is to fight to the death
Also sympathize with each other


The loser gives the winner a hug

Equally touching

Badminton women's doubles final

Indonesia won the championship

This victory

Not only won the first gold medal of this Olympic Games for Indonesia

It's Polly's consolation to her dead family

After the game

Indonesia 34 Old veteran Polly

Kneel on the ground and cry

It's moving

picture source : CCTV live

These tears of joy

Full of sweat of long-term persistence

8 month 2 Japan , Polly 、 Lahayu in the game . Xinhua reporter Xue Yubin taken

The Chinese player who won the second place

Chen Chenchen and Jia Yifan came forward

take Polly Lift up

Give me a hug

“ Don't cry , You won the game ,

You have to be happy !”

8 month 2 Japan , Chen early morning ( Left )/ Jia Yifan ( Right ) After the game with Polly . Xinhua reporter   Xue Yubin   taken

At the Olympic Games

Race against time

Fight against age

Destined to be extremely difficult

And like Polly The same veteran

But he set an example with his own actions

8 month 2 Japan , Polly 、 Lahayu celebrated the victory after the game . Xinhua reporter Ou Dongqu taken


The spirit of competitive sports

Not never lose

But never admit defeat

8 month 2 Japan

stay 3:0 After beating Argentina

Chinese women's volleyball team 2 - 3 A negative result

Missed the top eight of the Tokyo Olympic Games

Ended the journey of the Olympic Games

After the game

The scene rang 《 Sunshine always comes after the rain 》 The song of

The girls of the Chinese women's volleyball team

To lead them through

Coach Lang Ping of the two Olympic cycles made a deep bow

Li Yingying, the youngest in the team, was the first to cry

Then more and more team members wet their eyes

Lang Ping hugged the team members one by one
A moving scene
Let people “ Break defense ”

Lang Ping said in an interview :
“ It can't be plain sailing in the game
You can't lose a game
At least have the desire to struggle ”

There is no easy victory
There is no game to give up
China volleyball
Start over again
The next arena
we will wait for you

At this Olympic Games

There are so many moving moments

Let's watch the event

The heart is touched 、 Be inspired

Apart from the excellence of sports

The most moving thing about the Olympic Games

Always those shining moments

And the glory of human nature

We congratulate everyone

On the court

Athletes who shed sweat and even tears

We can always believe

Chinese team

Will bring us more miracles

We also look forward to

On the Olympic roster

Will record more names

And the touch they brought

Every desperate challenge

Every breakthrough beyond the past

this , Is the endless power of mankind

source : Xinhuanet comprehensive Xinhua News Agency 、@ Xinhua sports 、 The global times 、 CCTV news client 、@ Iranian embassy in China 、@ Olympic Games 、@ Chinese sports 、@ The People's Daily 、 Visual China, etc

publisher : Liu Jian   Xu Shanna Qian Tong

Supervise the manufacture of : Zhou Hongjun Liu Jiawen

planning : Liu Hong

To supervise : Mou Yanqiu Zhang Lihong

As a whole : Liang Tiantian

edit : Gu Peng

proofreading : Liu Yiran GUI Ting

Which moment moved you ?

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