The braised prawns that Yang Qian wanted to eat had been greedy and crying for a generation
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About a few days , Yang Qian can eat the braised prawns made by her mother .


Since she won two gold medals , In those two days, the atmosphere of the whole microblog became sweet , Everyone found the girl amazing :

I've been shooting since I was a child , It's all right. Take the children to the stall to win the doll with a gun and a balloon , Win the boss to cry ;

Then he began air rifle training , As a result, I was stunned when I practiced kneeling. I slept there ( The coach : What a powerful heart it is );

Go play , The referee praised “ Good fight ”, Just pull the referee to chat ……

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !


later , Another thing came to everyone —— At the press conference , She was asked What would you like most ( It seems that Chinese journalists always like to ask this, hey ), The girl's eyes lit up in a second : Stewed prawns made by mom !


As soon as mother Yang heard :“ Tube is enough !” I went to the vegetable market the next day , The stall owner's uncle is happy , At that time, we should give free orders .

Everyone with a smiling aunt , One second back to childhood : celebrate sb 's birthday 、 Well done 、 Family dinner , My parents seem to like to make braised prawns to reward us .

After all , When we were little , Braised prawns in oil is a great dish !




Xiaobian remembers seeing a play when he was a child , An old man is going to faint , It seems that it can't slow down , The young man next to me asked me what I wanted to eat , I spit out four words with my last strength :“ braise …… Prawns ……!”

I can't remember which play , But the whole childhood , Xiaobian is all about “ Braised Prawns yyds” From the atmosphere of .

At that time 《 I love my family 》, Second uncle Jia Zhixin went out with 6000 yuan , The family took a round order , Jia Zhiguo summoned up his courage , Ordered two 50 yuan braised prawns .


 《 I love my family 》

For Jia Zhiguo, a national cadre at the section level , Even if I have checked the food quality of China Hotel , Braised Prawns , It is still his highest imagination of delicacies .

Wait to 《 The home has children 》 The s , Even if the food of Liu Xing's family is recognized as a local tyrant , Mother cooked prawns in oil once , It's enough for three children to be excited for a long time .


 《 The home has children 》

As for the little editor in front of the TV at that time , Memories of eating braised prawns in restaurants , It's not very profound —— When I was a child, how many families realized the freedom of prawns... Wow .

Mr. Ma Weidu , I've eaten what I've seen ? Before he was thirty , Braised prawns have been eaten several times .

He was the editor of China Youth Publishing House , Go to the famous Senlong restaurant , Order a winter dish and the duck will reach the top . Like Mr. Xu Bangda, the leader of ancient painting appraisal , From small to old , Then I went out to eat prawns .

As for teacher Mo Yan , When I was young, I was filled with the legend of braised prawns :

He was in Gaomi, Shandong , There is a female member in the same village , My husband worked as a navy in Qingdao , Every time she comes back from her family visit, she says Qingdao is delicious ,“ Braised prawns in oil ” It once constituted Mo Yan's main longing for Qingdao at that time .


This memory was later used by Mo Yan 《 frog 》 in .

The legend of this plate of shrimp , All the way to our childhood , Can eat such a meal , It still seems to be a sign of enjoyment .

Today's friends may be strange : Just a plate of shrimp , As for such magic ?


First of all, I don't understand , Maybe friends from the southern coastal areas —— There are really fresh and good shrimp , Who is willing to stew , What a waste of shrimp .

alas , Be considerate of the people of the North .“ Braised Prawns ” These four words , In an era when material is far less abundant than today , That is cooking oil with fire, flowers with brocade .

One word at a time , First of all “ Prawns ”: Real braised prawns , The earliest is actually Shandong cuisine , It's using Prawns in Bohai Bay .


as everyone knows , Shandong and Northeast China belong to Cybertron star in Chinese food industry , It's not just a big job, but a lot of dishes , Even from the tree 、 Swimming in the water is big .

How big are the prawns abundant here ? Hao Yixing in Qing Dynasty 《 Remember the sea wrong 》 record ,“ There are shrimp in the sea , It's about a foot long , As big as a child's arm , A fisherman's net catches it , Two by two , Day dry or pickled , The goods are called prawns .”


Running for prawns the size of red intestines , Nature is a rare treasure . It is said that , Even if it's not such a big shrimp , In the past, we had to have happy events during the new year and Festival , Trust relationship to buy .

In the restaurant of the Republic of China Tang Lushun Era , Prawns have a higher status , I used to go to a decent restaurant , Stir fry shrimps with cucumber and Peas , Green and refreshing , Non fresh and tender shrimp with elastic teeth cannot be fried —— Sliced prawns , That's big enough .

Empathy , If you want a bowl of fried rice with shrimps and eggs , The value of this bowl of rice is undoubtedly tumbling up .

As for the more exquisite , Zhang Xueyou in the Peking Opera circle of the Republic of China Ma Lianliang , I like fried shrimp and wine best , Take people to restaurants as soon as the shrimp season comes after the Qingming Festival , Three or four plates a meal ——

You must finish one dish before you order the next , Because this dish must be covered with a thin paste , Deep fry quickly , Otherwise, stir fry a large plate , In case there's something that doesn't stir fry , Don't you spoil good things .


Ma Lianliang ( Left ) And apprentice Zhang Xuejin

Ordinary people may not be able to eat fried shrimp , but “ braise ” Two words , It still shows their respect for making the best use of prawns .

First say “ oil ”, In the era when the people all over the country wash their intestines , Oily dishes are expensive , Besides, the oil of braised prawns , And pay more attention to :

When dealing with prawns , First cut off the shrimp feet , Trim the tip of the shrimp tail , More importantly, cut off the shrimp gun , Just pick out the sandbag , Don't take the whole shrimp head —— To preserve the shrimp brain .


The secret of Lu cuisine chef Liu Jianmin is , Open your back from the second section , It won't break the skin .


Green onion and pepper oil boiled with Shandong green onion and pepper , Not only to go fishy , When stir frying prawns, gently press the shrimp head , As soon as the plump and mellow shrimp oil flows out , It's salty and fragrant .

Under the action of shrimp oil , The color of braised prawns , It is often brighter and ruddy than the natural red of cooked shrimp ——



therefore Authentic braised prawns , It's usually salty and fresh , If you eat ketchup in a restaurant , Or it's another way , Or the shrimp is not fresh enough , Add color with ketchup .

The key word , It's actually “ Stew —— There are many ways to make prawns with Shandong cuisine , There's something to do 㸆 There is braised , But the way to eat it in oil , More importantly, the delicious taste of shrimp meat itself . After stewing , Shrimp doesn't age easily , Put it on a plate after it tastes good , Shrimp soup, fire, juice , Pour it up , original , well-done .



So exquisite , So test your kung fu , No wonder braised prawns , It was such a precious dish .


Now, of course , We are interested in the braised prawns in the restaurant , I haven't thought about it when I was a child .

Life is good , Eating out is no longer a luxury , The aura of wealth of braised prawns , Nature is fading .

meanwhile , By the beginning of this century , With the catering fashion in the first tier cities spreading to the whole country , All major cuisines compete for excellence , A symbol of grandeur in a restaurant , From whole lamb steak 、 Salt and pepper king snake , Until the mouse spot is like a clam ……

Shandong cuisine is no longer the first choice for northerners to eat out , The status of braised prawns , Nature is no longer the same .


Even its name , Also changed the Lord :

It is also the beginning of this century ,“ Braised Prawns ” Four words , It symbolizes the people of Jianghan Oilfield in Qianjiang, Hubei , Another red 、 Hot life , As for it, later “ Spicy crayfish ” Its name is popular all over the country , It's another myth .

Spicy crayfish
  Small stove

The brilliance of many dishes , It's over here . However, braised prawns did not .

That generation , I still remember the taste of braised prawns as a symbol of happiness , But suddenly I found , What they used to look up to , Now, over time , Become more people-friendly .

It has become a family reunion dish for many families during the new year's Festival , It has also become a specialty of the elderly at home .

At this time, we found that , Braised prawns in oil is not that difficult , Even especially suitable for the bold cooking style of straight men ——

exactly , Grandpa, Grandpa and dad have an unusual mastery of this dish . After all, the era of braised prawns , It's also the prime time when they often go to restaurants .

You don't have to buy that big prawn , Or ketchup , How fragrant, how to come , According to the most impressive memories of that year , The onion 、 ginger , Shrimp open back , Learn to pick out the shrimp line on TV , Stand up for the holidays , Also hinge the shrimp tail flat ……

For the old man , This home cooked dish they once regarded as a delicacy , Enough to save for a reunion dinner . From now on , Braised prawns have become a household flavor in the memory of the next generation .

It's better to run around , It's good to play abroad , As soon as the children get home , I'm looking forward to this dish : Today's “ Restaurant dishes ” It's oily 、 Spicy 、 A cold fish , It's quite different from the braised prawns in the past .

Now , This once superior dish , On the contrary, it has become the taste of the most worthy home . They were fed with braised prawns , Maybe it has really realized the happiness that parents once expected .

Probably , Those children who miss braised prawns , I will really keep this happiness in the future .


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