Living in the United States, where to listen to books, and recommended bibliographies of English books
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A netizen wrote and asked :


Can you ask me where you listen ? In addition, for English books , Can I ask you where you can find stable bibliographic recommendations ?

Avoid reaching out , Also recommend one APP, be called libby, If there is a public library membership You can register , There are also many audio book resources , It's all free . The words of Chinese books , Wechat reading is very recommended , Monthly only 19 element , It's so cost-effective for people who love reading .


My answer ?

At present, I use, monthly 10 Yuan . Than Amazon Of audible Be cheaper , But it's different .Audible The book on the has been owned for a long time since I bought it ; scribd Equivalent to one digital library, Once you're no longer a member , You can't see the books you've read before .

At present, I think scribd ok , Because in addition to books , There are other things , For example, there are many ebook, also podcast,magazine wait . But compared to the audible, There are fewer kinds of books , Some good business Books on scribd I can't find .

therefore , I may also use audible.

Thank you for your recommendation libby. I used to use the library app Listen to the book , such as overdrive, I think it's very good , Just a lot of good books are very popular .( Speaking of popular books , It reminds me of a Book Writing trick : If you find a book in the library, there are a lot of people hold, It shows that this topic is worth writing :-D)

A bibliography of English books :

I heard something podcast Recommended in , Then take the initiative to listen . Some books are after listening to one ,scribd Recommend another similar , At this time, I'll check Amazon Upper review, See if it's worth listening to .

Chinese book ?

I seldom read . Because I think reading English books exercises my English ability , Learned knowledge again , Kill two birds with one stone . And Chinese is my mother tongue , There seems to be no need to exercise Chinese reading ability :-) therefore , Since going abroad , I haven't read much Chinese books , But I read a book about Li Shufu , Borrowed from the library ...

Have a wonderful day!

Chen Jian


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