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Dear friends of the island :

lately , The study group next door took everyone to finish 《 The red star shines on China 》 Reading punch in activities , Cumulative near 2000 A friend signed up for 、 Keep punching . Some people commented that :“ By reading 《 The red star shines on China 》, Really understand the life of the Red Army , Experienced the fish and water situation of the Red Army and the common people !”

《 The red star shines on China 》 The reading punch in activity is over , Do you think you still have more to say ? In order to make everyone better understand this book , today (8 month 8 Japan )19:00-20:30, The study group invited Xue Lin, associate professor of China Yan'an cadre college Teach online for everyone , The theme is “ The Communist Party of China in Yan'an period ”.

Xue Lin , Party members , Doctor of Political Science , Now he is an associate professor of the party construction teaching and Research Office of the teaching and Research Department of Yan'an Cadre College of China . Selected in Shaanxi Province “ Special support plan ” Regional development talents 、 Publicity, ideology and culture system of Shaanxi Province “ Six in a batch ” personnel , The first in Yan'an City “ Ten famous social scientists ”. Won the title of China Yan'an cadre college 2018-2019 Excellent teacher of the year . Main course “ Carry forward the seven spirits , Enhance four awareness ” Included in the 2020 year 1 Determined by the central organization department in June “ China has studied and carried out the national curriculum of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics ”.

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today (8 month 8 Japan )19:00, Be there or be square

Invite your friends , Let's study together !

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