Tiktok releases the first museum data report: netizens love this treasure of the town hall.
< P data track =" 2 "> cultural relics can only be hidden in" boudoir "? History can only be buried in old paper

in the quieting, we saw -

the cultural photographers found the fingerprints of the artisans before 2200 at the lips of Terracotta Army. He said with tears, "when I saw this scene, I stepped on the Terracotta Army craftsman and the footprints of temperature..."

< P data track = "6" > the bronze ice mirror originally unearthed in 1978 from the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng in leigudun, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, is the earliest refrigerator found at present, which is now collected in the National Museum of China The cultural relics are not rigid and boring, and the history is not ignored. As of May 2021, the number of videos related to the museum was over 33 million 890 thousand, and over 72 billion 300 million times were broadcast, with over 2 billion 100 million tiktok. P>

we found that those cultural memories kept in museums can be "alive" again on the tiktok. p>

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