Huawei online accessible hotline and store service! Details, quality life, barrier free
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If there's a chance to change the present , What do you want most ?

Some people want a lot of money ; Some people want a lot of love ;

Some people want to be young forever , ever-young ; Some people want to be in a high position , Be proud of others .

There's a group of people who just want a bunch of “ light ”; can “ shine ” The world , Feel the convenience and beauty . For various reasons , Can't see the world , Cause a lot of inconvenience in life . But with the rapid development of the Internet , It can be done through the Accessibility , Break through the visual barrier , By listening and touching “ see ” The world , Enjoy the convenience of the Internet world .

When the use of mobile phone is abnormal , How to quickly solve the problem of using the machine for the visually impaired ? Huawei Consumer Service Hotline 5 A special hotline for barrier free seats has been launched in September , One on one to help the visually impaired solve various problems in the process of using the machine .

 Huawei's online accessible hotline and store service ! A little bit of detail , Quality life, barrier free

How to dial the hotline of barrier free special seats

? First step : Call Huawei's consumer service hotline :950800, Select the device type according to the prompt tone to enter the manual answer .

? The second step : When you ask about screen reading 、 Blind mode 、talkback And so on , Or you can give direct feedback on your vision , Customer service will transfer online to the barrier free special seat to answer for you .

In addition to the online accessible Hotline , Huawei is still in China 75 The service stores have deployed full-time barrier free consultants , Whether it's mobile phone use or maintenance , They all provide full service . If you want to consult your city if you have deployed a full-time barrier free Consultant , Call Huawei's consumer service hotline 9508000 The query .

Barrier free special hotline and barrier free store service , Through a bit of detail , No one left behind . The pollen club has also opened a barrier free section . Accessibility related computer skills , Questions and suggestions can be exchanged in the board . Hope to know more about accessibility , Join the barrier free team .

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