How to play video number?
Yuxuan Xiaoqing 2021-06-10 02:39:01
When you're still feeling 2012 The year passed by the official account ,2018 I didn't catch Tiktok Kwai , Others have begun to look at the video Number . Video Number , As a derivative of wechat social platform , It obviously adds another shortcut for the public to share public domain traffic . Since the video number first met you at the beginning of last year , It greatly expands the social circle of creators , From creating your own personal business card 、 Spread creative content 、 Continue to re offer stock users, etc , It has shown us a lot of potential value . After a year of precipitation , Today's video number is developing rapidly .

Understand its essential value , that , As a zero based Xiaobai , How do we play video numbers ? Today, I'd like to share with you some ways to play video number . from Here are three steps The song unfolds to you .

One 、 Before starting , What should we do first ?

The video number and its own wechat social ecosystem form a linkage , More focused on ordinary people recording life , A platform for spreading knowledge . So from this point of view , Video number promotion threshold is relatively low , It gives ordinary people a chance to show themselves . But we need to do some preparatory work in the early stage : What is your goal ? What is your original intention ?

 Zero base little white - How to play video Number ?

For example, creating individuals IP. You can share some professional knowledge and social circle in your own industry ; Grass recommendation for a vertical product ; Professional wool collection . The limited time welfare of each platform is transmitted in time ; Selling products with goods . Prophase video bedding , In the later stage, we can turn to live broadcasting with goods and so on .

When we define the goal , Next, we will start to choose our own field for account positioning .
  • Accurate account positioning

Choose the right field . Take stock of the short video platform market , As a wave of short video 2020 year , Video Number DAU reach 2.8 Billion , covers 27 Big category content . Funny 、 food 、 Beauty makeup 、 Neighbourhood 、 tourism 、 entertainment 、 life 、 information 、 Parents and children 、 knowledge 、 music 、 Comic 、 Technology 、 health ..... among , Entertainment is funny 、 Emotional life 、 The distribution of good food and good things is relatively high . According to the category we like and the direction we are good at , Choose the field that suits you , And then we go to finalize the content of the account , Constantly refine the classification , Gradually refine the content .
  • Clear account name

Distinctive account name , It's an invisible label . Others can see the direction and content of your field at a glance . that , How do we determine our account name ? Let's share some tips :

A. key word . Search for keywords in your field , Choose these keywords , It will improve the retrieval rate of users to a certain extent , More active access to natural flow .

B. Tag . Make full use of the tagging function of the video Number , It is similar to key words . Under the same label, it generally represents the related content in the same field . for instance , We click on the financial tab , You'll find a lot of videos about this topic , According to the praise and comments of the video , Preliminary understanding of the needs of the group and video quality , Select a high-quality account for key analysis .

C. Unity . In two ways . One yes Official account or other platforms are also intended to be released , Maintain consistency in account names , Get through the whole model , The more unified, the more focused the better . Two is The unification of account name and works . It's also financial management , You can classify funds 、 Stocks 、 Financial products, etc , In the video text can reflect and account name certain relevance .
  • complete Account number packing

We call the process of improving the information of video number's personal homepage as account packaging . In addition to important account names , And the head of the account , brief introduction , All the background images belong to our account package . All the packaging will eventually serve our works , As a way to push works .

Two 、 There is no direction for creation , I don't know what to do ?

The preliminary work is ready , It's a headache still The content of the creation . Zero base Xiaobai didn't know where to start at the beginning , What kind of shooting style to choose , In what way , What kind of content is more attractive to users ? Here's a word for you : Peer is always our best learning partner . According to the idea of accurate account positioning , Search the works of peers , According to the number of fans 、 The number of likes to judge the quality of the whole work , Research quality works , This has a general idea and direction for your next topic selection . I'd like to recommend the following specific creative directions :

1. Query the heat of hot spots

Hot list : Hot search list of various web platforms , Check the real-time hot events of the whole network from time to time , For the current hot real-time events , Combined with the theme of his works , Report on it 、 Comment on 、 reflection , Video fever , It's easy to be Popular video .

2. Learn from the works of peers

As a companion , There are many similarities in creative ideas . Learn from the content of his works , Guide your creative direction , And then seek content differentiation .

3. Watch other platform works

As the video number of the vertical field , Require creators to continuously output relevant high-quality works . When you don't know what to output next when , To learn from other platforms , From other angles , It may bring you new creative inspiration .

4. Refer to fan reviews

God comments from fans 、 The demands of fans 、 Fans' comments can be the source of your next creation . such as Creator (Vicky Propaganda , Using the music melody written in the last issue , Select fan comments as lyrics , Connect it into a song . Once again, there was an upsurge .

 Zero base little white - How to play video Number ?

With the direction of creation , The next step is to make works . A complete production process includes writing scripts 、 What to shoot 、 Clip content 、 Perfect packaging, etc . See here , As a zero base, Xiaobai began to panic , I can't write scripts , Can't shoot , No editing , It's hard to start from scratch ? Don't panic , As Xiaobai , If you want to get started quickly and experience short video production , that For everyone Recommend a very good software - Cut and reflect . It's quite convenient . One click cut , Just import the material !

Here are some learning methods for Xiaobai , Stop it now !
  • About scripts

It doesn't matter if you can't write , We can watch more videos of high-quality accounts .

① See more , Looking for the same kind of video , Comparison difference , Refining essence ;

② Picture material can be used in thousand pictures ( There are free ones );
  • About shooting clips

① equipment , Xiaobai doesn't have to worry about multi professional equipment , Meet your own needs . Such as mobile phone holder 、 Tripod, etc .

② Using clip editing . There's speech recognition in it 、 Rich material library 、 There is also a key to cut the same model and so on , Easy and convenient .
  • About improving packaging

The video is done , We also need to decorate and package the video . We have to use some auxiliary decoration tools . Video content with pictures , Picture tools . To provide you with some of these websites , Band aids are mostly free , Both mobile and computer terminals can be used . Picture monster this software , Easy to use , You can use it as long as you can type . Draft design It's the same as band aids , Mostly free , Mobile phone and computer can be operated .

3、 ... and 、 We need to know which points to tread on ?

As Xiaobai, I'm very happy to see this place , Video production completed , One click release . As a result, it was deleted 、 Restricted current , All the hard work . therefore , Here I want to tell you about the rules of forbidding malicious use of video number .

First of all : The video number cannot be registered illegally , Mainly to prevent the sale of video number .

second Do not tamper with the function of the video number, remember the page .

Third We can't induce customers to share by threatening and inciting interest exchange , Comment on , Focus on , give the thumbs-up .

Fourth You can't use plug-ins or third-party tools , It may cause us to be warned or blocked .

The fifth Do not use abnormal means to brush points , Brush flow , Making false data .

The sixth must not utilize Video Number fraud , Pyramid selling , smuggle , And selling products and services prohibited by laws and regulations .

The seventh No Take technical measures to bypass or counter the rules of the platform .

The eighth Don't send harassing messages or spam messages to disturb others .

The ninth It is not allowed to impersonate others' identities and use false identities .

The first ten You can't publish offensive information , Make a life attack .

We'd better not touch the red line above , In case the micro signal is blocked .

Some people are worried about whether the wave of short video is about to pass , The small white Will you have missed the opportunity ? Danpisa · Moyo once said Such a sentence , The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago , The second is now . Instead of worrying about it , It's better to take advantage of now , action ! In addition to acting , It needs more long-term persistence , Keep your original mind , Self-motivated forward ! Don't talk much , Let's do it !
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