SEM advanced must kill Technology: efficient keyword negation
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SEM Advanced kill : Efficient keyword negative words

author : Mubi Bai

Search ads have better clues than information flow ads , In addition to the active search factor , Also because search ads can control traffic by keyword matching or not .

If you want broad traffic , Then the matching can be wider , No words can be relaxed . If you want accurate traffic , Then the matching needs to be narrower , No words need to be tight .

I've talked about keyword matching before (《 How to set the keyword matching method 》), This article is mainly for you to say the no word of account .

No word is the main function of controlling the flow size and quality , It has always been the main reason for the effect of search advertising . No word is too strict or too loose , The ideal effect is to achieve a balance , That is, the balance of flow and quality . Let's take a look at one by one :

One 、 No, it's not 2 Types

Negative words are divided into negative key words and precise negative key words . Negative keywords are also called “ Wide no ”, Precise negation of key words is called fine negation . Let's give an example of how to say no .

The key words are “ Air conditioning maintenance ”, Set phrase matching . Search terms 1 by “ Refrigerator maintenance ”, Search terms 2 by “ Air conditioning installation price ”.

This is the time , Because refrigerators have nothing to do with your business , This kind of irrelevant words , We can set whether , No drop “ The refrigerator ”, Then I will bring “ The refrigerator ” I can't get in any more words .

and “ Air conditioning installation price ” It has nothing to do with the business , But with “ Air conditioner ”, There are two options at this time . Or not “ install ”, Then the words with installation can't come in , Either fine or not “ Air conditioning installation price ”, Then the word will never match again .

A word or a word , In the future, the search terms with this word or word will not come in , Is it a word or a word , Then this word or word won't come in any more , But search terms with this word can still come in .

The word "no" can be understood as a kind of shielding behavior , Which traffic you don't need , You can turn it off ( shielding ). Whether the shielding range is large or not , It usually blocks a lot of traffic , The flow range of fine shield is small , Only for a single word or word . therefore , Generally, it's less or less , Whether or not it has nothing to do with the business . Can you be more precise , Unrelated 、 Ambiguous words can be refined first .

Two 、 The relationship between negative words and traffic

According to the flow range corresponding to the matching pattern , The wider the match, the larger the number of negative words , The narrower the match, the smaller the number of words . in addition , Let's sort out some more No word tips

1、 No words can be placed at the planning level first , And then at the cell level , There are many levels of planning , It works for all units ;

2、 No word frequency , No word can't be without No , But it's not good to work too hard , Generally speaking , It's better to say no words in a week 2-3 Time . This is for accounts that have been running for a long time .

And for new households , A week is the best 3-5 Time . Why is it not good to say no too often ? Because you don't work too hard , Maybe it's too tight , Or not , This will reduce the amount of presentation , Affect exposure ;

3、 It's mainly a word , Few words , Because the range of words covered by a single word is too large . Whether it's broad or not, whether it's short or long , Long words can be put in Jingfu ;

4、 New plan , You can presuppose "no" first , Don't add nothing to the negation of the new plan , It's easy to match , It's a waste ;

5、 No word is not no, it's OK , It is recommended to check every half a month or once a month , If not, release it in time , Plans and units have to be checked . Now there's the optimization Center , It's convenient to check for wrong words , See you later ;

6、 The key point in no words , After we download the data , First, in descending order of average price , Be strict with the words of high average price , The words with low average price can be relaxed a little ;

7、 It's better to download the search term report , After sorting out the no words, go to the assistant to add them into the no word bank , On the one hand, it's easy to archive , On the other hand, it is convenient for batch operation , Improve efficiency ;

8、 How to judge whether it is a word problem or a matching problem ? Download the search term report , If there is 20% It's a mess of words , It's normal .20%-30% The words in the dictionary are disordered and belong to poor . If 30% The above words don't match well , Then it can be concluded that the matching mode of this account needs to be optimized .

The key work at this time is not to say no , It's about optimizing matching patterns . How to look at this ratio ? You can download a week's search terms , Sort out the words that need to be negative , Take a look at the words that need to be divided by the total number of words , You get a ratio . Here 20%、20%-30%、30% It's just a reference value , Specific analysis of specific problems .

3、 ... and 、 No words and optimization Center

SEM Advanced kill : Efficient keyword negative words

( source : Baidu marketing )

At the end of last year , Baidu upgraded the optimization Center , among , Added... To the orientation 3 There are two words related to "or not" , Very practical , Let's see .

In orientation , Phoenix nest backstage gives 6 A dimension of advice , Add keywords 、 Add new URL orientation 、 Remove repeated negatives 、 Remove the unpopular negation 、 Remove conflicting negatives 、 Remove unpopular keywords .

SEM Advanced kill : Efficient keyword negative words

Among them , Remove repeated negatives 、 Remove the unpopular negation 、 The three functions of removing conflicting negatives are very practical .

Remove repeated negatives , It can help us clean up the repeated negative words , Increase the number of no Thesaurus , It's very useful for one star and two star accounts ;

Remove the unpopular negation , Can help us increase the no word bank , So we can add some popular negatives , Make no words better .

3 The most practical of them is —— Remove conflicting negatives . A business is unfamiliar at the beginning , Let's go and say no , It's hard to be wrong . cause “ Manslaughter ”. And we check every month to see if there are any wrong words , You can only see with your eyes , Use experience to find . Now we don't have to be so troublesome any more . The system's removal of conflicting negatives can help us quickly find the negatives that conflict with the account keywords .

For example, there is a word in the account that is “seosem train ”, Because what we're doing is sem Business , Do you want to lose “seo”, It's wrong . If not careful , It's very likely that it won't work out . So now , Same example , When you don't “seo”, The system will prompt “seo” Conflict with account keywords , At this time, we can avoid making this mistake .

in short , In the past, we could only use our eyes to check the mistakes of no words , Now the system's done it for us . We just need to remove these wrong words .

Four 、 Negative words and negative words oCPC

cpc You can use flexible negative words , however oCPC Next , Can't be flexible no words . Otherwise, it will be judged as negative operation by the system .

oCPC Next , Suggest 3-5 The day is not a word . because oCPC One of my taboos is frequent intervention , The system will explore the matching search terms of keywords by itself .

Some words , Maybe it doesn't look good , But it's very likely that there will be transformation . Some words , We might think it's a good word , But it just doesn't transform . This is in oCPC It's very normal in the world . So we can't use negative words frequently .

in addition , stay oCPC After entering the second three days , Matching patterns don't work , The flow volume and flow quality are mainly controlled by automatic expansion . In theory , Conservative matching is optimal , Equilibrium comes second , Active expansion and matching are the most extensive , So when using positive expansion , Also focus on the search term report .

The above is the content of no words in search advertising account . No matter to Baidu , still 360、 sogou 、 What a horse 、 All headlines apply .

On the strategy of negative words , It's usually high price + Few words and low prices + The two strategies of multi negative words . The former is not suitable for the current mainstream mode . In the latter, besides matching and no words well , We should also pay attention to oCPC The problem of matching .

I hope the above will help you ! Thank you for reading , Welcome to exchange !

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