Binzhou Bureau of industry and information technology: more than 2200 5g base stations will be built this year, and 20 5g application scenarios will be cultivated
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Editor's note : In the near future , Municipal government departments and units 2021 year “ Light the target ” Government affairs open activities were held ,35 The leading comrades in charge of the working departments of the municipal governments took the stage to speak , Open 2021 The tasks, objectives and promotion measures of this year . This is the third year in a row in our city “ Sanliang ” Activities , For two years , All departments and units must do what they say 、 If there is a promise, it must be fulfilled , It has effectively promoted the high-quality economic and social development of the whole city .2021 year , All departments and units should follow their promises , Refine measures , Substantial work , To ensure the successful completion of the objectives and tasks , To the municipal Party committee 、 The municipal government and the people of the city hand in a satisfactory answer , Contribute to the construction of a prosperous and strong Binzhou .

 Binzhou Bureau of industry and information technology : It's new this year 5G The base station 2200 More than , Cultivation 5G Application scenarios 20 individual

Secretary of the Party group of the Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology 、 Director Wang Daochen ( Photographer Zhang Dandan )

2021 year , The Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology undertakes the key tasks of the whole city 34 term , among ,83 The project leads the task 14 term , The government work report breaks down tasks 10 term , To be responsible for the key tasks of the main business 10 term . The main target is : The added value of industries above the designated size has increased 7% about , Investment in technological transformation has increased 15% above .

Focus on industrial transformation and upgrading, make breakthroughs , We will unswervingly do a good job in technological transformation

One is to carry out thousands of technical innovations 、 The transformation of thousands of enterprises “ Double thousand ” action . Formulate and implement 《2021 Guiding plan for key projects of technological transformation of industrial enterprises in the city in 》, advance 314 I've invested in 500 Ten thousand yuan of key project construction , Completion of technical transformation investment 400 One hundred million yuan .

The second is to implement the special action of intelligent transformation . Carry out cloud technology transformation docking service , Cultivate intelligent chemical plants and digital workshops 10 home .

Third, strengthen technical transformation training . Yes 1336 Business personnel of enterprises on household planning and enterprises under the new system will receive rotation training in technical transformation business , train 2000 More than .

Focus on the deep integration of the two modernizations and make breakthroughs , Adhere to digital empowerment

One is to strengthen the platform construction . Enrich and improve the industrial Internet project library , Cultivate industrial Internet platform 6 individual .

The second is to carry out peer-to-peer service of industrial Internet . Holding industrial Internet hand in hand 、 In depth integration of industrialization and industrialization, county and district travel and other activities 10 site , complete 1-2 Home industrial Internet logo analysis node layout planning .

Third, speed up infrastructure construction . newly build 5G The base station 2200 More than , Cultivation 5G Application scenarios 20 individual , Realize the full coverage of the main urban areas of cities and counties and the parks with application needs .

Focus on consolidating the industrial foundation and making breakthroughs , Speed up the construction of modern advantageous industrial clusters

First, strengthen planning guidance . We will work out and implement the plan for the development of industry and information technology in the whole city “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Development planning and coastal industrial planning , Revise and improve the new materials of Linhai chemical industry 、 A guide to the development of marine equipment and other industries .

Second, speed up the promotion of traditional industries to “ Zhan Xin ” Industrial transformation . The high-end aluminum industry is transforming into a new lightweight aluminum material and equipment manufacturing industry : The proportion of medium and high-end aluminum products reached 65% about , Strive to create a national new industrial demonstration base , Build the world aluminum base . The chemical industry is transforming into a new material and energy industry : Based on key products of new chemical materials , Continuously strengthen the chain, supplement the chain and extend the chain , To the chemical industry chain of new materials 、 Textile functional new material industry chain extension development . Transformation of pharmaceutical industry to medical device industry : Cultivate and strengthen Xiwang medicine 、 Rongchuan medicine 、 Such as Yue medical and other pharmaceutical enterprises , To build the highland of medical device industry . The electronic information industry is transforming into a new generation of information technology industry : We will foster a strong Yangxin semiconductor discrete device industrial cluster 、 Huanghe science and technology electronic information industry cluster and Changwei Electronics 、 Ocean technology and other leading enterprises , Build a cluster of basic electronics industry .

The third is to accelerate the upgrading of home textile and garment industry to a superior industry . make “ fashion ” Textile brands , Organize and hold the first World Home Textile Conference 、 A series of activities such as special forums .

Fourth, promote the development of industrial intensive agglomeration . With 33 Industrial Park as the carrier , Build a modern industrial system , The Industrial Park accounts for 80% about .

Fifth, strengthen cooperation between industry, University and Research Institute . Foster industrial design centers 5 Above home 、 One enterprise, one technology R & D Center 10 Above home . Hold the second “ Bohai Cup ” Creative design competition . Organize the investment promotion and operation of creative design center of first research institute , Help the settled 38 Enterprises serve the city's small and medium-sized enterprises .

Focus on promoting the upgrading of industrial chain , Enhance the endogenous power of development

One is to promote the high-quality development of the private economy . Formulate and implement 《 Binzhou City private economy high quality development three year action plan 》, advance 7 A special action .

Two is the realization. “ Yield per mu ” Full coverage of enterprises under the evaluation rules . Focus on promoting 7 This differentiation policy has been implemented , Positive incentive and reverse force enterprise transformation and upgrading .

Third, the establishment of key industry alliances . We should encourage leading enterprises to take the lead in establishing aluminum 、 chemical 、 Spin 、 Equipment, etc 6 Three industry alliances .

Fourth, strengthen the construction of high growth enterprise echelon . Establish a database and cultivation database of high growth SMEs , Cultivation “ Specialization and innovation ”、 Each gazelle enterprise 10 home , Cultivation “ Little upgrade gauge ” Enterprises 220 about .

Fifth, we should carry out the evaluation of public service platform for small and medium-sized enterprises . optimization 5 Public service platform for more than 20 small and medium-sized enterprises .

Sixth, speed up regional comprehensive assessment . complete 8 Regional assessment of provincial development zones , And extend to various professional parks .

Focus on optimizing industrial ecology and make breakthroughs , Create a comfortable business environment for enterprises and entrepreneurs

First, strengthen the training of entrepreneurs . It's divided into majors 、 By industry 、 Entrepreneur training will be held in different topics 9 period , train 3000 More than .

Second, improve the city and county emergency loan service system . Service enterprises 100 Above home , Cumulative amount of refinancing 100 Million or so .

Third, we should do a good job in the operation of the industrial economy . Keep an eye on 100 Economic operation of key enterprises , Help enterprises coordinate and solve difficulties and problems .

Fourth, do a good job in the production and reserve of epidemic prevention materials . Yes 3 It's a municipal anti epidemic material storage enterprise 、11 Home hood manufacturers and 21 The production enterprises of disinfectant and killing products will dispatch and help .

Fifth, we should do a good job in production safety . We should earnestly carry out the civil explosive work 、 A ship 、 Regulatory responsibilities of communication and other industries , Strengthen the guidance and supervision of industry , Strictly prevent the occurrence of major and above production safety accidents .

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