Talk about the celebrity overturning with goods
Quanzi 2021-06-10 01:47:44

5 month 19 Japan , One is titled 《 It's a real hammer ? It's just a lack of money ?》 The post of has caused hot discussion on the Internet , When Guan Xiaotong recommended some plant meat dumplings , Being picked out by netizens is fake eating , During the period, I also read the teleprompter frequently .

5 month 17 Japan , Because there is speculation in the live broadcast 、 Vulgar acting 、 False publicity and other violations ,5 month 17 Japan , The Kwai Chung electric supplier announced that it was blocking the account of the Internet Hong Yin World Airlines , It's getting a lot of attention online .

Some time ago , A short video platform with goods of a gosingba , Being beaten by a professional and successfully cracking down on counterfeiting , Because of the problem of selling fake bird's nest , Criticized by several major official media , Not only does it damage the reputation of the industry , Simba's own economic loss is not small .

Li Jiaqi, the leader of the goods, has been exposed that her beauty instrument is suspected of false publicity , Regarding this , Many netizens said that they were heartbroken , Once upon a time, I wanted to make a statement ……

Look at the news , We can often see celebrities live broadcasting rollover accidents with goods . Mr Luo 、 Wu Xiaobo 、 Li Xiang 、 Li Jiaqi 、 Li Xueqin and other celebrities bring goods , It has also been exposed that counterfeit goods 、 Exaggerating product effects, etc “ accident ”. China Consumer Association announced last year “ double 11” Public opinion analysis report on consumer rights protection , Name Wang Han 、 Li Xueqin's live delivery “ Rollover ” Live studio with Li Jiaqi “ Not allowed to change after buying ” Other questions . According to the China Consumer Association , Collect about “ Live delivery ” Class negative information “ Drawback ”, Mainly concentrated in the star with goods suspected of fraud , After sales service satisfaction is low 、 Two aspects of poor experience . Some netizens and e-commerce join hands to cheat fans , Tiktok 、 Well quickly 、 Taobao, etc. have been live broadcast , There is no lack of chaos .

 Let's talk about the celebrity overturning with goods

Celebrities overturn with goods , It's a new phenomenon and a new problem in development . Live network marketing , Live broadcast with goods . As a hot new way of shopping , Live shopping is simple 、 direct 、 Fast and other advantages , It is favored by many consumers and businesses .5 month 18 Japan , Network performance of China Performance Industry Association ( live broadcast ) The branch releases 《2020 China's Internet performance in 2007 ( live broadcast ) Industry Development Report 》, Report statistics , The anchor group , By 2020 end of the year , China's online performance ( live broadcast ) The total number of industry anchor accounts exceeds 1.3 Billion ( according to 23 Home platform collects data ), The scale of online live broadcast users has reached 6.17 Hundreds of millions of people , It can be seen that live broadcasting is booming .

The problems in development should include “ Law ” Solvable . at present ,《 Consumer protection law 》《 Anti Unfair Competition Law 》《 Advertisement law 》《 product quality law 》 And other laws and regulations on live advertising endorsement with goods 、 propaganda 、 product quality 、 After sales service and so on all have the scattered stipulation , But it doesn't directly regulate the live broadcast with goods ; Issued by China Advertising Association 《 Marketing behavior standard of network live broadcast 》 It's an industry regulation , The legal rank is not high , It increases the regulation difficulty of live broadcasting with goods in practice . Live broadcasting with goods above the air outlet , It's not outside the law , It is inevitable to strengthen supervision . Improve the legal system , According to the development trend of webcast industry 、 Its own characteristics and legislative status quo , Introduce a comprehensive content and take into account the demands of all parties specialized webcast industry law , It's imminent .

How to solve the accident of celebrity live broadcast with goods ? I hope the relevant departments will face up to the problem , Come up with a way , Take care of the live tape 、 Thin tube , Further strengthen and refine regulatory measures . Regulation is not for “ Control ”, But to get rid of weeds , Let live delivery grow healthily . The live broadcast of goods involves multiple stakeholders , Involving the rights and interests of hundreds of millions of consumers , Huge economic benefits are involved , It involves consumption and domestic demand , It involves economic and social order , Unscientific Supervision 、 Effective regulation 、 Strict supervision , How can it be ?

( Client reporter of Dazhong daily Sun Xiuling reports )