Avatour, a VR remote collaboration platform, completed $2.9 million seed round financing
Li Tang 2021-06-10 00:00:47

VR Remote collaboration platform Avatour complete 290 US $10000 seed round financing

According to the BusinessWire reports ,VR Remote collaboration platform Avatour It is announced today that it has been obtained by Ulu Ventures The led 290 US $10000 seed round financing . It is reported that ,Avatour It intends to use this financing to continue to expand its platform , And expand its technology to new international markets .

Avatour Founded on 2018 year , From former Nokia OZO Team leader Devon Copley and Prasad Balasubramanian Co founded , Headquartered in Palo Alto, California .

Avatour Allow users to use low-cost... In the field 360° The mobile camera moves up to 20 Remote users live video , Then these users can immerse themselves in AR/VR Watching in the environment .Avatour Use off the shelf hardware and standard WiFi Or high speed LTE Mobile connection , To reduce expenses as much as possible , Users can easily connect with people anywhere , Without any travel expenses .

VR Remote collaboration platform Avatour complete 290 US $10000 seed round financing

Avatour Co founder and CEO Devon Copley Express ,"2019 year , Enterprises have carried out more than 20 100 million live meetings , From inspection to facility visit to site specific training . Long distance travel has always been expensive and inconvenient , Especially in the novel coronavirus pneumonia spread , You obviously need a better choice , And our easy to deploy and effective solution will make remote live conference possible .”

With its immersive nature ,Avatour Can be applied to include real estate 、 Architecture 、 estate management 、 The hotel 、 train 、 Many industries, such as recruitment and entertainment .

according to the understanding of ,Avatour The current major customers include the Federal Aviation Administration 、 Thermo Fisher technologies 、 Multinational food companies Kellogg's And engineering companies Black & Veatch etc. .

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