Tiktok MCN how to apply for compulsory reading
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Tiktok MCN in : Prepare a media company , Internet technology companies can also , Other companies can also have a business license, which is a must , Tiktok is not allowed to set up his own voice MCN Of .

Tiktok MCN Tiktok MCN Institutional settlement : The company has to prepare 5 Each high-quality talent is divided into the best, and each talent fan 5 ten thousand , It's a good way to get through , If you are not qualified, you can not apply .

Tiktok MCN I've settled in backstage

Tiktok MCN If you don't pass, we can give you a new explanation

 Tiktok MCN How to apply for required reading

The company didn't apply for MCN Through what to do ?

Tiktok application MCN Not solved by adding the following wechat to you

Tiktok MCN Entering through backstage looks like

 Tiktok MCN How to apply for required reading

Tiktok MCN I've settled in backstage

If you go to stock by yourself , Can clearly know the quality and cost of goods , But this method has inventory pressure , It's the end of the year. If there's a lot of stock , It's time for a clearance sale , And there's also the risk of return ; On a commission basis . It's selling for others , If you lead customers to buy , You can get a certain Commission . The seller sends you samples , The two sides have made a good agreement , You can get commission if you sell it , It's a bit like Taobao , A property . Task order . View the tasks that need to be live in tasks , Then apply for a mission , And then to complete it, you can get the relevant Commission , It's the same as before , Anyway, the nature of consignment is almost the same , Help people sell , Get a commission from it ; before , If you do Taobao live , The most important thing to pay attention to is popularity , Because only through a large number of viewers can we make the goods of the business face more people , This will be able to get more promotion ;

preparation , Is to be familiar with the rules of the platform , Open live broadcast permission . No matter which platform you choose to open live selling , The first step must be to get familiar with the rules of each platform , For example, Taobao live can go to Taobao Forum to see the official post , Tiktok and Kwai , You can pay attention to their e-commerce , There is a detailed introduction to the article . After understanding the rules , It's about opening live broadcast rights . The requirements of each platform are different , But I want to have a live broadcast , There must be some thresholds , It's hard to pass the audit . Most platforms recruit mcn Institutional Cooperation , It's easy to manage , Personnel flow 、 Capital flow 、 Business flows can be unified . therefore , If you're acting as a person , I think it's very troublesome to open live broadcast permission , The easiest way is to find one mcn Institutional Cooperation

So it's very simple , We need to determine the target before live broadcast , Get to know the circle of these people 、 Lifestyle, even some catchwords and so on , Including some topics that resonate easily ; With all this preparation , What we talked about live , They'll be happy to see , And communicate with you , Instead of being embarrassed by yourself ~~ After all, live broadcast is also a very tired thing , Live for hours a day , Not only mental work, but also physical work , So we should try our best to plan according to the attributes of the anchor , Or it's a lot of energy , It's also hard to do it well . How to get the number of viewers? After determining your target group and positioning , The most important thing is to get enough fans . Before that , We need to get enough people to see us live , So how do you get this kind of exposure ? At present, I mainly rely on the live main picture and title to attract people on the platform , And then at some big time nodes like festivals 、 double 11 etc. , You can rub hot spots , Because these public topics can make everyone well

It's hard to get high quality at low price , The survival of virtual stores is the same as that of physical stores , We should have a group of loyal old customers , We can't lower the quality just for the sake of low price , such , After sales and regular customer maintenance are both problems . Choose good quality products , As long as it's not food with a shelf life or super large goods , It is suggested to stock up . You can ask your former boss or colleagues about the channels , Generally, there is always a trace for the boss to follow where to purchase goods . Choose the right product you like , Inventory is not a problem , Even if it doesn't sell on Taobao , It can be sold on multiple platforms . There is no pie in the sky , Or fight for money 、 Or go all out ! If you want to do Taobao as a career , that , At least the subject has to organize a team , No team , It's hard to start a business alone , There is little chance of success .

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