What are the disadvantages of iPhone 12?
No regret in death 2021-06-09 15:44:31

iPhone12 What are the disadvantages ? For a lot of guys iPhone12 It's been a long time , But make complaints about Tucao too much. , Many users also want to know iPhone12 What's the downside , Then consider whether to buy it or not , that iPhone12 What are the disadvantages ? Let's introduce it to you .

IPhone 12 What are the disadvantages ?

iPhone12 Summary of shortcomings

1、 There is no smart dial , Dial input, spelling and retrieval can not be realized ;

2、 Call smart display no ( Take-out food 、 advertisement ), I don't even have a home without software ;

3、NFC I won't support it , Especially now the access control card is widely used , door key ;

4、 There is no screenshot ;

5、 There is no automatic wallpaper change ;

6、 Changing the ring tone is an old problem ;

7、 No wechat ;

8、 Full screen gesture is a forced left-handed design , No right left slide back , You can only slide left and right to return ... Right hand operation is too inconvenient ;

9、 There is no call recording ;

10、 Wechat voice or video , The call will be interrupted , Even if it does 5G, opened VOLTE;

11、 The world of masks , There is no fingerprint unlock under the screen ;

12、 Battery capacity and endurance have been unable to make complaints about it. ...20W It's also called fast charging ;

13、 There is no reverse wireless charging , Out of doors , I can't charge the headphones I came back from Android 12pro, I really feel that apple can't keep up with the pace of smart phones .

That's all iPhone12 What are the disadvantages , I hope the above content can help my friends .

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