Pessimistic: one plus nine two years guarantee, fans benefit, but no one may follow up
Tearful blue shirt 2021-06-09 14:50:49
Rules are used to break , No rules are fixed .

315 On the day , Domestic brands plus mobile phones CEO Liu zuohu announced a decision , The upcoming one plus 9 Will be a bonus 2 Annual warranty , Break the status quo of the quality assurance industry that has lasted for a long time , Doubled the time .

 Be pessimistic : OnePlus 9 Two years guarantee, fans benefit , But it may not be followed up

In the past few days , Just as Liu zuohu mentioned in his microblog , This move has undoubtedly attracted the query of netizens , There are doubts “ The price will be added to the product ”, There are even people who speak out “ This policy doesn't work 、 It's like a piece of white paper ”.

Of course, more media 、 Praise from netizens .

 Be pessimistic : OnePlus 9 Two years guarantee, fans benefit , But it may not be followed up

among 《 Refer to the message 》 comment : The phone broke down after a year , Do you have to pay for the repair yourself ? Yeah ! Mobile phones will be OK in a year , Exactly a year later, there was a problem , Under such circumstances, does the consumer have to pay for it ? Hit the industry pain point directly .

Because at present, the replacement cycle of smartphone users is constantly extending , Big data shows that the average replacement cycle for ordinary users is about two years . No problem in the first year , If there is a problem in the second year, you need to pay your own money to repair it .

 Be pessimistic : OnePlus 9 Two years guarantee, fans benefit , But it may not be followed up

Except for reference news ( Sponsored by Xinhua news agency ), The daily economic news 、 Observer network 、1818 Golden eye and dozens of other media have come forward to comment , Their views and 《 Refer to the message 》 Almost the same , I think that one plus is the unique quality confidence of Chinese national brands , At the same time, these media also put forward the view that they hope other brands can follow up .

“ Hope more brands follow up ” This is also the view expressed by most netizens after the incident , Xiao Bian hopes the same , But Xiaobian is actually pessimistic about it .

 Be pessimistic : OnePlus 9 Two years guarantee, fans benefit , But it may not be followed up

At present, the warranty policy of smart phones is still continuing the regulations of the era of functional phones , The mobile phone host is guaranteed for one year 、 Six months of batteries 、 The charger 3 Months . But in the early days, smartphones and batteries were designed separately , The charger is also standard , Today, batteries and mobile phones are designed as one , Even some brands like apple 、 Xiaomi has started to be environmentally friendly and doesn't come with a charger plug .

Have a close look at the existing policy of mobile phone warranty 、 The status quo of the mobile phone industry , It seems necessary to re regulate the quality assurance . But this is obviously not something that one plus mobile phones can do . The most essential reason is ,“ Quality assurance ” It's issued by the state 《 National household electronic product maintenance service management measures 》 According to relevant policies , If the product wants to enter the market, it must meet the requirements .

In other words , Everyone is in “ Implementation Regulations ”. So want to change , The introduction of new regulations is naturally the most essential driving force .

On the other hand , It is the first time that Canada has put forward this policy , Consumers are interested in the quality assurance 2 It doesn't seem to be very sensitive to how much progress will be made in 2010 , Want more brands to follow up , Consumers need to be truly aware of its positive effects 、 In fact, to give you some benefits , With enough demand, more brands will follow up . Otherwise, it will only benefit the fans of Yijia mobile phone brand .
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