How does AI enable traditional enterprises to transform and upgrade? Listen to Amazon experts
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【 Dahe newspaper · Big river financial Cube 】( The reporter Wang leibin correspondent Hu Junping )5 month 20 Japan ,AI/ML Enabling the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises was held in Zhengzhou tianjianhu intelligent networking Industrial Park . This activity is organized by the innovation collaboration center of Zhengzhou high tech Zone Management Committee 、Amazon Web Services, Inc The host , Zhengzhou Tianjian Lake intelligent networking Industrial Park undertakes . Zhang Xia, chief cloud computing enterprise strategy consultant of Amazon cloud technology and industry technology expert , Around the theme of enterprise digital transformation , Focus on the topic of transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises enabled by artificial intelligence and machine learning , Amazon uses digital technology to empower the industry , Explore the road of traditional enterprise intelligence with enterprises .

AI How to enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises ? Listen to Amazon experts

This activity has attracted Unicorn enterprises to join the food circle , Tianmai Technology 、 New Cape 、 Listed companies like Wycombe , Zhengzhou University 、 China Radio and television Henan Network Co., Ltd , Sinosteel Zhengzhou metal products Research Institute Co., Ltd 、 Beijing xunbei Technology Development Co., Ltd 50 A number of institutions attended the meeting .

Digital transformation is the use of digital technology 、 Tools and methods , Create new ( Or improve the old ) Corporate governance and culture 、 Business models and processes 、 Customer expectation and experience, etc , To adapt to changing market and business needs .

Jiao Shougang, director of innovation collaboration center of Zhengzhou high tech Zone Management Committee, exchanged views with participants on the development trend of artificial intelligence and its impact on the existing industrial structure . According to introducing , In the context of carbon neutrality , Artificial intelligence is enabling thousands of industries , Enterprises are facing digital transformation and intelligent upgrading , In the process, innovation is crucial , Innovation is not just about technology and products , Management has a sense of innovation 、 Innovation in thinking and cognition is more important .

AI How to enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises ? Listen to Amazon experts

Zhang Xia thinks , Digital transformation is not just a technological transformation , It's also a change in business management and culture , In the process of reform, we need the unified leadership of the high level , The first is the change of mentality , Technology is just a tool for implementation . Through transformation , The enterprise will IT Improve and optimize technology as a whole , Get actionable insight from data , Improve multi-channel delivery capabilities , Comprehensive improvement to enhance the customer experience , Increase flexibility , Fast to market .

At the scene of the event , Amazon cloud technology digital senior consultant focuses on the five pillars of enterprise digital innovation capability : Product driven IT organization 、 Agile IT planning 、 Iterative product release 、 Continuous scientific and technological innovation and rapid delivery of infrastructure to communicate with the participants .

Besides , Amazon consulting services and industry technology experts focus on Technology in the process of digital transformation of manufacturing and cross-border e-commerce enterprises 、 Organizational structure and marketing to share and communicate .

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