How much is the profit of a month's personal test of multiple profitable apps?
Dawn 2021-06-09 12:10:44
Take a month off , Download a variety of money APP, Every day, the investment time ranges from a few hours to more than ten hours , Today, I want to sum up the benefits and experience . Because there are two fears , I'm afraid that other people say advertising , Second, I'm afraid that other people will say "black others" APP, This article does not mention any money APP The name of .

The first question is , To make money APP Can you make money ?

What's the standard of making money ? Let's start with money , There is , Every software will send you some money more or less . But if a month's hard work comes down to a total of several yuan, more than ten yuan , Did you make money ?

The answer to that question is :

all APP It's impossible to make money ! If you're using traffic, not wifi, Then you don't know how much money you have to put in ?

The second question is , Is it that I didn't invest enough ?

This month , Because leisure , Almost from open eyes , Just pick up your cell phone and do your homework , This one completes the task of the time slot and changes to another , be conscientious and do one's best , Until I can't open my eyes at night, I still have to set up a content that can continue the task . The level of effort should be enough , The time invested should also meet the national work standards , But you need to know , It's time for fragmentation , The total time is far beyond . I'm afraid it's only a lot more attentive than serious work ?

Third question , I didn't find the right software ?

In January , Stick to the test APP About ten , That's more , Those who give up are those who have no or very low limits APP, There is no lower limit , It's the ones with hundreds of dollars on your book in the beginning , But you are always a little bit short of the task APP, The so-called lower limit , It's the ones that no matter how you operate , The monthly ceiling is just a few yuan APP. Of course , There are also some that can go straight ahead , Isn't it possible to keep making money ? In the wrong , At a certain time , It's garbage time , The revenue will only be a little more than zero , You'll give up in time , It's not for nothing , Tomorrow? !

Fourth question , What kind of APP?

In form , There's information , There are games , There are pure advertisements . Is not important , these APP Just a few functions , One is to collect personal information , Second, in the end, you have to accept advertisements , The third is to pay the flow .

The fifth question , I have to say a few questions .

these APP, It's all from advertising , All have one thing in common , It's all about your own APP It's really profitable , Other people are cheating . A crowd play , I'll dress up as chairman and boss , screaming , Spitting all over the place , Another chest slap , It's the fingerprints again . Promise to boast . I'll dress up as an intellectual , Intellectually reasonable , Tell me , persuade through reasoning . I'll dress up as a lowlife , feign madness and act like an idiot , Solicit sympathy . I'll dress up as a righteous passer-by , Selling love .

Anyway, there's always one for you .

That's all , Advertising , Exaggeration and no taxes , We can't find you if we promise ten times more compensation ? To cheat is to cheat , The almost invisible part of the advertisement is not written with the actual task as the standard ? But I have to say a few things !

One is that there is a public figure , I used to do food shows , Later, I took part in variety shows and movies , Actually endorsed a so-called Ah Wei AI Xiao that seems to speak in his own name , As a public figure , It's too ugly to make these little advertisements ?

Second, there are two advertisements , There are men and women , Said that if I lied to you , Just call your dad , So the people who have seen the ads are not all your dads , Because your ads are deceptive . I don't know how you feel about me ?

Third, there are several advertisements , You have to dress up as pregnant women to win sympathy and trust , Cheat people to download your , This is not good , When you have children , There's no asshole .