Asia Pacific industry 5g Forum: 15000 ASEAN enterprises invest 246 billion US dollars to transform into 5g
Botou enterprise No 2021-06-09 10:41:44
According to foreign media 5 month 20 Reported Wednesday , The theme is “5G New value accelerates industry 4.0” Asia Pacific industry 5G Forum on 5 month 20 Held Online , The conference encourages cooperation and joint innovation in ecosystems , To support industry digitization .

 Asia Pacific industry 5G Forum held

All come from 30 Multi national 800 Several representatives attended the meeting , Representing governments from the Asia Pacific Region 、 Telecom operators 、 academic circle 、ICT And other vertical industry players .

The speakers of the forum are from China 、 Indonesia 、 Malaysia 、 Different industries and countries like Singapore and Thailand .

President of Huawei Technology Asia Pacific Dennis Xiao Say in the opening remarks :“5G It doesn't just need innovators , And it needs brave practitioners to drive development . In Thailand, ,Siriraj Hospitals are a good example , They face many difficulties in transforming traditional processes , So the hospital began to 5G It is applied to remote patient monitor 、 Ambulances connect to driverless vehicles , To provide patients with a higher quality of service .”

Global Data Dustin, director of Asia Pacific and Middle East services · Mr. KIO said in the Forum , exceed 15,000 ASEAN companies are spending more than 2460 $100 million ICT The transformation of , manufacturing 、 Oil and gas 、 Medical and other industries began to use 5G. ASEAN countries are committed to expanding industrial capacity through various skills and technical personnel training .

5G Rapid deployment in the Asia Pacific region paves the way for new innovation in vertical industries . Continuous ICT Investment and cooperation will provide better services for enterprises in the region , Accelerate the industry ? Digital transformation , Developing the local partner ecosystem , Stimulating new values and accelerating industrial growth 4.0 The development of .
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