Frontier Express (August 10, 2019 to August 16, 2019)
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1. The Committee of information, safety and standards issued 《 Network key equipment and network security products related to national standards ( The second draft for comments )》

8 month 14 Japan , CSSA announced that 《 Network key equipment and network security products related to national standards ( The second draft for comments )》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 Solicitation draft 》), For the second time, we have asked for public opinions . To implement 《 Network security law 》 The first 23 There are two related requirements , Around the central network information office 、 Ministry of industry 、 The Ministry of Public Security 、 Issued jointly by the CNCA and other four departments 《 Network key equipment and network security special product catalog ( The first batch of )》, The Secretariat has studied and prepared the relevant national standard requirements for key network equipment and special network security products , And solicited opinions from the public ; At present, the relevant contents have been revised and improved according to the feedback , To form the 《 Network key equipment and network security products related to national standards ( The second draft for comments )》, Now for the second time, we are seeking public opinions . If you have any comments or suggestions , All relevant units are requested to 2019 year 9 month 11 Feedback your opinions or suggestions to the Secretariat a few days ago .( source : Official website of CSSA )

2. National Internet Emergency Center : super 90 Ten thousand people are making false loans App Submit personal information on

8 month 13 Japan , National Internet Emergency Center ( hereinafter referred to as “CNCERT”) Release 《2019 In the first half of the year, China's Internet security situation 》. According to the report , China Mobile App The problem of illegal use of personal information is very prominent , Average collection per app 20 Personal information , A lot of App There are other App Or reading and writing user device files . overall ,2019 In the first half of ,CNCERT Coordinate the handling of network security incidents 4.9 All the , fell 7.7%, Among them, security vulnerabilities are the most common , Second, malware 、 Web page counterfeiting 、 Website back door 、 Webpage tampering 、DDoS Attacks and other incidents . Besides , In the first half of the year, the relevant departments of our country aimed at App Illegal collection and use of personal information 、 Internet website security and other special governance work have been carried out .( source : Privacy guard )

3. fine 80 ten thousand ! The market supervision department has issued a huge ticket to wechat business again

In recent days, , The market supervision bureau of Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province has made a decision on the operation of Zhejiang rijiali Biotechnology Co., Ltd “ Rigalase collagen oligopeptide drink ” We have issued 800000 tickets for the false propaganda of wechat business . According to the clues that the law enforcement officers have grasped in the early stage of the health care products industry , According to the law, the business premises of the parties located in the headquarters center of Yongkang city shall be inspected , The on-site inspection found that the parties recruited agents and so on , Develop micro businesses and physical store agents to sell a product called “ Rigalase collagen oligopeptide drink ” The promotional materials for ordinary drinks are marked with “ Cancer prevention 、 Slimming 、 Remove freckles and acne 、 Detoxification and liver protection 、 anti-aging 、 Improve myopia 、 Anti fatigue 、 Nourishing and fixing hair ” etc. 20 Great effect . The party concerned can not provide the basis for the above publicity effect of the product at the scene , The Bureau filed an investigation on the same day . It is found that the products involved in the publicity are ordinary food . The parties concerned hold training meetings to promote and promote in the business place 、 Wechat group 、 Wechat circle of friends, etc , Exaggerate the ordinary drink 、 The act of false propaganda , A violation of the 《 Anti Unfair Competition Law of the people's Republic of China 》 Article 8, paragraph 1 “, It is an illegal act to conduct false commercial propaganda on commodities . The market supervision department shall order to stop the illegal act immediately and impose a fine on the party concerned 80 RMB 10,000 yuan .( source : Yongkang market supervision and Administration Bureau )

4. Hangzhou Internet court : Release the top ten influential cases on the second anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China

8 month 14 Japan , Hangzhou Internet court held a press conference , Two years after the establishment of Hangzhou Internet court 《 Top ten influential cases 》 and 《 Network social governance trial point of view 》( Part one ). The top ten influential cases include electronic delivery 、 Electronic data authentication and other procedural issues , Virtual property 、 Audiobooks 、 Traffic hijacking 、 Platform responsibility 、 Personal privacy and other substantive issues , Covering Internet shopping contracts 、 service contract 、 Financial loan contract 、 A dispute over the right of reputation 、 copyright disputes 、 Internet infringement disputes 、 Unfair competition 、 Administrative supervision and other fields , It focuses on the judicial efforts made by Hangzhou Internet court in cyberspace ecological governance in the past two years , It has responded positively to the concerns of the people about emerging Internet industries and hot issues .( source : Hangzhou Internet court )

5. Beijing Internet court : Sogou encyclopedia “ Hamster ” Sentence in the entry case , Reject all the plaintiff's claims

Because think Sogou Encyclopedia “ Hamster ” The content of the entry is exactly the same as the entry published in Baidu Encyclopedia, but without its name , Constitute copyright infringement , Liu, a contributor to Baidu Encyclopedia, sued Beijing Sogou Technology Development Co., Ltd. to Beijing Internet court .2019 year 8 month 15 Japan , Beijing Internet court held a public hearing in accordance with the law . The court said , Sogou is a network service provider providing information storage space , The act of publishing encyclopedia entries to its users , There is no subjective fault , Does not constitute an infringement , Shall not be liable for tort .2019 year 2 month 19 Japan , Sogou encyclopedia deleted the entry after receiving the court litigation materials . Liu asked Sogou platform to change the name of the contributor from vine to myself , It's beyond the regulations “ notice - Delete ” The duty of . In addition, the entry on Sogou platform has been deleted , Liu's claim can not be completed objectively . If infringement is involved , Liu should claim the right from the direct infringer . Therefore, the judgment rejected all the plaintiff's claims .( source : Surging news )

6. “ It's on the tugopec ” The verdict of the first instance of the case , The defendant was awarded compensation for infringement 50 Ten thousand yuan

Because I think Beijing Tuge Technology Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as Tuge company ) Unauthorized use of their own copyright “ Peppa Pig ” The image is posted on the TOGO On the shared car , And take this as the core selling point for commercial propaganda , Entertainment one UK Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as entertainment one company )、 Ashley Baker Davis Ltd ( The company is hereinafter referred to as abed ) Tuge company will be sued to Beijing Internet court , To order Tuge to stop infringing its copyright immediately , And compensate for economic losses and reasonable expenses for safeguarding rights 50 Ten thousand yuan .2019 year 8 month 15 Japan , Beijing Internet court made a first instance judgment on this case , It is found that the defendant infringed upon the plaintiff's right of reproduction and information network transmission , The defendant was ordered to immediately stop the infringement and compensate for the economic losses and reasonable expenses 50 Ten thousand yuan .( source : Beijing Internet court )

7. China Internet Association 、 Issued by the ministry of industry and information technology 2019 Chinese Internet enterprises in 100 Strong list

8 month 14 Japan , China Internet Association 、 Network security industry development center of Ministry of industry and information technology ( Ministry of industry and Information Technology Information Center ) stay 2019 Chinese Internet enterprises in 100 Strong press conference and top 100 enterprises Summit Forum jointly released 2019 Chinese Internet enterprises in 100 Strong list 、 Internet growth enterprises 20 Strong list and 《2019 Chinese Internet enterprises in 100 Strong development report 》. Alibaba ( China ) Co., LTD. 、 Shenzhen Tencent computer system Co., Ltd 、 Baidu company 、 Jingdong group 、 Zhejiang ant small and Micro Financial Services Group Co., Ltd 、 Netease group 、 US group review 、 Beijing byte jump Technology Co., Ltd 、 360 safety technology Co., Ltd 、 Sina is one of the top ten companies on the list .( source : Official website of MIIT )

8. Tencent music is under a large-scale anti-monopoly investigation by the State Administration of market supervision

8 month 12 Reported Wednesday , Because of global music 、 Sony Music and record companies such as Warner Music signed exclusive copyright agreements with anti competitive effects , Tencent Music Entertainment Group is facing a large-scale anti-monopoly investigation by the State Administration of market supervision and administration . According to the MLex understand , China's anti-monopoly regulatory agency has imposed a ban on global music, the world's top three record companies 、 Sony Music 、 Warner Music asked , The reason is that they signed a contract with Tencent music 、 Exclusive license agreements that limit competition . according to the understanding of , The unprecedented industry wide survey was conducted this year 1 Officially launched in , Involving more than ten companies , Including apple 、 Alibaba 、 Baidu 、 Netease and Huawei , All of them were investigated and summoned by the State Administration of market supervision . This is a significant step of the State Administration of market supervision and administration . Because this is the first time it has launched a formal antitrust investigation into an Internet giant , It marks that China's antitrust authorities have changed their high tolerance of the Internet industry , Determined to strengthen the protection of market competition in this industry .( source : news )

9. Shanghai severely punishes illegal behaviors of online car Hailing platform : Didi was punished for traveling 550 Ten thousand yuan Meituan travel was fined 147 Ten thousand yuan

Xinhua News Agency Shanghai 8 month 13 (Reuters) ( Reporter Wang Chenyang ) Shanghai transportation department 12 Japan -13 It is the first time for Japan to unite with Shanghai communication administration department , Yes “ sound of dripping water ”“ Meituan ”“ Enjoy the way ”“ First steam ” And other Internet travel platforms . It is reported that , Law enforcement just 7 In March, we have issued cumulative travel service to didi travel and meituan travel respectively 550 Million and $ 147 A ten thousand dollar ticket . The joint inspection team found that didi travel platform provides calling information service for drivers or vehicles without operation qualification , Site to didi Travel Shanghai Branch 《 Letter of decision on administrative penalty 》, Total fines 20 Ten thousand yuan . According to introducing , Shanghai traffic law enforcement department 7 Monthly cumulative to didi 、 Meituan, etc 14 Total number of platforms checked 21 Time , Do not clear and return the non-conforming vehicles in the platform 、 Not full amount of data push and other illegal acts issued a ticket 114 Zhang . among , Didi was punished for traveling 550 Ten thousand yuan , Meituan travel was fined 147 Ten thousand yuan .( source : xinhua )

10. Taobao platform rules for major adjustments Influence beyond 1 Thousands of stores and 6.5 Hundreds of millions of people

8 month 12 Japan , Taobao released 《 Taobao platform service agreement 》 Adjust the public notice . The content of the main structure of this adjustment is basically the same as that of the previous version , It's divided into definitions 、 Scope of agreement 、 Account registration and use 、 Taobao platform services and specifications 、 Protection and authorization of user information 、 Breach of contract and treatment of users 、 Change of agreement 、 notice 、 Termination of the nine plates and the final Taobao legal statement . among , The main changes include :1. For the majority of buyers usually do not apply to the terms, including store management and other content to simplify , It's easier for users to understand ;2. New user Q & A 、 Share the list 、 Information restrictions and other related provisions , To adapt to the latest user needs and platform business development . The adjustment of these terms , There are functional blocks with high user utilization , Will affect all buyers 、 The seller , It also further standardizes the normal operation of Taobao .( source : Net ECOSOC )