Telecommuting is popular among parents and employees
Xizhe 2021-06-09 07:41:26

 Telecommuting is popular among parents and employees

Overseas parents according to telework website FlexJobs According to a survey conducted in , Some people who work from home feel tired and anxious .FlexJobs adopt 1100 A number of 18 Parents of children from families up to the age of 15 , To understand their expectations for work after the COVID-19 epidemic . Studies have shown that , It's hard for parents to set restrictions on working with their children at home , But without this way of working , They wouldn't do that . Some employees find that they can't unplug after work 、 Technical problems encountered , There are also some respondents who are bored in front of the video conference 、 Complaining about too many video conferences , I think team work is more difficult . However , super 61% People say they want to continue telecommuting , If they can't continue to work remotely , They're going to quit their current jobs . Because you can spend more time with your family , Enjoy telecommuting .

The company communicates with O*Net Online career data ( Administered by the U.S. Department of labor ), To create a list of jobs that parents might consider . Business intelligence analysts 、 Document management experts 、 Search marketing strategist and technology writer are the right positions .

Teleworking has many advantages : No need to travel , More time for family and loved ones , And better work life balance , Because you can better control your schedule . however , If you are a sociable person , Like to communicate with colleagues face to face , If you like office life , Telecommuting may not be your choice .

Mixed work may be the most appropriate : Whenever you work from home or go to the office , It's better than forcing employees to go to the office or stay , At home against their will .