Tiktok MCN how to enter the tutorial
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Tiktok MCN in : Prepare a media company , Internet technology companies can also , Other companies can also have a business license, which is a must , Tiktok is not allowed to set up his own voice MCN Of .

Tiktok MCN Tiktok MCN Institutional settlement : The company has to prepare 5 Each high-quality talent is divided into the best, and each talent fan 5 ten thousand , It's a good way to get through , If you are not qualified, you can not apply .

Tiktok MCN I've settled in backstage

Tiktok MCN If you don't pass, we can give you a new explanation

 Tiktok MCN How to get into the tutorial

The company didn't apply for MCN Through what to do ?

Tiktok application MCN Not solved by adding the following wechat to you

Tiktok MCN Entering through backstage looks like

 Tiktok MCN How to get into the tutorial

Tiktok MCN I've settled in backstage

 Tiktok MCN How to get into the tutorial

Last year when I signed up for these two artists , I expect them to do business in half a year Cover Cost reduction , Now it's impossible , Can only continue to invest in , As for when to invest , I'm worried , You can't think rationally . They're the ones I've seen and signed , And has been cultivating , The more sunk costs, the harder it is to let go , I should be able to hold on to the day . Artist agent , The will of investors is my biggest worry right now , When he came in, we promised that we would not let him lose money . If he quit , All our investment and efforts should go back to zero . The impact is joint and several , The investors withdrew , Don't think about financing now . For me , Artist agent , I have so many years of entrepreneurial experience and network resources in it , I can't let it go for a while . If you want to take these two artists , Or sign two more similar ones , I have to pay for it myself , Half a year , Small 100 The bottom line . For an entrepreneur , I'll take out 100 Ten thousand cash is very difficult , I don't feel good either , Because you don't

It's live , Ordinary employees . There's a snack business , Every live broadcast has 2 There's an anchor out there ,4 Every hour , Live once a day . Suppose a company has 4 A full-time live show of staff , A month 5000 Basic salary , Plus commission . One month cost 2 More than ten thousand , It's a lot better than one ad . Self built Live Room , Remember to weaken the personality of the anchor , Highlight brand character . Let users come for the brand , Not for the anchor . So even if the anchor leaves , The replacement will not affect the fans . There is a live broadcast of an e-commerce product , Users keep asking , When will the little sister take the goods online ? It's a very dangerous signal , We should eliminate it immediately . It may be a bit difficult for traditional enterprises to do live broadcasting room , After all, some companies hardly have the ability to operate online . But another way of thinking , It's like moving sales from offline to online . It's not good-looking for those who live with the goods , I'm not a versatile person , It's people with strong sales ability , Try to ask , Which company doesn't have many Sales Champions ? Let them take the goods online , It can also sell well

Now it's the turn of webcast , Data being picked up , This is the real hammer , Number of likes 3 Billion , It's fake at first sight , If you insist that this data is true , There is only one possibility , All the fans like it all the way …… If this hypothesis is true , I don't know what the glory is , Where to show off , Because I tried ? Because it's the result of hard work ? Stop kidding , This is data fraud , Do you understand? ? The data is meaningless , Nothing of any value , At a glance, it is the data that can be bought or made , Who can be tricked ? Information is contained in the data , Through the analysis, we can get the conclusion . False data leads to false information , True data leads to true information . Fake information doesn't work , Not to mention fake data . When you copy a full score paper and give it to the teacher , You're so smug , I can get high marks this time , And the teacher will call you to the office alone , And tell you not to do that next time , It's shameful to copy

Live audience retention rate the longer users stay in the live room , The more interesting the content of the live room is . The more popular the studio is , The system will recommend your live room to more people , This is similar to the recommendation mechanism of video . therefore , Keep the audience in the studio , Improving audience retention time is of great help to the hot spots in the live broadcast room . User profile data in live broadcasting room user profile data in live broadcasting room is the key data that live broadcasting e-commerce needs to analyze , The delivery is based on the needs of users in the live broadcasting room . User portraits in the studio include age 、 Gender 、 Interest in 、 Source, etc , We have these data , Whether it's selection or live room optimization , Can find the entry point . For example, most of the live audience are 30 Women under the age of , So clothes 、 Skin care 、 The products of girlhood can become the direction of the selection of live broadcast room . Through interest distribution , It can be further narrowed down .

Know where the road ahead is , If the environment is not good , This is a bottomless hole . It's like walking on a dirty road , You're set to move on , Can't stop , I don't know when to see the light , Numb and tortured .

A brokerage company is like an agent who helps find jobs . Artists sign contracts and agreements with brokers . When the producers look for actors , Not the actors themselves , Sometimes it depends on whether the actor has signed a brokerage contract . Without signing , The producers sign labor contracts directly with the actors . If you sign , Then the film will find the company the actor belongs to , Sign an agreement with your company . How do you understand that ? A brokerage company is mainly an intermediary , But this intermediary is different from that of other industries , There are many intermediary services , And to a certain extent, we need to control the artists . After this relationship was established , For artists , A brokerage company is an intermediary with ancillary services , For a third party , A brokerage company is a company , And the artist is his product . In essence, the film company is buying the artists' performances from the agency . Therefore, the film does not involve the distribution of actors' remuneration . in addition , The share ratio between artists and companies , It's hard to get five or five . Five or five unless the artist is very strong , Or the company is the artist's own . Otherwise, it's likely that , stand no chance . Usually , The ratio of artists to companies , The company must take the lead . Artists take a small part . This is because , How much income an artist earns depends on the company's investment cost to the artist , As well as the company's strategic deployment and so on . Companies work for artists , Entertaining for entertainers , These fees will eventually be taken out in proportion to the share , To hedge costs

This corresponds to our country's “ Broker / company ”, That is to say, they and artists are acting relationship ( Although strictly speaking from the law, there is no agency relationship between brokers in China , But in terms of actual work, Chinese artists are more close to each other than brokers in China ). Each artist is in different parts of the world , There can be different agents . such “ brokerage agency ” My main business is to help artists find jobs , Such as : Commercial performance 、 Endorsements and so on . Under the American system , In general, there are two kinds of “ brokerage agency ” The division of labor is relatively clear , Like a business show , Laws and regulations 1 Don't talk to the organizer directly about the contract , Only 2 Only then can we talk about the contract . about 1、2 A percentage of your income , There is also an official guide price . stay N Years ago , If the record can still be sold , The record company is just like that , It's a pure record company . We can't rule out some local record companies in the period of unfinished division of labor , At the same time, working as an artist agent , But the mainstream companies are pure record companies . When the records didn't sell , When digital music can't be realized directly , There's a kind of “ Total contract ”, That is to sign a package agreement with artists , As well as making records , I'm a broker again . At this time, record companies are also brokers , vice versa .

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