New and old website owners must see the keyword layout
White ice 2021-06-09 07:13:30

Due to the large number of learning projects in recent two days and the need to sort out a lot of domestic and foreign materials, as well as the synchronization of oral and cultural translation, today's update is relatively late , Hope to see the article teaching and video users can give praise attention + Comment on , Now in the era of we media, I believe many friends know that we media only needs the attention and support of netizens to gain motivation , Thank you for your , Let's get to the point :

 New and old website owners must see the keyword layout

Improve the nature of transformation SEO countermeasures

SEO The essence of countermeasures is to enrich Web The content of the website ( Internal Countermeasures ).

Excessive SEO Countermeasures are seen as search engine spam , At worst , Will be subject to a significant reduction in the order of display , So we need to pay attention .

in addition , Can be said to be SEM( Search engine marketing ) The protagonist's search for serial text ads ( List ads ) It is also the representative of the simple beginning of online advertising , This is also a simple plan to select the keywords that users may search to make advertising phrases , Can't expect good results .

SEO( Internal Countermeasures ) and SEM, It was originally started from the investigation of user needs Web The initial construction phase of the site begins, and verification begins at about the same time , It must be filled in with the composition and changes of the page , In this sense, the production process of the website is very important .

 New and old website owners must see the keyword layout

Strategic meeting page production (LPO)

When making landing pages , It's not just about preparing special pages for specific goods and services , It's about assuming communication with users who use it , While designing the page composition and process . in other words , Consider the following two points , Can be achieved with the user's “ The way of dialogue ”, The results help to improve the conversion rate .

(1) guide “ Buy ” and “ Information request ” There is no pressure on the page process .

(2) Answer questions 、 Eliminate the uneasy user psychology page composition .

< The effect is verified by separation operation >

Running separately means setting up multiple startup pages , The use of comparative effect .

It's mainly about the visual effects 、 Copy 、 After layout change, more than two landing pages will be published at the same time or in turn , Compare conversion rates, etc , Change it to a more effective page specification .

perhaps , According to the content of the keyword used by the user in the search , You can also suggest development trends LPO page , Automatically replace the contents of the title page .

The above professional analysis may not be accurate , Netizens in need can send targeted websites through private letter authors , The author doesn't worship foreign countries , But I believe that many foreign project industries are really worth learning from , This is what the author has been charging frequently recently

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