Luo Deyuan, the advocator and promoter of "poetry of working for a living": promoting the "black ants" to send out the "cry of wonder"
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 Luo Deyuan +“ Poetry for part-time workers ” The advocators and promoters of : boost “ Black ant ” They send out “ A cry of wonder ”

 Luo Deyuan +“ Poetry for part-time workers ” The advocators and promoters of : boost “ Black ant ” They send out “ A cry of wonder ”

 Luo Deyuan +“ Poetry for part-time workers ” The advocators and promoters of : boost “ Black ant ” They send out “ A cry of wonder ”

△ Luo Deyuan Zhou Lixiong / taken

Luo Deyuan, who is now deputy director of Zengcheng District Library in Guangzhou, still publishes 《 Working poets 》 As the most important thing in my spare time . When interviewed by reporters , He is carefully editing the second 32 period . This one was founded in 2001 The folk magazine of poetry in has been opened from the opposite side 4 A new newspaper becomes a thick publication .“ In the second half of the year , We're going to officially become a quarterly .” He said “ Remain true to our original aspiration ”, There is still passion .


Shouting at the distant mountain “ Black ant ”

Back in the late 1980s , Tuzhu Township, Luxian County, Sichuan Province , Every day of the fair , In the humble teahouse by the Luxi River , You can often see 3 individual 20 Young people of rural literature in their early days sit around with two plates of peanuts on one side , Drinking cheap home wine , Talking extravagantly about “ Poetry and distance ”. And their parents are just like what Zhang Peixiang, a talented woman from Peking University, described “ Selling rice ”. They are : Luo Deyuan 、 Yan Wenjiang 、 Xu Fei . They are all young farmers in Tuzhu township , They live in different villages , Meet me at the fair .

Luo Deyuan is a native of Dongyue Village , Drop out of high school , Love literature , I often submit articles to the township post office .“ At that time, contributions were free , No stamps .” "He recalls. . In a submission , He saw another contributor , There are more brown paper envelopes in the bag than he has , They are all big domestic journals . The contributor is three years older 、 Four year old Yan Wenjiang , Served as a soldier in Tibet , I've seen the world . Luo Deyuan and he are just like old friends at first sight . Yan Wenjiang put “ Contributors ” Xu Fei introduces to Luo Deyuan .

3 A young man of literature soon established a group called “ Wasteland star ” My literary society , And the publication of the same name was printed on wax paper , Soon gathered more than ten members , Most of them are rural youths in the county .“ The literary society has attracted the attention of Luzhou Federation of literary and art circles ,《 Sichuan Rural daily 》 It was also reported , Call us the first peasant literature society .” The literary society has stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for creation , And recommended many excellent works to be published in official journals .

meanwhile , Luo Deyuan himself is more diligent in creating . He told himself , Youth can not be desolated in the countryside . But at the same time he was depressed , Often climb to the top of the mountain behind the house , Shout to the distant mountain . He also noticed a nest of black ants in the pine forest , Watch them build their nests in droves 、 foraging . After a rainstorm , The nest was washed away , They continue to forage 、 nesting . He ran home , I wrote a song all at once 《 Black ant 》 poetry :

There is a heavy rain in the distance

I'm going on a migration

I walk slowly looking for

Stretch your legs

I'm going to kick away the sticky land

stand up

There will be a cry of wonder

In poetry , Luo Deyuan describes himself as a tough black ant , And beyond “ Black ant ”, Clearly expressed the vision and pursuit of the distance .

At that time , Luo Deyuan has been promoted to deputy village head , Become the youngest in the county “ Village officials ”. There are young people in the village working in Guangdong one after another .10 A TV series 《 Foreign sister 》 Hot broadcast , The opening song by Yang Yuying 《 I'd rather not say it 》 Singing makes people itch 、 Also vast . A rustic girl in the village came back from working in Guangdong and became very beautiful , Rodriguez was surprised . A junior high school classmate also came back from Huizhou, Guangdong Province to work for him “ brag ” say :“ huizhou ! Motorcycles are everywhere , Not even a bicycle ! What? ? You only have 30 yuan a month when you are the deputy village head ? Our bonus is 100 yuan !”

1993 year 9 month , After harvesting the last rice in the field , Luo Deyuan also carried his luggage , His destination is Huizhou .

And before rod was far away , Yan Wenjiang has been in 1989 I left my hometown in 1949 , Work in Zhongshan, Guangdong . Xu Fei is already in 1993 To Guangdong after the Spring Festival “ defected ” Yan Wenjiang .


“ In someone else's city ” Work hard , Write poetry seriously

After a while being “ Selling piglets ” Unforgettable journey , Luo Deyuan worked as a warehouse keeper in the material Department of the Sino foreign joint venture Kanghui TV factory in Huizhou . All he does here is 6 year . He has joined Luzhou Writers Association in his hometown . During the interview, he took out his membership card , And some samples of published works . But the interviewer just looked at it and said it lightly : We want a warehouse keeper who can sort out the goods .

Luo Deyuan didn't know until he arrived in Guangdong , When he was still shouting and looking at the ant nest on the mountain of his hometown , Some of them were born in the last century 80 Young people from the mainland who worked in Shenzhen in the early s were already creating “ Working Literature ” And it's forming a climate . They are Lin Jian who writes novels 、 Zhang Weiming , An Zi, a female migrant worker who wrote a documentary .

At that time , Various official serial numbers 、 The privately contracted literary journals of migrant workers are located in the industrial areas of the Pearl River Delta and even in the central urban area of Guangzhou “ Full of beautiful things in eyes ”.《 Mirs Bay 》《 Foshan literature and art 》( Including its sub journals 《 Migrant workers 》, Later renamed 《 Migrant workers 》)、《 Jiangmen literature and art 》 And so on are the most famous of them , At one time, the circulation reached hundreds of thousands of copies , And have expanded from monthly to semi monthly . These are fictional ( A novel ) Or documentary ( The story ) For the main 、 And poetry publications , Or talk about the experience of working , Or to express the homesickness of a foreign land , In the eyes of the mainstream, it's just a low-end spiritual product , But it's a kind of “ Main stream ”, It is a new group of Southern workers under the background of reform and opening up ( Migrant workers 、 Migrant workers ) Provides an indispensable 、 Irreplaceable spiritual home . It's these authors 、 The editor 、 Most of the readers are migrant workers, which promotes the formation of Migrant Literature .

Rodriguez works very hard , To be a warehouse manager and promoted to a team leader , In my spare time, I continue to write . The first poem he wrote in Huizhou was 《 Working life 》:

The flowers of time

Driving in someone else's city

With the fruit of youth

In exchange for lost dreams ······

Working life

It's wandering in the flower of life

A heavy and natural period of vigorous growth

Legend has it that

It was a summer night , He wrote the poem well , Sleep contentedly . I don't want to have a rainstorm in the early morning , The rain soaked the walls of the rental house , Soon the house collapsed . If it wasn't for the Sichuan fellow next door to wake him up in advance , There is no story behind him .

Creating in Rodeo 《 Working life 》 That year , At the age of 24 Zhou Chongxian, now 20, has been relying on his novella 《 The snow · That window · The girl 》 He won the 9th Guangdong New Artist Award , This is the highest award of youth literature in Guangdong Province .

Zhou Chongxian ,1990 It's the beginning of the decade “ Working Literature ” He is one of the most important representative writers in China , Also from rural Sichuan , I was 15 years old “ rove all over the world ” The legendary experience of . When Yan Wenjiang worked in Guangdong , I found that Zhou Chongxian had become famous , At the same time in a number of literary journals serial novels .

In Kanghui , Luo Deyuan is also a “ The writer ” Get the attention of the top management of the company , At that time, it was popular for major enterprises to make internal journals , The general manager named him as the editor of the supplement of the internal journal .

amateur , Luo Deyuan wrote a lot of poems , Published in 《 Mirs Bay 》、《 Foshan literature and art 》、《 Jiangmen literature and art 》、《 Jiaying Literature 》 And so on .1997 Some month of the year , Yes 7 The magazine also published his work . He has become a little famous “ Working poets ” 了 .

At the time , Already there. “ Working poets ” The name of .《 Foshan literature and art 》 Introduction “ Popular list of working poets in xingmengyuan ” The column ,《 Migrant workers 》 Introduction “ Youth station ” Poetry column , Positioning is also “ Working poets ” Written “ Poetry for part-time workers ”. Many migrant workers are proud to have published their works in these two columns .

During that period , In these two columns frequently appear “ Working poets ” Except for rod , And Xu Fei 、 Ren Mingyou 、 Liu Dongwu 、 Shen Yueming and so on , They're talking to each other “ Mu Ming ”, And that they belong to the same “ The team ”.

2000 year , A return home , Luo Deyuan happened to find his past in the bookcase 《 Black ant 》 Manuscript , Take it to Guangdong and invest it , Soon it will be 《 Foshan literature and art 》 Published , And then it was 《 Poetry anthology 》 and 《 Nanfang Metropolis Daily 》 Choose to carry . He received letters and emails from hundreds of readers ,“ Some readers say that the poem contains heavy 、 Unyielding , It fits their mood very well .”

《 Black ant 》 To become one of Rodriguez's most famous masterpieces , It is still read repeatedly .

before , Luo Deyuan was employed as a literary journal 《 Jiaying Literature 》 I've been working as a full-time editor , From then on, he began to have close contact with the majority of migrant workers . He presided over “ Cross century wandering poetry Grand Prix ”, What's more, he United a group of “ Working poets ”.

At that time, Yan Wenjiang was already 《 Jiangmen literature and art 》 The famous editor of . After a bit of wandering , Yan Wenjiang finally settled down in the city behind the Pearl River Delta , And finally served as the vice president of Jiangmen literature magazine , Until entering the era of online reading, the magazine stopped publication .

2000 year 7 month , Under the planning of Rodney ,《 Jiaying Literature 》 A pen club for literary friends was held in Guangzhou , He and Ren Mingyou 、 Shen Yueming 、 Xu Fei 、 Xu Qiang and other pen pals get together excitedly , Let them have “ Do a lot of work ” Ideas .

Start publication

《 Working poets 》 There's a flag out there

Luo Deyuan 、 Xu Qiang and others want to “ Do a lot of work ” The idea is 2001 Put it into action .

2001 In the Spring Festival , Luo Deyuan 、 Xu Fei 、 Neither Xu Qiang nor Ren Mingyou went home for the new year . 3rd day of the first lunar month , They meet at Huizhou West Lake . A talk about the lake , Put forward to establish 《 Working poets 》 newspaper .

After Luo Deyuan left Kanghui, Xu Fei , Recommended by Luo , He succeeded him as editor of the magazine . after , He works as a security guard in the factory . Xu feichu's experience in Guangdong was tortuous and humiliating . As soon as he arrived at Guangzhou railway station at night, he was robbed , On the run , Or he lost the bag he was trying to keep , Among them are his papers 、 Samples of published works and 100 Multiple money . After this shock , He's hiding in an old warehouse 6 God 6 night , Finally, on foot 3 God 3 I found Yan Wenjiang in Zhongshan at night .

Ren Mingyou is from Youyang, Chongqing , It's also 1993 I came out to work in 2000 , I'm only seventeen years old . As soon as he arrived in Guangdong, he entered a watch factory in Danzao Town, Nanhai , And soon became the youngest group leader in the factory because of his cleverness , But a month later, he lost his job because he caught the general manager making out with a female worker in the office . He went to Shunde to find his elder brother , He was taken in by the police on the way , The reason is more ridiculous , He said the book he bought was not invoiced .

At that time, almost every migrant worker could tell a lot of unfair things that were insulted and damaged , Maybe because I love literature , There are always more stories of this kind experienced by migrant workers 、 More unforgettable .

After finally having a job , Xu Fei wrote a poem --《 The marriage advertisement of a working girl 》, Published in 1994 year 《 Migrant workers 》“ Youth station ” The column . In poetry , In the tone of a Xiu, a female worker, he tells the story of his adherence to honest labor and his yearning for simple love . After the publication of poetry , Just half a year , He received 3000 Many letters , Become a famous news event . In creation and its repercussions , Xu Fei gradually got rid of the influence of Guangzhou railway station on him “ damage ”.

2001 year 5 month 31 Japan ,《 Working poets 》 The first issue was officially born in Huizhou . In that order , The editor's order is : Xu Qiang 、 Xu Fei 、 Luo Deyuan 、 Ren Mingyou . They are all from Sichuan ( At that time, Chongqing had not yet become a municipality directly under the central government ). Sponsored by Sichuan Writers Association 《 Star Poetry 》 Yang Mu, the editor in chief, inscribed the titles for them .

 Luo Deyuan +“ Poetry for part-time workers ” The advocators and promoters of : boost “ Black ant ” They send out “ A cry of wonder ”

△2001 Huizhou West Lake 《 Working poets 》 As a souvenir of its founding . From the left : Xu Fei 、 Luo Deyuan 、 Xu Qiang 、 Ren Mingyou Chart of respondents

The first issue published a total of 17 position “ Working poets ” My poems , Among them is Liu Dongwu, who later became a famous literary critic of migrant workers . And Zhang Shougang 、 He Zhenzong et al . Zhang Shougang himself has lost 4 A finger injury victim , During his working time in Tanzhou town, Zhuhai City, he created a series of impressive poems with Tanzhou as the background and scene .

《 Working poets 》 It is the first folk poetry newspaper founded by migrant workers in China . It has appeared in the Pearl River Delta literature Journal of migrant workers, but it is not conscious and formal enough “ Working poets ” Title , From Rodriguez 、 Xu Qiang and others have set up a bright banner . Rodney wrote “ First words of the magazine ”:

Our manifesto : Working poets —— A singer of a special era ; Poems about working for a job —— A flag against fate !

The first phase 《 Working poets 》 Only printed 500 Share , But after sending it out, it soon set off waves in the poetry world ,《 Poetry magazine 》、《 Poetry anthology 》、《 Poetry monthly 》 And other mainstream journals have reprinted a large number of their works .1 to 9 period ,《 Working poets 》 The reprint rate of the newspaper reaches 80%, The number of prints from the original 500 Increase to 5000 Share .

Now 《 Working poets 》 It has been published 32 period , A total of 300 A number of migrant workers are close to 2000 This is an excellent poem ,60 Many migrant workers go out from this platform , Publish a collection of personal poems .

2001 year , Graduated from the health school nurse professional 80 Later, Zheng Xiaoqiong, a girl from Sichuan, went south to work in Guangdong , She's still going through “ predecessors ” The difficulties that Rodrigues may encounter when they come out : It's hard to find a job , low wages , Endless classes , Worried about being taken in ······ She finally entered a hardware factory in huangmaling, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan , With many men working on the machine, they fiddle with heavy iron pieces and punch holes for them . One day at most, she played 13000 Holes .

He is now sponsored by the Guangdong Writers Association 《 works 》 Zheng Xiaoqiong, vice president of the magazine, is now a Chinese poet with international influence , She is from “ Poetry for part-time workers ” The beginning of creation and gaining fame . Zheng Xiaoqiong has always regarded Luo Deyuan as the Enlightenment of her poetry creation . New to Guangdong , She saw in many magazines a man named “ Far away ”( One of Luo Deyuan's pseudonyms ) The poetry of a famous poet , Later, I saw Luo Deyuan's experience in a journal , She just started to write her first poem .

2002 year 10 month ,《 Working poets 》 The first 5 Zheng Xiaoqiong's long poems with prose style are published in the journal --《 working , A word of vicissitudes 》, And then it was immediately 《 prose poem 》《 Selected essays 》《 Youth poetry magazine 》《2003 China's best prose poem of the year 》 And other publications and anthologies , And honor 《 prose poem 》“ Nuwa Award ”. With the creation of poetry and prose , She will also attend 《 Poetry magazine 》 Club “ Youth Pen Club ”, And stand on 《 People's Literature 》 On the podium . She's a very shy working girl , But with great diligence and creativity , Enough to knock some people down “ Working life ” We can refine and create in our time “ Chinese language and literature ” One of the most important varieties in the world . Liu Dongwu said in a commentary that :

Working sister Zheng Xiaoqiong becomes the person standing in the words of working .

“360 Encyclopedias ” One of the labels for Rodney is “‘ Poetry for part-time workers ’ He is an active advocate and an important promoter of ”. He's happy with the label . Since he founded it in his hometown 《 Wasteland star 》, To compile an internal journal in Kanghui factory , He's already on the job . stay 《 Jiaying Literature 》《 Huizhou literature 》《 Feixia 》 And so on , He edited and distributed the works of countless migrant workers , And formed a pure friendship with them . This includes winning the Lu Xun Literature Prize 、 The current 《 works 》 Novelist Wang Shiyue, deputy editor in chief of the magazine . Luo Deyuan recalled , stay 《 Jiaying Literature 》 As an editor , He edited an autobiographical documentary by Wang Shiyue , The title is 《 How to see rainbow without wind and rain 》. Later, Wang October was 《 Mirs Bay 》 When a magazine is invited to be an editor , And called for his advice .

Luo Deyuan has a well preserved hard copy , It's full of records 4000 Contact addresses of multiple authors 、 Mailbox and phone , This is what he wrote down in succession when he was an editor . At that time, the Internet was still underdeveloped , He's with them “ The wild geese deliver the book ”, Encourage them to create 、 Work hard .“ I will always remember that I am just like them , It's coming from the production line , I think of them as who they were .” Luo Deyuan said ,“ Many people still keep in touch with me to this day . Some people don't engage in literature for a long time , Being the boss , But he and I are good friends , Say they have today , It has something to do with my encouragement .”

2005 year 7 month , Because of his achievements in poetry creation and promotion of migrant workers , It was specially absorbed and settled in Zengcheng, Guangzhou , After the open selection process, he became the deputy director of Zengcheng district library .2018 year , Luo Deyuan joined the Chinese Writers Association . Using various literary platforms and influences , He often provides cultural services for grassroots migrant workers in publishing new books and exchanging speeches .

year Jian

1985 year Yang Honghai, a scholar in Shenzhen, put forward for the first time that “ Working Literature ” The concept of

1988 year 2 month The earliest literary journal of migrant workers in China 《 Mirs Bay 》 Founded in Shenzhen

1991 year Anzi is 《 Shenzhen special zone daily 》 Serial 《 Youth station —— Photo of working girl in Shenzhen 》

1994 year Zhou Chongxian's novella 《 The snow · That window · The girl 》, He won the 9th Guangdong New Artist Award

1996 year Rao Changchun ( He is now vice chairman of Zhongshan Federation of trade unions )、 Zhou Chongxian 、 Yan Wenjiang and others founded in Zhongshan 《 Working newspaper 》

2001 year 5 month 31 Japan 《 Working poets 》 Founded in Huizhou

2005 year 1 month It is organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the all China Youth Federation “ Kunpeng literature award ” It was announced in Zengcheng, Guangzhou , dongguan “ Working poets ” He Zhenzong's works about construction workers 《 monument 》 Won the first prize in poetry

2005 year 10 month Comments on Liu Dongwu's poems about working as a migrant worker 《 Jumping in the city 》 He won the third prize of the Fifth China Federation of literary and art criticism award . Zheng Xiaoqiong participated in 《 Poetry magazine 》 The first 21 the “ Youth Poetry Club ”

2008 year Zheng Xiaoqiong won the Chinese literature and Media Award “ The most potential rookie of the year ” Nomination

2009 year 11 month Yan Wenjiang's monograph on Zhou Chongxian's novels 《 Touch the bleeding soul 》 He won the 8th Lu Xun Literature and Art Award of Guangdong Province

2010 year 10 month Wang Shiyue's novella 《 Country orders 》 He won the fifth Lu Xun Literature Prize , This is his creation in Guangdong 、 A work based on the working life in the Pearl River Delta

2011 year 11 month 《 Working poets 》 Start publication 10 The annual poetry festival was held in Huizhou , Foxconn at the meeting 90 Xu Lizhi, a post youth worker poet ( The late ) By 《 Nanfang Gongbao 》 honor “ I'm the successor ”

2013 year 6 month The first 44 Rotterdam International Poetry Festival held in Rotterdam, Netherlands , Shenzhen “ Migrant workers are poets ” Guo Jinniu's poems 《 Returning home on paper 》 As a global Chinese poet 20 people 20 One of the poems took part in the exhibition .9 month , His poem of the same name won the international Chinese poetry award , President buss of the Rotterdam International Poetry Festival · Cowertman came to Huawei to give awards

2016 year 11 month Zheng Xiaoqiong 、 Wang Shiyue was hired respectively 《 works 》 Vice president of the magazine 、 Deputy chief editor

Looking back

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 Luo Deyuan +“ Poetry for part-time workers ” The advocators and promoters of : boost “ Black ant ” They send out “ A cry of wonder ”