A brief talk about Xiaomi mobile phone brush
Weifu 2021-06-09 05:59:26
Special reminder : There is a risk of brushing the machine , Operate with caution .


Mobile phone brush , It's like a computer “ Reshipment system ”. One is for mobile phones , The other is computer . For the vast majority of ordinary users , The mobile phone is just to take a look at wechat , Brush the video , Maybe the camera is just scanning code , Take photos as a supplement , There is no need to brush the machine at all , Just check the system package update inside the system , Then select a system package to upgrade the system .

There are advanced mobile phone players , Love playing computer , It left us some experience for reference . Today, let's talk about the brushing of Xiaomi mobile phones ( This article also applies to Android phones , But mainly for Xiaomi 、Redmi For mobile phones ).

 Let's talk about the brushing of Xiaomi mobile phone

As shown in the figure , This is a millet cell phone , And installed MIUI Development board 21.4.21 edition . at present ,MIUI Version is divided into development version and stable version , Each version has its own public beta 、 Internal measurement .

Brief introduction

MIUI The stable version is called the four stage version , The first paragraph is MIUI Large version number , for example MIUI12.0.2.0 Namely MIUI12 A version of . First of all, push to internal test users , If in 3-7 No feedback for days bug, And then push it to other users . If there are some bug, Then it will be withdrawn , Until the next contract .MIUI The update frequency of the stable version is variable , Generally, the most predictable is the first version of a large version .

As expected ,MIUI12.5 The stable version of will start full contract in the near future . But actually ,MIUI It has been awarded many times : millet 10、10Ultra And so on model's stable version internal test already pushed many time .

MIUI The development version is named after time . for example MIUI21.4.21 Namely 2021 year 4 month 21 Package compiled in Japan , The actual push time is not necessarily 4 month 21 Japan . The development version is also divided into internal test and public test , The internal test is updated several times a week , The public beta is updated once a week . Although I say MIUI12 The press conference is 2020 year 4 month 27 Japan , But after that, it was just a push development version . Again , At the end of 12.5 After the press conference, it was just a push MIUI12.5 Development version of .

The development version can enjoy some new functions earlier 、 New characteristics , But it also means bug There could be more , At the same time, it is difficult to avoid some unstable problems , For example, one version is particularly useful , The Internet is fast , The number of game frames is also very high , Standby power consumption is very low ; But update to the next version may face perm and more bug. The reason why Xiaobai is not recommended to use the development version , A large part of the reason is this instability . Due to the lack of certain psychological quality , This uncertainty is unacceptable , So it's still recommended to use the stable version .

Without further ado , Some common sense of brush machine introduced today . There may be some bug, Also welcome the great God to correct 、 Add .

Brush theory

Brush machine can be divided into card brush and line brush according to the way . The card brush uses a mobile phone Recovery, The wire brush uses Fastboot. There are different ways to get into the two . Long press the power button when the power is off + The volume up button is Recovery, The next key is fastboot. At present, the new Xiaomi mobile phone needs to be connected to a computer to use both of them , But the former is still using card brush package , That's what we downloaded .zip file . Card brush package can also be updated in the system . The latter uses a wire brush package , Need to download tar.gz After decompressing the file, use the millet brush assistant to brush the machine .

Wire brush is the most thorough way to brush the machine , But at present, Xiaomi development version only provides card brush package by default .Note9 Pro Such machines , To ensure access to the development version , And a wire brush package is provided . In the transition between the stable version and the development version , I recommend you to use wire brush bag instead of card brush bag . If it's just a card brush bag , You can also use the card brush package to brush in .

In addition to card brush package and wire brush package , There is also a package called incremental package for upgrading within the system . The incremental package is OTA Upgrade package , Generally, it is only used for short-term version push , If there are too many versions across , The complete system package will still be pushed .

Preparation before brushing the machine

 Let's talk about the brushing of Xiaomi mobile phone

Preparation before brushing the machine : Unlock BL Locking and backing up data . First of all, make it clear , There are several operations that can clear mobile data , The first is to restore the factory settings ; The second is to switch between the development version and the stable version ; The third one is the wire brush mobile phone ; The fourth is unlocking BL, The fifth is system degradation .

Card brush 、OTA Upgrading the system will not clear the data , But in order to avoid small probability accidents , I still suggest you back up your data on a daily basis . Use OTG Connect U disc , Or insert one TF card , Important photos on the phone 、 Application data backup , In case of accident .

 Let's talk about the brushing of Xiaomi mobile phone

appear FASTBOOT Mitu's is a thread brush

It can be unlocked in brush mode BL. Suggest unlocking BL The reason for this is that all Android phones that come out of the factory now have BootLocker lock , Otherwise you can't brush . Development version only need card brush , But for the mobile phone, the unlocking wire brush can still rescue the mobile phone in the case of a small probability of rollover . Before unlocking , Be sure to bind the Xiaomi account in the developer options , And wait for 7*24=168 Hours .

Mobile phone support for Qualcomm chips 9008 Mode first aid , It can be a millet engineering line or a black and green data line for three seconds . I hope you don't use this . Based on MediaTek SoC If this happens to your mobile phone , Or a mobile phone that can't solve the problem by itself , You can try after-sales service .

 Let's talk about the brushing of Xiaomi mobile phone

Brush tools can be used in MIUI Download on the official website , The brush pack can be used in MIUI Forum internal test details page or MIUI Download from the official website . Here you can brush the stable version of the package , You can also brush the development version of the package . earlier MIUI The experience version of the installation package can also be installed .

Choose the right line / Card brush package after , You can start brushing without locking the wire brush .

Finally, let's talk about MIUI

About the present MIUI Three sad phenomena . The first one is about MIUI12 The exposed experience is not good . For example, carton 、 Animation frame dropping 、bug etc. , I think we can go back to MIUI11 And brush 12 The development version of , And then wait 12.5 Version update . The second is that you can't apply for internal test permission . Xiaomi's own screening system is OK , The disadvantage is that some small problems in the system greatly stimulate the requirement of internal test permission , This may be the end of the story , Let development make complaints about Tucao , On the contrary, meaningful proposals are buried . The third point is Xiaomi's anti smuggling installation package , Of course, it can also be done through a third party Rec The way of stowaway installation , Or borrow an account and wait .

I hope you will enter the development edition with the aim of learning computer knowledge 、 Harmonious attitude to ask questions . The rice noodles all hope that Xiaomi can put MIUI do ( Although the present MIUI I can tolerate a little trouble , If not, that would be great ).