Consumer complaints: oppo mobile phone appears blue screen in a month, after-sales attitude is more tough
Psycho 2021-06-09 04:21:35

DoNews 3 month 15 Daily news ( Zhang Jia ) recently , Some consumers complained on the black cat complaint platform that ,OPPO The blue screen appears after a month of normal use ,OPPO Customer service said it was caused by the consumer's artificial damage , And in the process of use there is a charge into the power . The consumer said , Its purchase OPPO The blue screen appears after the mobile phone has been in normal use for more than a month , Two days before the blue screen appeared, there was a case that the battery could not be charged , Then it went to the after-sales inspection , Customer service said it was man-made damage . Regarding this , The consumer questioned OPPO call , Normal use of more than a month on the blue screen, said I artificially damaged, inevitably a little dead do not admit the meaning of , There are no signs of damage or breakage on the key screen , It can be seen that OPPO The company's style of doing things , hope OPPO The company attaches importance to customer feedback Request to retest the reason for the blue screen , Give me a new screen .“ I have the following questions ::1. I spent the price of the original screen did you give me a new original screen ;2. Why did the blue screen charge and power on one or two days ago ;3. Normal use for more than a month on the blue screen ( No external force or man-made damage ), Is there something wrong with the screen itself ;4. Is there any possibility of problems in the assembly process of screen changing ;5. It's amazing that this screen is still under your three-month warranty .OPPO After sales service and product quality need to be improved , We can't put all the problems on the consumers' excuses and excuses of artificial damage .”

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