Vivo launched the "new year care service plan for the elderly", covering more than 800 after-sales service centers nationwide
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2021 year 2 month 7 Japan , China , Shenzhen ——

At the Ministry of industry and information technology 《 Special action plan for Internet application aging and barrier free transformation 》 Under the call of , The aging problem has aroused great concern of the whole society . In response to the policy call ,vivo upgrade “2021 The annual care service plan ”, Focus on the elderly , Help them bridge the digital divide . among ,vivo The new year care service is planned to 1 month 22 Daily start , Covering the whole country 800 More than one after-sales service center , Get over 2000 Three engineers support . This initiative “ Celebrate the new year on the spot ” Chinese New Year ,vivo Incarnation of the old people “ The housekeeper ”, We have prepared a number of services for the elderly , Including online and offline mobile phone use skills guide 、 One to one services supported by engineers, etc .

Helping the elderly integrate into the digital age , Make the service more temperature

With the rapid development of information technology , Online shopping 、 Make an appointment for registration 、 Mobile payment makes most people enjoy the convenience of smart life , It also makes some elderly people “ code ” Trapped , by “ network ” Difficult . As a terminal manufacturer ,vivo Facing the elderly in the digital age , Continuous insight into their needs , Customize smart features and services . As early as 2019 year ,vivo It is suitable for the elderly group to read 、 I understand 《 Smart phone use quick Dictionary 》, From the daily use of mobile phones 、 How to take pictures 、 Wechat application and so on . Offline Service Center ,vivo Professional service personnel are also arranged , Provide patient guidance for the elderly who come for consultation , Demonstrate how to use vivo It's built-in “ Mutual transmission ” function , Backup or transfer data, etc .

vivo Introduction “ New year care service plan for the elderly ” Covering the whole country 800 More than one after-sales service center

vivo Designed for the elderly 《 Smart phone use quick Dictionary 》)

If the old people can't read or don't like reading the quick Dictionary ,vivo To prepare the “ Expert one-on-one service ”, So that they can communicate with engineers directly on wechat , Solve the problem of using computer online . Some elderly people will not use wechat , Or don't like to add strangers as friends ,vivo Provide nationwide coverage of 400 Hotlines and online customer service , Answer questions all day . In addition to solving the problem of using computers ,vivo In the country 200 More than service centers have launched new year care activities for stores , By inviting old people to eat dumplings 、 Write couplets 、 Play games and win gifts 、 Activities such as receiving gifts , Have fun with them , Send family like care and warmth .

vivo Introduction “ New year care service plan for the elderly ” Covering the whole country 800 More than one after-sales service center

vivo Engineers patiently explain to customers )

Besides , During the Spring Festival ,vivo We will also use “ Four masterpieces ” In the background , Launch a series of videos , Restore the pain scenes of elders using mobile phones , At ease 、 Give practical suggestions in the humorous plot , Call on young people to be more patient , Bringing the elderly into today's digital world . With the implementation of these services for the elderly , The new year care service plan will promote vivo Take the first step of building a first-line service brand this year .

Face up to “ service ” The value of , Keep users in mind

Before the release of the new year care service plan for the elderly ,vivo since 2019 We have been carrying out service care activities since , Work hard to dig deep “ Three excellent service strategies ”, Hope to build “ Member service day ”( Include “vivo Service day ” and “vivo member's day ”)、“ Maintenance service ”、“ Huixiu care service ”, Bring the ultimate experience for the majority of users .“vivo Service day ” More than 1000 events are held every year , So users don't have to go far , You can enjoy the film at home for free 、 Cleaning and dedusting services ;“vivo member's day ” It covers the whole country 800 Service activities carried out by more than one service center store , Every month 19 to 21 Day is held .

future ,vivo Will insist “ Keep users in mind ” Service concept , Give back to users with practical actions , On the front end 、 After sales inquiry 、 Constantly optimize service standards in the process of after-sales maintenance 、 Service mode . With the increase of the overall investment in the front line ,vivo Hope to be united , With advanced insight into user needs , Insist on providing innovation for users 、 High quality products and services , send vivo Can be the nearest brand to the user .

vivo Introduction “ New year care service plan for the elderly ” Covering the whole country 800 More than one after-sales service center