One plus 8 / 8 Pro line brush 9008 mode after saving brick fingerprint loss can not be used how to solve?
Yu Fanghua 2021-06-09 04:11:11
OnePlus 8 and 8Pro After the mobile phone bricks , The first thing we think about is 9008 Rescue brick , And for one plus ,9008 Brush machine also

It's a panacea , As long as your phone has no hardware damage , All can be successful 9008 Fast recovery . For the moment , Paid

Hold one plus all models 9008 Rescue brick , But it's strange , In some cases , We 9008 After saving the brick, the fingerprints will be lost

Unable to input and unlock normally , The centralized reproduction model is : OnePlus 8 and 8pro, So how to solve it ?

 OnePlus 8/8Pro Wire brush 9008 How to solve the problem of fingerprint loss after saving brick in mode ?

Verified by netizens , We successfully learned that the fingerprint unlocking loss was caused by the thread brushing persist The partition is wiped , It leads to cell phones

The sensor is not working , The idea of natural restoration has become a lot clearer , We just need to find the corresponding model persist branch

Zone file , And then swipe it into our cell phones , We've got our fingerprints back. We've got them unlocked . First step : Unlock the phone , Unlock BL Or the previous operation , Use the normal unlock command fastboot oem unlock

It's easy to unlock our one plus 8 A series of

The second step : Brush in ROOT Permission or swipe in TWRP_recovery Chinese version , In fact, both are the same , Specific options

Which one depends on what you like

The third step : Use ADB Command to brush in persist Partition , First of all, let's download persist The partition file is stored inside the phone

Store , Enter the following command again dd if=/sdcard/persist.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/persist Repair file download : Pay attention to WeChat public number :ROM RIZ-ZOAWD Reply key : OnePlus 8 Fingerprint restoration Get address

 OnePlus 8/8Pro Wire brush 9008 How to solve the problem of fingerprint loss after saving brick in mode ?

After the operation is completed , I suggest you clear the data once , Then choose restart the phone , You'll find that the fingerprint unlock was successfully repaired

If the above operation is cumbersome , We brush the machine remotely :
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