It's true to call without money
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If you're like jizhijia , Have tmall Genie X1 Intelligent speakers , So congratulations .

Not only do you have free internet calls, video calls and voice messages , And have regular calls that pay for communications .

If you don't have tmall X1, So congratulations , You can also have three free calls .

How to operate it ? Let jizhijia teach you how to learn tmall genie in three minutes X1 Free call function .

First you have to have the tmall Genie APP, I don't have tmall spirit .

One 、 Tmall elves APP

Download tmall Genie APP, Open it and click on the middle cat's head at the bottom , After entering the page, the system jumps out of a small section to introduce the audio and video functions , Jizhijia was a little excited when he saw it for the first time , I thought I could project a virtual image , It turns out that I think too much .

The other is the address book , It's the same as the phone directory .

 It's true to call without money

 It's true to call without money

 It's true to call without money

Two 、 Address book settings

You can add contacts in the top right corner of the address book , You can choose to add new contacts , It's the same as saving a new phone number . You can also import contacts from your phone's address book , So jizhijia chose to import a number from the mobile phone address book , I think it's free to call in the future , I'm very happy .

 It's true to call without money

 It's true to call without money

But the joy didn't last long , After adding successfully, I found that free calls are dark , I shivered and chose the regular phone , It turns out that it's the way we usually call !

Jizhijia instantly felt that this function was superfluous , Although in the end jizhijia changed his mind again , But please believe that jizhijia is not a changeable little witch .

 It's true to call without money

3、 ... and 、 Audio and video call settings

Then Jizhi Jiadian started an audio and video call , My address book options and recent calls are displayed on the page , There are also call settings in the upper right corner . My address book is the address book mentioned by jizhijia .

 It's true to call without money

In the call settings, you can choose to receive only calls from friends in the address book , There are also reply settings for rejecting calls , You can also select a device to answer . You can see it , The little cute in the living room is the tmall spirit of jizhijia X1.

 It's true to call without money

Set it up in a circle , I found that only I and my tmall Genie can make free internet calls and voice messages , The four communication modes of other contacts in the address book are only voice message, which indicates that they can invite each other to download tmall Genie APP Turn on the free message function .

 It's true to call without money

 It's true to call without money

Four 、 Video call

Jizhijia resolutely invited a small partner to download , And guess what ? You can really make a video call .

Tmall spirit through APP You can make mobile video calls , In fact, it's the same model as the social software we usually use , It's just a one-sided number , The most important premise is that both parties log in to tmall Genie APP, And bind the mobile number .

 It's true to call without money

If you don't add the other party to the address book , When receiving a call from the other party, the phone number will be displayed , This is only for mobile phone tmall Genie APP call .

5、 ... and 、 summary

The little girl in the living room ( Tmall elves X1) You can't use video call , You can only make Internet calls and voice messages , What a pity .

You can say to it :“ Tmall elves , I'm going to call ”

It will ask : Who are you calling ?

Then you can say : Call XX.

If the other party has downloaded and bound tmall Genie APP, The call will go directly to the other party's mobile phone .

without , Tmall will voice you , Invite the other party to download the binding first .

So here comes the question , If you don't have a tmall smart speaker , You'll download APP Do you ?

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