How to find the good stock around? Angel yeast, OPEC, Dongfang Yuhong

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How to find a good company ?

A friend asked me how to find a good and cheap enterprise ?

I answered “ love your life 、 How to read 、 Read more financial reports ”.

exactly , Investment may really be that simple .

Because of the length , Today, let's talk about how to find excellent enterprises , The price will be discussed later .

The first is the most practical , namely I found it in the supermarket or used it in my life .

This kind of target made me buy stocks Angel yeast 、 Erie shares 、 Fuling pickle 、 Guizhou Moutai .

Angel yeast stock , I believe the vast majority of life loving friends have heard of . Remember when I was a kid , When my mother steamed bread , It's Angel yeast . Then I went to work in Beijing , I found that my daughter-in-law also used Angel yeast to make pasta . Decades have passed , Angel yeast is used all over the country . So I went to see how Angel yeast was doing .

 How to find good stocks around you ? Angel yeast 、 Upcon 、 Oriental rain rainbow

Other similar ones are Yili shares 、 MENGNIU 、 Fuling pickle 、 Haitian soy sauce 、 Hengshun vinegar industry, etc .

The second kind is often encountered , That is to say Special events . For example , My son is short-sighted , Once I went to Tongren Hospital to test my eyesight , With a pair of glasses . At that time, the doctor said , If it's serious , You have to match OK The mirror is broken . About two years later, the child's myopia really worsened , So I went to the children's hospital with a pair of OK mirror , It cost more than 10000 yuan . So I know OK Mirrors are so expensive , There must be huge profits . So I'm looking for a production line that's on the market OK Mirror's company , So I found out Upcon .

When I first bought OPEC , The price has doubled from the low point , I regretted hearing about it for the first time OK I didn't look for a listed company earlier . But it's not too late , After I bought it, the share price went up about 5 times .

 How to find good stocks around you ? Angel yeast 、 Upcon 、 Oriental rain rainbow

And then I got into a habit , When you see a good thing, you will first ask what brand it is ? And then ask if it's on the market . So that my son sometimes habitually asked if he was listed ? Fuyao Glass is the information you know when you repair a car .

The third is similar to the first two , Namely I found it when I was decorating . I didn't like shopping before , But now I especially like shopping malls , Especially supermarkets and building materials markets . Great star new material 、 Dongfang Yuhong was discovered during decoration , Others are home care 、 Sofia and other companies .

 How to find good stocks around you ? Angel yeast 、 Upcon 、 Oriental rain rainbow

The fourth category is What I saw in the book . It is said that , There is a house of gold in the book . Read more books, you can see a lot of company information 、 idea 、 Culture, etc . vanke 、 China safe 、 Gree electric appliances 、 China Merchants Bank and other Big Macs are seen from the book .

The fifth category is Your own company or customers . The company you work for , I know myself best , Our company's customers , I know it relatively well . It's also a good information channel .

love your life , To find the beauty around you , Discover the value around you . But it's not that finding a good product means a good company , Even good companies don't want to buy right away , It takes conditions to buy a company , That is, the price is reasonable or even undervalued . Next time we say how to wait for the price to be reasonable .

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