Which 3D modeling software is easy to learn?
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3D Modeling software which is easy to learn ?

3D There are a lot of modeling software , I think the following software can , The questioner and everyone can learn

1、3DS Max

The United States Autodesk The company's 3D Studio Max( Formerly known as Discreet The company's , After being Autodesk Acquisition ) Is based on PC Three dimensional modeling of the system 、 Animation 、 Rendering software , For the most extensive user base 3D One of the modeling software . Often used in building models 、 Industrial models 、 Interior design and other industries . Because of its universality , It also has a lot of plug-ins , Some are powerful , Basically, they can satisfy the general 3D Modeling requirements .

3D Modeling software which is easy to learn ?


Maya It's also Autodesk Produced by the company 3D Software , It integrates two of the earlier 3D Software Alias and Wavefront. Compared with 3DS Max,Maya It's more professional , Very powerful , Rendering is very realistic , It's movie level high-end production software . In industry , application Maya Most of them are engaged in film and television advertising , Character animation , Special effects and other industries .

3D Modeling software which is easy to learn ?


The United States Pixologic company-developed ZBrush Software is the first in the world that allows artists to feel free to create 3D Design tools .ZBrush Able to carve up to 10 A model of a billion polygons , So the limitation only depends on the artists themselves Imagination of the body .

3D Modeling software which is easy to learn ?

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