"Microblog operation" microblog marketing promotion course 1.0: basic operation of Riyin 3000 powder
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Microblogging is a search + social contact + Media platform .

So it has the following characteristics :

1、 Open and spread : Everyone can see what you post , And a lot of topics are good for communication .

2、 Search for : The most accurate source of traffic , Customers are all with demands / Intention to search .

3、 social contact : Interaction , forward , It's good for fans to enlarge .

Other features of Weibo :

1、 High quality fans : First and second line ,8090 After the main , Strong purchasing power , Easy to transform .

2、 The platform rules are stable : Be familiar with the rules , After creating a good account , Easy to bring a steady stream of accurate traffic .

3、 Inclusive : The nature of microblog openness , Make the microblog rarely title , But it will reduce the weight .

The course catalog

The first 1 section : Introduction and effect of microblog platform .mp4

The first 2 section : Microblog nicknames and naming rules .mp4

The first 3 section : Microblog account registration and basic settings .mp4

The first 4 section : Microblog keyword mining and sorting .mp4

The first 5 section : Microblog content material access channels .mp4

The first 6 section : Microblog top content writing .mp4

The first 7 section : Basic knowledge of microblog real-time number .mp4

The first 8 section : Microblog real-time number maintenance skills .mp4

The first 9 section : Real time number lost the solution .mp4

The first 10 section : Basic knowledge of micro blog topic drainage .mp4

The first 11 section : Hot topics and hot search .mp4

The first 12 section : Micro blog super voice drainage skills .mp4

The first 13 section : Microblog nickname keyword ranking skills .mp4

The first 14 section : Micro blog drainage course summary .mp4
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