Justice online review | the online Red account has been banned, so it's time to stop the vulgar live broadcast of goods
Drunken music 2021-06-07 20:03:59

5 month 17 Japan , An e-commerce company made an announcement on Weibo , There is speculation and selling goods in a certain net 、 Vulgar acting 、 False publicity and other violations , The platform received reports from users 23 More than ten thousand , It has immediately banned its small yellow car and live broadcasting rights , The quality of the goods will be strictly checked , For further treatment .

“ The net is so powerful , Engagement makes a fortune , Come out on a pony , Ask someone to play father ”, The netizen summed up with a doggerel 5 month 15 It's a vulgar drama broadcast live on the Internet's popular engagement day and night . I thought they were “9 Order a love story ” It will end with a successful engagement , I didn't expect to wait for countless product links and up to 4611.8 Ten thousand yuan of sales . And this time, the punishment given by the official platform , It also indicates that this man is relying on vulgar farce to gain traffic , Online celebrities who infringe on consumers' rights and interests , It's going to be cool at last .

In fact, the ban of the Internet red has foreboded , Vulgar script has always been his usual way of live broadcasting , Love and resentment 、 His private life is the weight of his hype , The sacred engagement scene is his way to attract the audience to buy , quarrel 、 Swearing is his funny trick . Even in the mouth “ I love you! , You are willing to marry ……” The sacred vow of marriage , He would suddenly shout out “ Thank you brother Wang for the cloud piercing arrow ”. At the delivery site , Everything can be teased , Everything can be made up , The value of money is magnified infinitely , The sanctity of love and marriage is not worth mentioning . This kind of live broadcasting with no bottom line has been far away from the consumption itself , It's about catching netizens' curiosity , Promote the culture of ugliness appreciation , Pass on the abnormal value of money first , This kind of vulgar goods is not in line with the ethical norms , It can also lead to bad imitation , So as to destroy the market environment of live broadcasting with goods .

However, the reason why the net red offended the public anger is more than that . He was also suspected of false propaganda 、 Selling fakes , Breaking the red line of the law . In his live studio, imitations of big brands and low price goods are everywhere . In our country 《 Network live marketing activities code of conduct 》 It is clearly stipulated in the internet live broadcast marketing to publish commercial advertisements , We should strictly abide by the provisions of the advertising law . No false or misleading commercial propaganda is allowed , cheating 、 Mislead consumers . Its behavior has infringed on the rights and interests of consumers , Violation of relevant laws and regulations , Must be punished severely !

Actually , The account ban just opened the tip of the iceberg of vulgar speculation with the goods circle . There are also a lot of anchorages who have never changed , Follow the same pattern of inflation , On the verge of breaking the law . To really crack down on such vulgar marketing logic and infringement , We must speed up the management of the marketing environment of the network live broadcast .

For the platform , Not only will vulgar farce not bring good data , And it's going to ruin the brand image . The regulatory responsibility of the platform must be strengthened , Implement the network marketing behavior standard , For vulgar speculation account to be closed in time . For false propaganda 、 Selling fake goods and other improper behaviors in violation of laws and regulations , Once it's verified, we should punish it more severely .

It's more important for the anchor to correct his thoughts , Choose products from the interests of consumers , Do more quality content that the public likes to see and hear , To win the long-term support of fans , Only in this way can we usher in the sound development of the live broadcasting industry .

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