How to build a SEM account with clear structure?
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front What should a clear process of building a headline account look like ? This paper introduces the construction process of headline account in detail , There will be differences in information flow accounts of other channels , But not much . Let's introduce today , Another form of bidding ——SEM Promotion account building process . I believe I have been exposed to SEM I understand everything , A clear account structure , Not only can it improve the quality of the account , Also for later data query 、 Analysis and account optimization 、 Management is particularly important .
  1. SEM brief introduction
    Just a little bit about SEM And information flow , Simply speaking , Users search for a keyword through a search engine , Match the advertisement information corresponding to the key words , This is SEM advertisement .
    1.SEM The difference from information flow :

SEM It's user active search , Match ads with keywords ; The flow of information is that advertisers make directional recommendation , Users passively receive advertisements .
  1. SEM And SEO The difference between :
    SEM It's through bidding for the specified keywords , Improve the ranking of web pages ;SEO By optimizing the weight of the website , Improve your ranking .

Two 、 Accounts

Like information flow , To promote, open an account first . Find the corresponding channel agent to open an account , A lot of search applications are doing , For example, the newly opened headline search , But the main channels are Baidu and Sogou . The information needed to open an account is the same in every industry , Take the game industry for example , Opening an account requires : The business license 、 Launch link 、icp、 Text on the Internet 、 Soft wait . The time of opening an account is expected to be 1-5 God .

There are clues to the way data is accessed 、JS Code 、 Consulting tools 、 application , If you're promoting apps , You can also upload application packages or application links directly .

 How to build a well structured SEM Account ?

3、 ... and 、 Build accounts

You need to know the information before you do anything , Before you set up an account, you need to :

Promote products , Understand its positioning 、 The selling point and the most important audience portrait ;

Competitive product information , Understand the audience of the competition , Broaden your keywords ;

Promotion needs , Understand the promotion needs and objectives ;

Promotion budget , The size of the budget given by the company will affect the construction of the account .

SEM The focus of the project is on keywords , So the steps to build an account are :

1、 Look for the core words

The core word is the most important foundation , The core words mainly promote products through analysis 、 Understand the needs of the company and get , To put it simply, you need to know what you want to promote .

2、 Expand keywords

The key words are expanded through the core words , The main development ideas are :
1) Analysis industry , We can start from the upstream and downstream of the industry ;

2) The brand name ;

3) Analyze the product , Analyze the types of products 、 Function, etc ;

4) Search habits : As wrong as a word 、 Synonyms, etc ;

5) regional : Is there a geographical limit to the product , Or highlight the region ;

6) Price ,1 element 、 Special Offer 、 How much, etc ;

7) ranking , best 、 Which one is better to wait for .

It's very difficult to form words by yourself , Mainly rely on tools to expand words , You can pay attention to Baidu Index , According to Baidu Index to understand the relevant key words and the fastest rising key words , Add to the account as needed ; Or search directly in the search engine , There will be related push results ; Or search the core words directly in the word extension tool , Words that users have searched will appear , And then according to the word expansion of the core words .

3、 Keyword classification

Expanded keywords , You must have a lot of keywords , At this time , You need to sort these keywords , First, classify the words with similar meaning , Then classify the words with the same part of speech .
  1. Filter keywords

Categorize keywords completely and you'll find , Many words developed by word extension tools are meaningless or irrelevant , You need to delete words from your list , Build a negative list , Prevent the system from appearing in the process of promotion . Classified words , You need to rank by relevance , Then according to the company's promotion target or promotion budget , Control the amount of words .
  1. Account institution
    Actually, finish the first four steps , You already have a rough account tree , You just need to fill in the keywords according to the account structure .

 How to build a well structured SEM Account ?

Case study :

 How to build a well structured SEM Account ?

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