"Mother's day, I do something for my mother" thanksgiving education activity of chishang Town Central School
Moss building 2021-06-07 19:34:16

In order to let students accept love and gratitude on the road of growth , Know how to give back to parents , Stimulate students' love for their elders 、 Filial obedience , On Mother's Day , Chishang Town Central School launched “ Mother's Day , I do something for my mother ” Thanksgiving education activities .

In the activity , The children are initiated by the school teachers , One after another with practical action to help her mother to complete a thing within her power , Practice your gratitude to your mother . Some children help their mother do the dishes and housework , Give mom a break ; Some children beat their mother's back , Relieve the fatigue of mother's day's work ; Some children give their mothers a warm hug , It enhances the relationship between mother and son ; Some children bring hot water for their mothers , I washed my mother's feet once , Let mom fall asleep ; Some children give their mothers the most beautiful flowers , I sent my mother warm wishes and greetings ……

The event is simple , But it has extraordinary significance , It makes mothers feel a love from their children , Let the students learn how to express their love for their mother , Further enhance the students' gratitude , It also shows that the students in chishang central school know how to be grateful , The good quality of filial piety to parents .

 Chishang Central School “ Mother's Day , I do something for my mother ” Thanksgiving education activities

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