No need to punch in, flexible work... Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing
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Mention Microsoft , We usually think of Windows、Office、Azure、Xbox And a series of famous products , These products serve billions of users around the world , Help them use technology to change their lives and work . before , We've shown you Microsoft's Chengdu Office , And Microsoft headquarters in Beijing , As a regional core base , He is responsible for basic scientific research 、 Marketing Management 、 Product operation 、 Technological innovation 、 New product development and other important missions .

Thank you for your invitation , The minority recently visited Microsoft's China headquarters office building in Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing , What's in it ? And what kind of state are their employees working ? in addition , We are also very lucky to have an interview with Microsoft 365 Greater China Product Director ( Consumer ) Lu Lin Lorraine Lu, I talked to her about working at Microsoft and Microsoft 365 What's new .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

This building is made up of Tower 1(1 building ) and Tower 2(2 building ) form , among 1 No. 1 building is mainly for the market 、 Sales and some R & D departments , and 2 Building 2 is basically a researcher from Microsoft Research Asia . stay 2001 Founded in , Thanks to the good policy support from Haidian District government at that time , Microsoft got the current prime location at a very low cost . After our inquiry, we learned that , The R & D team is located in Beijing 、 Suzhou and Shanghai .

Microsoft China Center 1: Application of cutting edge technology

Many big companies have special areas , It's like a Museum Hall , Used to show the company's ideas and specific products , And Microsoft is no exception , It's called 「Microsoft China Center 1( Microsoft's new horizon )」 Region , I've seen some technologies I've heard of but haven't used , More are new technologies that have never been heard of or used .

As soon as you enter the first display area, it's easy to think of Metro UI, This rectangular design style has been extended to many products of Microsoft . The floor 、 There are colorful squares on the ceiling and walls , With different products Logo, You can click and interact , Microsoft has a big family and a big business , The product of many , It's a pretty intuitive way of showing .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

In addition to the consumer business we're familiar with , Microsoft also has a large part of enterprise services , The exhibition hall shows Microsoft Asia Research Institute and orient overseas shipping (OOCL) The cooperation plan launched , adopt AI Dispatch ships , Apply deep learning technology to shipping network operation , Optimize port allocation , Increase of efficiency , To greatly help enterprises reduce operating costs .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

But that sounds a bit abstract, right ? The following one can be widely used in real life , Microsoft AI The voice team works with public welfare organizations for people with visual impairment , Synthesis of audio books through neural networks , For children in schools for the blind , Great savings in time and cost .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

The production of traditional voice books needs real people to record , It's time-consuming and requires special venues , And ordinary. TTS(text to speech) It's easy , But the sentence and tone will also appear particularly stiff , Text to speech service based on deep neural network , Now it's just a matter of time 1 Hours of voice and intonation data , You can exactly imitate , Different languages can also be derived ( Britain, France and Japan / dialect ) The voice of , We listen to the effect of Chinese reading on the spot, fluent and natural , In the case that the training original recording is all based on Putonghua , I even heard Zhou Xun speak Japanese 、 Kang Hui said the wonderful combination of Shaanxi dialect and so on , It's amazing .

Besides , We also experienced it on the spot HoloLens 2, Although through the mobile phone screen display experience all kinds of AR application , But in fact, the interactive feeling of wearing it on the face is very different .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

Where the headquarters building is also Microsoft cloud computing display / A great example of industry solutions , We watched a video about intelligent management of building park , Referred to the 1 Most of building No.1 is based on the marketing department , Low power consumption , and 2 The R & D Department of Building No 、 There are many computer rooms , High power consumption , These data can help them to upgrade their infrastructure later on , Combined with temperature and humidity data for intelligent adjustment .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

It's rich in content , Unfortunately, time is limited , We didn't experience it in full detail , Talking to the staff, he told us , At present, this area is only for internal staff to make an appointment , Show outside people around , If you happen to have a chance to experience it , Don't miss it .

Telecommuting 、 Never punch in , Maximum freedom of work

Come to the office area , Different from many Internet companies , I find that many desks are actually empty , It was about the afternoon 5:30 about , I thought it was time for everyone to leave , But the staff at Microsoft told me , Their office hours are flexible , It's result oriented in employee management , If it turns out to be good , You don't have to go to a company to , Telecommuting is also possible . For example, as a multinational company , There are often meetings around seven or eight in the morning , You can start at home and then go to the company , Avoid traffic jams , It saves a lot of energy compared to the normal clock in and out .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

Stations and tea breaks

As a Microsoft employee , Provided by the company Surface equipment 、Microsoft 365 Enterprise subscription is naturally everyone's standard configuration , In addition, due to the epidemic situation , In addition to providing a free choice of flexible office , There are also 5 The name of heaven is 「Wellbeing Days」 The holiday of , this 5 Days is an extra on top of the employee's annual leave , It's mainly because of the global epidemic , There's a lot of pressure , I hope you can relax through the extra holiday , Accompany your family 、 Cultivate interest 、 Travel …… Enjoy your own time .

Eat well and work well , The canteen is also the embodiment of the company's good welfare , We went to the canteen for a simple walk , Taking care of different needs , The canteen is also divided into two , One is the traditional canteen 「 Big pot dishes 」, The other is the stir fried canteen . The canteen will send out regular questionnaires to collect opinions , Rotate the dishes , And Microsoft has multiple offices across the country , Even kitchen masters from different cities will exchange , Bring local flavor dishes , Many chefs are masters of chefs , It's five stars .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

Waiting staff

In terms of price , There will be a monthly allowance for the employee meal card , Daily meals are quite enough , Basically, it's free . And I also noticed the humanistic care of large enterprises , The canteen has set up 「 Mom to be 」, Taking care of a special group of employees . There are plenty of dining areas in the canteen , Plus the flexibility of working hours , There are plenty of snacks and drinks in the tea room , There will be no serious queuing phenomenon in peak dining period .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

Mom to be

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

The gym , There are also free training courses

Talk about Microsoft and Microsoft 365

After visiting some office buildings , We are also very honored to work with Microsoft 365 Greater China Product Director ( Consumer ) Lu Lin Lorraine Lu We had a conversation , Asked about Microsoft itself and Microsoft 365 A series of questions about .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

With Lu Lin Lorraine Lu( Right )

π: Can you introduce yourself first ?

Lu Lin : I'm in charge of consumption at Microsoft Microsoft 365 Product strategy , Our team is mainly In charge of Greater China , Give Way Microsoft 365 as well as Office Office software product strategy landing , Assist our sales team and marketing team , Let this product go to market , Serving users .

π: Let's give a brief introduction to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing .

Lu Lin : There are two buildings in Microsoft's Beijing headquarters , It's called Microsoft Research Asia , that 1 No. 1 building is mainly composed of sales team and marketing team , The task is to sell and serve the users , Small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) 、 Large enterprises are business customers , At the same time, we also have personal and family users who are consumer customers . So we are aiming at the sales teams of different customer types 、 Marketing team and product team , And functional departments , Including financial and legal departments .

2 Building 2 is the Research Institute , It focuses on R & D , Well, the R & D team is mainly responsible for the research direction of Microsoft's future technology , What they do is long-term research and strategy .

π: Besides better working environment and salary , What do Microsoft employees have 「 Microsoft features 」 The welfare of ?

Lu Lin : I think it should be possible first of all Experience Microsoft's high-tech products at any time , image Surface, And our software ,Windows 10、Microsoft 365, These software are all enterprise versions , It's also a manifestation of the best productivity , It's quite natural , It's the company's product, after all .

And in terms of Welfare , What's worth introducing is the holidays , Because of the epidemic , Microsoft employees during the epidemic , You can work in a flexible way , You can work from home , You can also work in any city , Choose the right time and place , It's very flexible .

At the same time, Microsoft also provides employees with a be known as Wellbeing Days Of 5 Days off , this 5 Days is added to the annual leave , The goal is to let employees relax and relieve stress during the epidemic , this 5 A three-day holiday is a special time to enjoy , Study 、 Develop hobbies 、 motion 、 It's OK to recharge or take a vacation .Wellbeing Days It's also a special benefit for Microsoft , During the epidemic period, employees have more time to relax, learn and grow .

π: A lot of domestic Internet work intensity is higher , For a foreign company like Microsoft , How employees usually balance work and life ?

Lu Lin : There is no clock in system in the way Microsoft works , Performance appraisal allows you to , To arrange your work and life according to your own time and work style . For example, a mother with a child , She can use the Internet at home , Through our Surface、Microsoft 365 as well as Microsoft Teams To telecommuting , With her colleagues at headquarters , There are also video calls from domestic teams , Cooperative Office , At the same time, I can take care of my children at home . Microsoft employees have different ways of working to take care of their families and lives .

π: This year, Office 365 Renamed Microsoft 365, Can you explain why ?

Lu Lin :Office 365 In this year 4 This month was officially renamed Microsoft 365, What does that mean ? One is the brand , From a product 「Office」 Became a company 「Microsoft」 The brand of , It represents the most advanced technology content and productivity improvement of Microsoft , Including the implantation of artificial intelligence and cloud services , And our understanding of Data security and privacy protection , After that, it's not just an office software service , Contains more brand value implications .

π: How you use it internally Microsoft 365 For telecommuting , Can you give me an example ?

Lu Lin : Tolerable ,Microsoft 365 It's an office software service based on the cloud . Our team is responsible for the Greater China region , Often need to work side by side with teams in different places , So in the process of teamwork , Efficiency is very important , There are many ways of communication , You need documents to be constantly transmitted to each other , But with Microsoft 365 after , Documents can have a co editing function , Teams from different regions can edit multiple people on the same document , In this way, the document is always updated in real time , You can also see the other party's changes , We can get the same document for the whole greater China team , This is a result of multiple editors , It's a very effective way to collaborate .

π: Most ordinary users mentioned Office Still think of Word、PowerPoint Local stand-alone version of applications such as , You feel Microsoft 365 What's the biggest difference in service ?

Lu Lin : I think Microsoft 365, Compare that to the independent Word、PowerPoint、Excel etc. , It's a great sublimation . Our original product is actually a product , I'll sell you whatever you want , however Microsoft 365 It's a service . The concept of service is an ever-changing one , So the original Word、PowerPoint and Excel Its functions are constantly changing bring forth the new through the old , You can always use the latest features , For example, new AI Related functions , Let your computer chart , And some typesetting can have better efficiency and beauty .

Simultaneous utilization OneDrive Core cloud services , Users are no longer affected by devices and offices Environmental restrictions , Whether it's at home 、 Office or on the road , Cloud storage allows you to edit office documents using any device 、 Use and collaborate , Make the office more flexible .

π: Now that you mentioned Microsoft 365 As a feature of continuous updating of services , What are the latest features can be introduced separately ?

Lu Lin : Our latest Microsoft 365 Updated words , One is 「 Design inspiration 」 function , In the past, some creative layout design will be carried out automatically , Support different typesetting styles of pictures , What's new this year is not just the ability to typeset pictures , It can also demonstrate the text dynamically , Give Way PowerPoint More vivid .

Another new feature is for Apple M1 Device support , We adapted before 「 Continuous interworking 」,iPhone Pictures taken directly on the Internet , It can be converted into words or tables , Directly in Mac Computer PowerPoint / Excel Edit and browse .


We usually think that , Build world class products , Serve global users , Maybe the process must be painful , The work must be hard , But after visiting Microsoft , On the contrary, it is favorable conditions , A free working environment , It has attracted talents from all walks of life , It brings more ideal effect , The formation of health 、 Open corporate culture , Make employees feel happy and more efficient at the same time .

Microsoft Office from 90 In the early S , It carries people's simplest pursuit of efficiency : In a digital way , Make the office easier , And the change of multiple versions ,Office The use of core concepts has not changed . Whether you're an individual or a small team , With efficient work 、 Managing the needs of life , Try something more modern 、 Convenient and intelligent Microsoft 365 service .

 No need to punch in 、 Flexible work …… Take you to Microsoft headquarters in Beijing

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