Do SEO daily what? 80% of webmasters are fishing, and it's painful to touch all day

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seo daily webmasters fishing painful

SEO There is no uniform standard for daily newspapers in the industry , The reason is simple , Because everyone has different ways of doing things , But do SEO industry It has to be done efficiently KPI, So the daily can reflect the existence of a person's value , If a daily newspaper doesn't look readable or even substantive , Sooner or later, such a daily will be disgusted by the leaders, leading to later dismissal , So to a certain extent , Writing a daily is a high Eq 、 Low IQ reporting forms . So how to write a daily newspaper , It can be divided into the following situations :

 do seo What are you doing everyday ?80% All the stationmaster of our company are fishing , It's painful to touch all day

1、 Employees write daily reports

Employees report to supervisors and managers , commonly SEO The Commissioner does manual work , For example, how many articles have been updated , Or how many outside the chain and so on , If you only have one day's update in your daily paper 4 An article , Issued 10 Outer chain , sorry , Such a daily , Sooner or later something will happen , So our daily also needs to be optimized .

First of all, our essential work is to send articles and external links , But we need to enrich the content of this work , Such as this :

 do seo What are you doing everyday ?80% All the stationmaster of our company are fishing , It's painful to touch all day

1、 Update the original articles on the official website 4 piece , The inner chain has done 20 strip , Anchor text has been done 14 individual , The keyword density reaches 7%, accord with SEO standard . meanwhile , Content production has reached the mode of small batch replication , It is expected that the working day will reach 5 piece , Content optimization richness reaches 80%.

2、 Engage with multiple high weight platforms , Can be expected to release outside the chain 200 strip , Currently only update 10 strip , The text of the outer chain anchor is XXX, Every one of them URL Detailed records have been made , Ensure continuous effect in the later period .

Did you see? ? One day update 4 An article , Hair 10 Outside the chain of the daily , Less than 20 A daily newspaper with two words can be written as a daily newspaper on such a large scale , You're afraid your leaders don't like it ?

2、 The middle and high levels write daily reports

in fact , The middle and high levels are no longer doing some substantive work , It's more about management and thinking , So the daily reports of your subordinates , Don't copy it into yours , So your boss will think you are shameless , All I know is plagiarism . The middle and high level daily should write like this , Or take the example of the above article and chain .

 do seo What are you doing everyday ?80% All the stationmaster of our company are fishing , It's painful to touch all day

1、 The content group has completed the assigned workload , Daily update 4 piece , Content richness 80%, It is expected to arrive in a week 30 piece , Can be included in the rate of 85%.

2、 The external chain group has completed the established workload , Contact and cooperate with multiple platforms , Expected to increase 200 Outer chain , The current completion schedule is 20%, expect 2 Finish in a week .

3、 Training content group 、 Outside the chain group and other members SEO Related businesses and specifications , The business capability has been improved significantly , Staff efficiency is also enhanced .

Write it like this , The boss doesn't like it ? impossible .

Write a daily newspaper according to these templates , It highlights its own value and has substantial content , Make sure the people you report to like it .

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