KOL, Koc or out of date, is Kos on fire?

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kol koc date kos

KOL、KOC Or out of date ,KOS Just in the middle of the fire ?

《 New business evolution 》 The first 178 piece

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In this “ Grass planting for all ” Era , The Internet is undoubtedly the biggest catalyst . As the Internet marketing dividend continues to peak 、 The improvement of consumer immunity ,“ Want to buy ” Our professionalism and trust are suffering .

“ Want to buy ” Although fast ,“ It's delicious ” It's hard to , How to jump out of the vicious “ Want to buy ” Circle , Increase the stickiness and retention of vermicelli 、 loyalty , Don't do a hammer deal , It's a platform 、 The brand side and even everyone is anxious about thinking about the problem .

For platforms and brands , The core is IP The two challenges are the continuous innovation of content and the continuous competitiveness of supply chain .

For a long time ,IP The content is basically distributed among stars 、 online celebrity 、 Blogger 、 entrepreneurs , They leverage traffic in the public domain , Leverage relationships in private , On the contrary, the brand is more and more far away from the consumers ,KOL( Key opinion leaders ) It has changed from a bridge to a heavy wall that is hard to push away .

Across the sea , In just two years, it has occupied half of China's Internet marketing KOL Concept , Is it out of date ?

One 、 From grass planting to transformation , Traditional thinking needs to change

Can a good product be sold , Need to go through the brand 、 There are three stages of marketing and sales . A brand is a mental pre-sale , Pre sale is a kind of subjective cognition , The product is good , Weak brand , The problem is , The wine is good, but the alley is too deep , Just like a high paid but dull programmer is not popular in the love and marriage market .

Weak marketing , The problem is , Unable to get customers on a large scale , Turn cognitive presale into a clue ; Weak sales , The problem is , Unable to batch complete the last step of transformation .

Under this logic , As a result of the Internet graphics 、 Video is highly developed , Can create content 、 It can also gather fans KOL It has become a hub of products to users .

Those who are active KOL People , With fire one brand after another …… Grow grass and complete the brand at the same time 、 Marketing and sales , Compared with the hard wide era , More intuitive through key opinion leaders 、 More people friendly product display for Amway , Naturally, it is more trusted and loved by consumers , This is also KOL An important reason for rapid development .

Today's consumption is no longer just brand centered , But by the KOL( Key opinion leaders )、 Friends recommend 、 Algorithm recommendation and brand jointly construct four dimensions of consumption decision . Ways to attract consumers' attention , It's getting more and more .

Therefore , No “ Want to buy ”, No business .

But internet marketing is growing at the same time , The consumption concept of consumers is also improving , Single group 、 The single form of grass planting logic has been unable to meet the purchase needs of consumers ,KOL Marketing power is beginning to weaken , Marketing conversion rate continues to decline .

and “ Head KOL The monopoly problem is serious ”、“ The market space is greatly squeezed ” The problem of the Internet entering the precipitation period after the dividend peaked has gradually emerged .

Fear everything “ Too much of a good thing ”,KOL It's a very appropriate word to use today . When monopoly appears , It's no longer just an idiom story .

In this information age , Occupy more information advantage and the head of traffic space KOL Our continuous inner volume is a great blow to the living space of content creators on the whole platform , It depends on the brand 、 On the platform , Head KOL The continuous expansion of China's economy has done more harm than good .

For content creators , Early flow dividend has been fully divided , Nowadays, the market structure tends to be stable , Industry ecology does not change , It's hard to get new people to come out .

In terms of brand , For a long time IP Most brands between content and supply chain , because IP It doesn't belong to you , This leads to the continuous cost of traffic acquisition , And the competition of supply chain goes to price war , Leading to living space is also constantly squeezed .

Brand channel development becomes more difficult , Adhesiveness is weakened instead .

In terms of platform ,KOL With the unlimited expansion of private traffic , Public domain traffic space is being squeezed . The hard work of the platform is to make wedding clothes for a few people , And a lot of better content creators are just getting harder to see .

For the whole industry , A good 、 Orderly 、 As far as possible fair competition environment will promote good industry ecological development , just as “ To have a source of fresh water ”, The industry itself needs a steady stream of fresh blood .

Recently, I saw a brand new “ Want to buy ” Pattern ——“KOS”, Is going out a different way of Internet marketing .

Two 、 from KOL To KOC To KOS, One word difference , The difference between heaven and earth

KOS——“Key Opinion Sales”, Key ideas selling , Special refers to the professional sales ability and a large number of vertical industries 、 Strong content creators of brand knowledge reserve .

It's not hard to see. ,KOS Compared with the early KOL( Key opinion leaders )、 Popular in the last two years KOC( Key opinion customers ) comparison ,KOS The most unique is its “ teller ” And “ shoppers ” attribute , In other words, its impact on the product “ Sales conversion ” attribute .

And why can this attribute help KOS Become the next stage of Internet marketing life ? The reason lies in its specific professionalism and degree of transformation .

Tiktok is more representative. KOS——@ For Luo Wangyu , Years of experience in the video industry , Highly professional , The number of fans is tiktok. 793.2w, Once ranked fourth in a row “ Star map ” Top of the grass planting list , according to an uncompleted statistic , The maximum carrying capacity of a single video exceeds 1300w, It's business value TOP level .

As his profile says , All efforts are to reduce the trial and error cost of fans , Those who have actively served us offline , Now in a more novel way 、 More concise form for consumers to carry out the same counter service , No doubt it hit the consumer's point .

KOL、KOC Or out of date ,KOS Just in the middle of the fire ?

Let go of the slight head KOS Don't say , Estee Lauder group's famous cosmetics brand MAC Has been the first to hatch its own brand KOS, Play out the brand marketing new ideas , Interact with consumers in a more direct way with higher stickiness , brand KOS Has become MAC Exclusive consumer communication media .

For example, the representative peach ah ran 、RayRay Love to sleep and so on MAC Our excellent brother and sister , After the shaking, the amount of powder tiktok is gratifying. . They are a group of people who are gradually growing into MAC Brand exclusive waist KOS.

For a person with talent , Service experience of brand front line 、 Reserve of sales expertise 、 The professional identity of brother and sister cupboard is undoubtedly a sharp tool to gain consumers' trust and attention .

and For the platform ,KOS It has lower risk 、 Higher quality “ Grass grower ”, High quality IP Long term delivery of content .

meanwhile , They are also mutually beneficial with the platform , It has stronger interdependence and stickiness , Platform empowerment KOS grow up ,KOS New customer feedback platform .

For the brand side , They are the ones with more vertical professional knowledge reserve and grass planting ability “ elite ”, It is the best bridge between brand and consumer , It is also the best helper for the brand to expand its new channel model .

meanwhile , For the whole industry , Help the industry upstream incubate employees with content creation ability , shape “ Common offline teller ——KOS” Role transformation of , Find a breakthrough new link from content to traffic to sales for the industry , It must be positive 、 Innovative .

In the age of Internet , Marketing strategy is changing with each passing day , From channel to King “ Seizing the golden market ” To “KOL The storm prevailed ” Until then “KOC Friend style ” marketing , It's only three or five years , The links and ports of Internet marketing are constantly changing in the process of optimization .

When all platforms are in the same color KOC After being homogenized by business , It not only affects consumers and consumers KOC Trust crisis in China , It also affects the stickiness between consumers and platforms , and KOC It is precisely because “ Endorsement of trust ”.

On the contrary ,KOS Greatly weakened the friend type marketing , either KOL Large scale flow bonus collected , But he's more professional 、 More accurate 、 More vertical , To some extent, it's a combination KOL Of “ Expertise ” and KOC Of “ Affinity to the people ” Consumer opinion leaders in China .

KOL、KOC The weakness of the market also indicates the arrival of a new outlet in the marketing industry ——KOS, At the right time .

KOS The time has come , How to start “ Appearance ” First stop ,KOS Why do we tiktok the platform to carry out the whole network radiation? ?

Some people talk about it : Tiktok , There is no impossibility .

why KOS Are all tiktok platforms. ? Tiktok has a smarter flow distribution mode. . The flow distribution mode of the center of the voice is not tiktok for a certain creator , It's traffic distribution based on the possibility that high-quality content will be seen .

This kind of traffic distribution logic enables more creators to stand on the platform “ Run the line together ” Content creation on the Internet , On the one hand, the platform has more operation space for high-quality content , On the other hand, more ordinary people can be seen gradually .

3、 ... and 、KOS, What can it bring to the brand ?

Relying on vibrant tiktok, a strong content ecosystem and business system. ,3 month 26 Japan , Tiktok combined with Estee Lauder's famous cosmetics brand MAC Launched “KOS101”, Brother and sister of the cabinet ,KOS The concept was also mentioned for the first time .

KOL、KOC Or out of date ,KOS Just in the middle of the fire ?

The activity lasted a whole month , Nearly 100 cupboard brothers and cupboard sisters show their magic power , At the same time, it also brings a lot of beauty dry goods knowledge to countless consumers , And this way of dimension reduction marketing with the help of information gap is often that consumers can really feel the benefit 、 I want to pay for it .

therefore , From the beginning to the end of the activity , Not only will KOS The concept has been thoroughly launched , One of its organizers is Estee Lauder group's famous cosmetics brand MAC It also benefited a lot , every KOS The dissemination of content creation is MAC A recessive radiation of brand , Get a good reputation in China 、 High coverage 、 At the same time , It not only takes the lead in the industry, but also develops its own business KOS, Also in the activity obtained the extremely high conversion rate . This time KOS In total, the activity produced nearly 100 million yuan 600 ten thousand GMV, It can be said that the return is much higher than the investment .

In this month , Countless cupboard brothers and cupboards were seen through their own efforts , And the most popular players @ Double Xu is full fire , Activity just a month up powder over 30w! In the end, it also lived up to the expectations of the public KOS101 The champion of .

Have to say , because KOS101 The emergence of activities , Let more people have the possibility of being seen , Also let more excellent creators have a period to look forward to .

Four 、KOS This train , Why do we have to go up ?

1.KOS It will be an inevitable trend for the development of planting grass with goods

Only rely on a few early to eat up the head of the traffic dividend , It is an obstacle to decide the industry 、 Disruptive development .

and KOS Is different , Luo Wangyu 、 The reason why Cui Jianan and other top leaders can be regarded as evergreen among grass planting opinion leaders , Just because of its infinite proximity to the brand , In a sense, their identity as brother and sister of cupboard has increased the brand's stickiness with them , It also increases their stickiness with consumers , At the same time, it also helps the sticky growth of brands and consumers .

They are elite salesmen perpendicular to a particular category 、 Grass growers , Therefore, it is more trusted by consumers , Consumers have higher loyalty to it .

To some extent ,KOS It's a human design IP、 High integration of brand and supply chain , Cracked the past human design IP、 The dilemma of completely disjointed brand interests .

2. Brands need to cultivate their own opinion leaders

For a long time , There are only two kinds of marketing “ people ”: Brand and user , It's like the definition of marketing , Marketing is a brand that delivers the right information to the right users through the right channels . now , Information spread faster and wider , But at the same time, the export of brand opinions is more difficult .

Just like Estee Lauder group's famous cosmetics brand MAC With the help of KOS101 The burst fund event has hatched a series of its own business KOS commonly , The only way for a brand to develop its own strong opinion leaders , In order to build a better bridge between themselves and consumers .

3.KOS General trend , Huge traffic potential

Tiktok combined with Estee Lauder's famous cosmetics brand MAC Sponsored “KOS101” Activities , This activity #KOS101# Topic broadcast more than 2.2 100 million times .

Have to say , In terms of attention 、 Or the activity of fans like comments ,KOS The traffic potential and business value are very eye-catching .

future ,KOS Can it detonate continuously , Can its commercial value stand the test of practice , It also needs the deep operation of brand and platform to realize together , And in the end KOS、 Brand and platform may usher in a win-win situation .

Opportunities for pioneers , This is especially true of dividends .

Tiktok KOS Can it bring more new possibilities to the industry , Let's wait and see .

* The article is the author's independent opinion , It doesn't represent the position of the notebook man .

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