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zebra 2021-05-04 15:49:00
From the time of the epidemic to today , I've been making headlines for almost two months . Because at first I wrote out of interest , So it didn't operate well in the early stage , Leading to the expiration of the first audit in the headline Q & a field , It's going up very slowly , Although they are all original, but there has been no original mark and other problems .

One day I saw “ Qingyun plan ” When you want to apply , Only then discovered that did not have the original cannot apply , That's when I started to pay attention to the operation law of Toutiao .

The following is my experience sharing , I hope that more friends who are going to make headlines can avoid the detours I have taken , You can go straight “ The main road ”!

 Operation headline number , A guide to avoiding pits

Writing is so attractive

Free play , The period when the blind man felt the elephant

When I started making headlines , Just bow your head to express your feelings , It's absolutely related to the epidemic , There's nowhere to vent ! It's not the sentimentality of some petty bourgeoisie who feel sorry for themselves , Just some and “ Mythical Animals ” At home, fighting for wisdom and bravery .

However, I worked hard to write a good article , After a joyful Click to send , Most of them are dozens to hundreds of books , It's frustrating . I have no choice but to explore the reasons , Here are some points discovery of great importance

 Operation headline number , A guide to avoiding pits

Book and paper start a wonderful day

1. Before the official registration of the headline number , It's very necessary to understand the operation mechanism of some headlines

When you've decided to start running headline , Don't rush to register , Let's first look at how headlines operate , It will take a lot less detours .

Toutiao regularly hosts many official training camps , Including the front page open class , Later content class , Column writing class and so on . This information requires the creator to pay more attention to the notice of the headline activity . There is a very detailed description of how to operate the Toutiao number . Because it's official , So it's very authoritative . And all of these courses are offered free by the headlines .

for example , There was one before “ Plan Bole ”, Specifically for new creators , You can do this by joining “ Plan Bole ” Open the green channel and originality, etc . Didn't join “ Plan Bole ” Of , They can only explore by themselves , Apply slowly , It's time-consuming and laborious . So it's highly recommended for those who want to make headlines , Don't worry , There are many shortcuts to take !

No chance to participate in “ Plan Bole ” Of , You can also read more summary articles like mine , It's a guide to avoid the pit that all the authors have experienced , If you read a few more articles, you will naturally have ideas !

 Operation headline number , A guide to avoiding pits

Reading and writing are my favorite

2. Choose the right field , Make sure you don't write in a mess , Write what you are good at

The headlines are very detailed , The big field is divided into many small fields , Be sure to figure out what you are best at before deciding on your field . for example : The emotion category is subdivided into life perception , Emotional attitude , Film reviews, book reviews, etc , It's better to operate vertically in the field of refinement .

Domain verticality is very important , It's directly related to the amount of recommendations the website gives you , Because the number of headlines is divided by the machine . If the field of writing is vertical , The machine will go through big data , Recommend your article to readers who like to read it , At the same time, we will get a lot of like-minded fans . In the future, it will be possible to enter this vertical industry community , Including the subsequent column is also very good , Most of them are regular readers who like you .

 Operation headline number , A guide to avoiding pits

Writing is the best way to force reading

3. It is recommended that you can buy some related writing courses to learn

Because many of the creators who have just come into contact with the headlines are we media Xiaobai , It takes too much time and effort to cross the river by feeling the stones , It's better to be simple and quick , Pay for the most useful information and ways . And many paid writing camps have recommendation through trains and recommendation plus yellow v, The ability to be original .

But don't be greedy , I used to pay the most for free 1799 Yuan's course , Nearly a dozen , Some are repetitive , Some of them are written courses , It's not suitable for people who are short of time to study . Therefore, it is suggested to find a recognized teacher , Suitable for your own style , Deep ploughing is enough . Because almost every teacher's paid writing column has a basic class , Refresher class , Story class or film and television book review class, etc , You can choose the most suitable course for yourself . There will be a sudden sense of light , Progress is fast !

 Operation headline number , A guide to avoiding pits

A cup of tea and a pen start a wonderful day

4. Pay more attention to “ The school of creation ” The activities of , Take part in essay soliciting activities

Headlines: some of the events have big bonuses , Write seriously and take part in more , There are always a few articles in it . for example :“ Qingyun plan ”, First prize in January 1000 element , After the second one, it's all 300 element , If you can be rated as the monthly premium account bonus 5000 element .

All in all , If deep ploughing is put in , After a period of persistence , There's bound to be gains , Maybe the foundation of each author is different , The harvest is not the same , But just keep at it , There will be rewards .

5. article , Micro headlines and Wukong Q & A can be operated at the same time , This way, the powder will rise faster . Also can pass as soon as possible original and open income

Three in one , The article needs more effort , Focus on original logo . Micro headlines and Wukong Q & A should be as many as possible every day , It can increase the powder quickly , The latest rule in the headlines ,1000 Above the powder can open the income .

One thing to remind you of , There is a time limit for applying for certification . Within a month, several questions need to be answered as high-quality answers to pass . I didn't care much about that before , As a result, a month passed , I just casually answer a few questions , Be told to fail Certification . The second certification requires 30 I can't apply again until 10 days later ! Dear friends, please pay attention to this . Not opening certification is delaying making money ! Bear in mind ! Bear in mind !

 Operation headline number , A guide to avoiding pits

Reading, writing, heaven and earth

6. If you want to open other platform accounts at the same time , Remember to use the same name

Some people want to make headlines , At the same time, apply for Baijia , Tiktok , Well quickly , Penguin , You know , Simple books and so on , All need the same name . In this way, we will issue a document later , It's all your articles , Otherwise, it may be judged as plagiarism by the machine .

As individuals , It is recommended that multiple platforms operate at the same time , Because it means that multiple platforms have revenue ! As long as it's your own creation , I haven't invested in any other payment platform , Can be published in their own operating account .

All these above , All of them are personal experiences gained by the author in exchange for precious time and energy , Hope to give you friends who are going to join the headlines or we media , Provide some useful information .