New media how to play, a picture to teach you( (including script)
Sao Nian 2021-05-04 15:37:00

 How new media play , A picture teaches you !( With scripts )

What to shoot :

New media concept ; New media is at four levels

Technical level , Using digital technology , Network technology and mobile communication technology reflect

At the channel level , Internet 、 LAN 、 Wireless communication and satellite transmission

Terminal level , TV 、 Computers and mobile phones are used as output terminals

4、 Service level , Provide users with video 、 Audio 、 Voice data services connect the service level of integrated information and entertainment services such as games and distance education .

New media is represented by digital technology , Break the barriers between the media , Closing the gap in space , Close the gap between the disseminator and the receiver .

Following me can let you know more about new media operation .

New media features :

Two way interaction , Let the communicator and the receiver , The two sides interact 、 feedback ., How much forwarding and diffusion can be brought to the disseminators , All the data is visual , It's easier to analyze

Diffuse access

Direct marketing

4、 Short feedback period

5、 High user retention
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