How do novice players play tiktok live?
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Hello everyone , I am orange, the marketing promotion tutor of Shangheng college . After my name is my new stomach number . Today, how to play tiktok live room is the way beginners share with everyone. , Live broadcasting has become a trend of development in recent years , With the tiktok, the short video is getting more and more popular. , Too many to count people who earn money tiktok live by the method of live broadcast. .

If you can tiktok to the way of live broadcast of the live sound, , In fact, it's not necessary to spend too much time every day to make a huge profit .

Tiktok first, let's know how to activate live streaming. , There are three main ways. The first one , Independent application , Immediately, we can find the actual independent application steps in the feedback and assistance of the tiktok backstage. .

It will tell you whether your qualification certificate is qualified , What else must be prepared in advance .

The second is to apply for big names , If you are a person with special professional skills , If you have been in the background management, not qualified to apply , You can push your profile tiktok short to video. , Email application of official website , Tiktok should contain short video. 、 It's called 、 Douyin short video ID Douyin short video 、 Personal center screen capture 、 Douyin short video 、 A link to the book and a photo of its own ID card .

The third way to enable service platform invitation .

If you are always tiktok , And tiktok often. , Then you are very easily checked by the tiktok short video. , Moreover, it is immediately granted the management permission to enable the live broadcasting room by the service platform , You only have to rely on the email pushed by the service platform , Invitation according to the requirements of the application can be .

Second, let's understand the equipment and layout of the live broadcasting room , The first mobile phone rack , Support frame 、 Movable support frame 、 The anti vibration support frame needs to be configured properly. Different scenes are shot in the live broadcast room .

The second microphone is inevitable , Be able to clean up your reputation .

 How to play tiktok live by novice ?

The third is the external camera on the finger phone , In different situations, you use different technology and professional camera lens , It will greatly improve the actual effect of your shooting , Improve the experience of all live rooms .

The first 4 A soft light , It's very necessary to light the lamp , The sunlight in the room is not enough. It's very easy for the character's face to have bad black shadows , Harm the beauty and the audience's viewing experience .

The use of flash can make the character's face more stereoscopic , Make the interface of Live Room stronger .

The first 5 One is the live room. If you want to, you don't have to be too disorganized , Because of too many other factors, it will disturb the audience's concern for the actors , This is the focus of decentralized customers , The logical thinking of users will be transferred to other places , Hazard conversion .

The third thing to master is the game playing method in the live room , The key to the game playing methods in the live broadcast room are 4 A process , Before the first accurate positioning of the live broadcasting room, we should think about the route of each live broadcasting room , Maintain a design style and a route , Clear and precise positioning , And then there will be a clear and strong fan base .

Second, the overall planning of the content started live , Well, if we don't do a good job in the overall planning of the content , It is very likely that the whole process of the live room will be busy , The state of being ill conceived , There are also stammering and other more panic situations , We can make an outline and order ahead of time , Understand the steps first , In that case, the whole process of the live studio will be more clearly conceived , Find out what to do next , How should each step be done .

The third is the control of key points , How to choose the time between tiktok and live broadcast? , Time is the same .

If most of your fans are office workers of this enterprise , So it's not a good choice to use the studio during daytime working hours .

In addition, if you want to have a stable fan group , Well, it must be on time , Shaping the habit of watching fans .

The first 4 One is the heating of the studio , Early preparations have been made , Then there is the propaganda and planning , Otherwise, it's very likely that your fans don't know that you need to live, right , No matter how good the studio is , What's the use of not being seen ? Can choose private chat community comment information content, correct guide to change the signature of the home page and other methods , Refer to the above steps and methods to carry out the implementation in the live broadcast room , Then according to the actual situation of the live room, we can analyze and improve it .

All right. , Above that is all the content shared this time , Thank you for answering .

Tiktok wants to know a lot about the short video of shaking. , Can I add my mobile wechat , Tiktok and the precise drainage method package .

In addition, you can also care about the official account of WeChat. , We will grow and say goodbye to the next issue of we media platform .

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